Bitcoin and Ecommerce: How to Accept BTC Payments in Your ...

A great time to start accepting bitcoin as payments 🚀! Top Bitcoin Payment Gateways [No KYC]

If you are looking to start accepting bitcoin for your business, now is a great time to do so! Here is a list of top bitcoin payment gateways [No KYC]
#1 Blockonomics: Blockonomics offers plugins that easily integrate with your website.
#2 BTCPay Server: BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor.
#3 GoURL: Open- Source Bitcoin Payment Gateway. One of the longest-running services with many integrations.
#4 Electrum Merchants: Electrum Merchants is an open-source payment service offered by popular bitcoin wallet Electrum.
#5 Cashier-BTC: Cashier-BTC is a self-hosted Node.js Bitcoin payment gateway. Provides REST API (microservice).
#6 Coinremitter: Payment Gateway with multiple coin support
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06-15 10:04 - 'i have 39+ guru ecom/dropshipping and business courses worth thousands, if anyone wants any for cheap let me know.' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Mudslinger2 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-9min

Can do a good offer if you want all of them too.
List of courses:
Kevin Zhang - Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery
Pejman Ghadimi - Watch Conspiracy
Adrian Morrison - eCom Success Academy 2018
Franklin Hatchett - Ecom Masters
Nicola Delic – Forex Master Levels
eCom Beast 2.0
Tai Lopez - Become a high paid consultant
Paul J - Amazon Dropshipping Titans - Google Drive
Real Estate Rainmaker Course
Buy it, Rent it, Profit - Google Drive
Earnest Epps - High Ticket eCom Secrets
Mentor Box
Chanel Stevens - CPA Academy
Franklin Hatchett - Savage Affiliates
Perry Marshall - Google Ads Mastery 2019-2020
Gabriel St-Germain - Ecom-Blueprint 2.0
Tim Burd - London Mastermind 2018 Replay
T. Harv Eker - Secrets Of The MultiMillionaire Trainer
David Vlas – Youtube Compilation Machine
Ruan Marinho - Underground SEO Secrets
Matt Smith - Snapvertising
Grant Cardone, BIG PACKAGE
Hayden Bowles - Hacking Shopify Dropshipping
Jason Stone - Insta Pro Academy
Justin Cener - T-Shirt Bootcamp 3.0
Super Affiliate System - John Crestani
Shopify Theme - Shoptimized 5.0.3
The Royal Blueprint - Google Drive
Shopify Theme - Slingly Themes 1.0 (eCom Full Automation)
Shopify Theme - Shopify Booster 2.2.1
Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass Membership
Richard Telfeja - Ecom Profit Masterclass
Shopify Theme - Aspire (Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme & Template)
Tai Lopez - Travelling CEO Program
Ezra Firestone - Smart Social
Brian Pfeiffer - FABS Coaching
Ramit Sethi - Mental Mastery
i have 39+ guru ecom/dropshipping and business courses worth thousands, if anyone wants any for cheap let me know.
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: Mudslinger2
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[Offer] Fully Custom Website + 1 Year Hosting & .com Domain + SSL [$100]

I will create you a fully custom website based on any examples you will give me. We are not talking about wordpress or squarespace or wix or whatever, I will create your site from scratch using pure html and css (js if needed). It will work great for any purpose, either if you own a business, sell things, want a portfolio or any other type of website. Forget about copy-paste websites based on the same template over and over again, stand out from the crowd with something unique.
Included in price:
Sold seperately:
  • Every additional page on the site +$10;
  • Script integration (Anything except ecommerce stuff, too tacky, go to shopify);
  • Email integration (Let people contact you by email from site) +$10;
  • Chat integration (Chat with visitors live) +$20;
  • Custom Graphical element (Logos, Photoshopped images, vectors...) +$10;
  • SEO (Make your website discoverable on google, bing or yahoo.);
  • Gallery (A dedicated page to dump ton of photos or videos); +$10;
  • AD integration (To milk money from users on your site);
  • Adding music or visual effects (Very 00s, but I won't judge); +$10;
Everyone likes moving pictures
Recent projects for clients, (work in progress):
  • Q: Why shouldn't I go for a wordpress site?
  • A: You won't have to learn to use complicated control panel, pay any monthly fees, pay to get extra features and won't be limited to wordpress features or the platform itself.

  • Q: Then why is everyone using wordpress?
  • A: Making basic wordpress sites is easy and people do buy them. Also it's convenient if you plan on updating your content very often or need a ton of plugins that are only available on wordpress. (& Many other pros and cons, you decide.)

  • Q: How long will it take?
  • A: Depending on the size of the project 1 - 5 days.

  • Q: How do I pay?
  • A: PayPal, Bitcoin, CashApp, Skrill, Kidneys, anything really.

  • Q: When do i pay?
  • A: 20% before, 80% after.
Send me a PM for a free and fast quote, just tell me what you have in mind!
  • (If you know what you want please be as specific as possible, it will reduce delivery time)
  • Let me know if you need something highly custom, like you want a site to stream your cats 24/7 or you want a site that collects IP's or maybe something accessibility oriented with spoken content of the site...
  • I can also bring your old company site or portfolio to 21st century.
  • Bonus: Cheap landing pages! Need a one page site with few lines of text, a photo and a link or a button to share on social media and such? ~$30;
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How To (Strategically) Start An Online T-Shirt Business

There's a love/hate relationship with building online t-shirt businesses. One one hand, there's a million and one t-shirt companies out there and margins are slim.
On the other hand, starting an online t-shirt business makes for a quick, inexpensive business to get up and going.
For many entrepreneurs, a t-shirt business is their first business experience and allows them to test the waters and learn more about building something and online marketing. I personally think t-shirt businesses are vital to entrepreneurship and new entrepreneurs starting out. It's the modern day equivalent to a lemonade stand.
Because I feel it's so important, I wanted to write a comprehensive post to help all the new entrepreneurs that want to start a t-shirt business so that they can better understand all the factors involved.
I will paste the post below, but I highly suggest you check out the original post with the formatting, links and videos.
I also wrote this piece, which is a more step-by-step version:
The Keys To Success
In the online t-shirt industry, there are several critical elements to being successful as a t-shirt entrepreneur. Each of these elements need to be considered closely before moving forward:
You hear this term get tossed around a lot, but nowhere is it more important to choose a niche than in the graphic t-shirt industry. One of the most important factors in building a successful t-shirt business is the ability to stand out from the many competitors and one of the best ways to do that is by choosing and catering to a specific niche.
In general, categories like t-shirts with funny slogans are going to be too broad to attack in a very developed market. You’re going to want to tighten it up a little more. An example of a more specific niche would be t-shirts with funny slogans that relate to doctors and nurses.
Being more specific will help you stand out as well as better attract and market to the right audience without blowing your budget.
The majority of people that are purchasing graphic tees are looking for design, graphics and slogans that connect with them and reflect their opinions and personality.
The last thing a visitor would want is to see in your catalogue is a copy of t-shirt design found elsewhere. Your designs don’t necessarily need to be complex, in fact many of the best selling graphic tees and very simple, however, they do need to connect with your audience and stand out.
Recommended Course on T-Shirt Design: Hey, Cool Shirt: Designing Effective T-shirt Graphics by Chris Delorenzo, Lead Designer for Johnny Cupcakes.
The next most important factor in the success and sustainability of an online t-shirt business is quality. You can fool someone once, but you can’t fool them twice. The quality of the shirts you use and the prints needs to be top notch. A pattern that fades and cracks or a t-shirt that shrinks and rips won’t create raving fans that come back and repurchase.
A strong, interesting brand is vital in the t-shirt industry. Your brand is a promise that will tie together all your choices including your niche, designs and quality. Building a unique and likeable brand is important for businesses in a high competition industry. When customers have more choices, it becomes extremely important for an ecommerce business to have a distinctive presence to capture customers' attention.
Recommended Course on Clothing and Apparel Branding: A Staple of Branding: How to Start Your Fashion Company by Jeff Staple, Founder, Staple Design.
T-Shirt Quality
Not all t-shirts are the same and not all print jobs are the same. As we mentioned above, quality is paramount to your brand and its success, so it’s important to educate yourself and choose your blank shirts wisely.
It will always be tempting to sacrifice on quality for higher profit margins but you need to consider how the quality will affect customer’s decisions to share your brand and repurchase in the long run.
Quality t-shirts encompass several factors, including fit, sizing, material, softness, and weight. A great start point for determining which blank t-shirt to use is to check out T-Shirt Magazine Online’s review of some of the most popular blank t-shirts for printing.
Once you narrow down your choices, it’s strongly encouraged to order each of the t-shirts yourself to make an informed final decision.
T-Shirt Printing Quality
In this day in age, there are three popular methods for printing onto t-shirts. Each method has its pros and cons, and will partially depend on how much time you want to invest into the product creation, as well as the printing partner you choose.
Below, we have outlined all three print methods to give you a better understanding of each process.
Screen Printing
Screen printing is an old technique that has stood the test of time. As one of the most popular methods for printing onto t-shirts, screen printing can produce durable and long lasting result. However, a labor intensive initial setup means screen printing is most cost effective when printing in bulk. Screen printing also poses issues when it comes to complex designs or designs with more than four to five colors as each color increases costs and production time.
Cost effective for large batches. Volume discounts. Cons
Not cost effective for multiple colors. Can only print simple images and designs.
Image Source: Specialities Plus
Heat Transfer
Heat transfers have also been around for a long time and exist in several form. You may have seen basic heat transfer paper at your local office supply store. Although these make it easy to print your designs from your home computer and transfer them with an iron, these won’t cut it when it comes to running a business. The more advanced form of heat transfers are called plastisol transfers and are printed by professional printers on special, high quality heat transfer paper. The advantage of this is being able to order a stack of prints from your local printer and transfer them to your t-shirts as you receive orders with a commercial heat press machine.
Heat transfers can produce full-colour images onto t-shirts relatively easily and quickly.
You can “print” each shirt on demand. Cons
Lower quality and less durable than direct-to-garment and screen printing. Large upfront investment into a heat press machine (Few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars). Do-it-yourself approach means additional time input from yourself.
Direct-To-Garment (DTG)
The direct-to-garment printing process operates much like a ink-jet printer you would have at home. DTG prints ink directly onto the t-shirt and can produce full color images with accuracy.
Direct-to-garment printing produces quality printing on par with screen printing and better than heat transfers. Because it operates just like an ink-jet printer, there are no setup costs, unlike screen printing. This means that it's easy and cost effective to print small orders.
The major disadvantage of direct-to-garment printing is the lack of volume discount for large orders, as it takes the same amount of time to print each shirt.
Unlimited color options. High detail accuracy in printed design. Great for small orders or one-offs. No set-up costs. Cons
Not cost effective for large production runs. Generally no volume discounts.
Image Source: Melco
Creating Your Designs
Find The Best Selling Designs And Niches
If you’re stuck for t-shirt niche ideas and designs, a great start is to look at what else is popular and currently selling well.
Below is a list of several popular and bestseller pages for some of the top graphic t-shirt marketplaces that just might help you get a better idea of your next niche or t-shirt design.
Teeview Zazzle Bestsellers & Zazzle Popular Redbubble Popular Skreened Trending Shirts Snorg Bestsellers Kickstarter T-Shirt Campaigns You may also want to consider checking out Google Trends and Google Hot Searches to get a sense of the topics people are currently interested in.
Hire A Designer
Once you have an idea for some t-shirt designs. You’re going to have to get your ideas actually designed. If you have Adobe Photoshop or similar programs you can likely produce some simple designs by yourself. However, if you’re like most people, you will likely need to enlist some help.
There are a wide variety of tools and market places you can use to find a suitable graphic designer to help you with your designs.
Design Communities
Dribbble - Dribbble is a great designer community with lots of unique talent. Search for the style you’re looking for and message the designers you like to see if they're available for freelance projects.
Behance - Behance is another great designer community to check out for your next t-shirt designer.
Freelance Networks
Some other great options you may also want to try are the more popular freelance networks like Freelancer and Elance.
Buy Designs
If you’re stuck for a designer, there are also options to purchase pre-made designs. You’ll want to keep in mind that if you choose to go this route, there’s high likelihood that other people are already selling the design, making it harder for you and your brand to stand out.
Check out t-shirt graphic marketplaces like:
Designious T-Shirt Factory You may also want to check out general graphic design marketplaces but keep in mind if you plan to sell your t-shirts, you’ll need to purchase a commercial license.
Creative Market Graphic River Mocking Up Your Designs
Once you have some final designs, your next step will be to get some mockup images of them on actual t-shirts. Your customers are going to want to actually see what the final design will look like printed on a shirt.
There are a few ways you can get images of your final designs on t-shirts including ordering samples and taking product photography yourself, or with the abundance of t-shirt templates online, you can opt to create a 100% digital mockup like the one below.
Adobe Photoshop (Free Trial) t-shirt templates are the most common types of mockup files. They allow you to quickly preview how your designs will look printed on a t-shirt. Most Photoshop templates comes with multiple layers that allow you to change the colour of the shirt and apply your own design that will blend with the creases, folds and contours of the shirt.
Below, we have compiled several resources to help you find the best possible mockup file for your next project:
GraphicRiver T-Shirt Mockups Design Inspiration Magazine - 40 T-Shirt Mockups Design Bolts - 50 T-Shirt Mockups If Adobe Photoshop isn't right for you, you can also use web-based mockup software that will allow you to do the same thing without having to download and figure out Photoshop.
Shirt Mockup (Web Based T-Shirt Mockup) Another great options for tasks like this is to enlist help from someone on Fiverr for $5. Just search for t-shirt mockups.
Validating Your Designs
Before you spend a lot of money on your new business idea, you should first verify that there is a market and interest for your designs. There are many ways you can go about validating the market for your design ideas.
Some of the popular and more common methods for validating your ideas include:
Personal Social Networks - Post some of your designs to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks your friends and potential customers are a part of. Be careful asking friends however, their opinions will usually be tainted with an over-positive tint.
Reddit - Reddit is huge and we have discussed it thoroughly in past posts. With the massive number of subreddits it’s possible to easily find a highly targeted niche of potential customers and ask them first hand their thoughts on your designs before launching.
Example: Bitcoin T-Shirt Validation
Kickstarter - Kickstarter and other crowd-funding websites have made it much easier to test, validate, and collect money upfront for your new business idea. Launching a crowdfunding campaign can be time consuming and requires a good deal of preparation, however, the benefits can be huge, which include fully funding your project before you have spent a dime.
Example: Dev Tee’s and Starstuff Clothing
Open Test Store - Finally, it’s never been easier to set up a fully functional online store in the matter of few hours to validate your business idea.
Setting Up Shop
Now that you have your t-shirt designs, made your mockups and validated your idea, it’s time to build your store. There are plenty of great options out there for building an ecommerce site, quickly and inexpensively.
There are a handful of t-shirt print-on-demand dropshippers that can directly integrate with your online store, allowing you to get up and running in no time. These printedropshippers will print and ship your t-shirts to your customers on your behalf every time you receive an order, automatically.
Check out the following t-shirt printedropshippers:
Print Aura Printful DynamicWear Merchify
It's never been easier to express your creativity and start your own online t-shirt business. With some unique designs and the right tools, you can have have your premium t-shirt brand up and running in no time.
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Looking for help with new site please

Starting an online shop and would love some advice and recommendations please. Initially my site will be small selling 2-4 products (meat rub mix). Looking for the best option to integrate sales. The site will either be built with html5 or wordpress. Leaning towards html5. I already have a domain and cloud server for hosting.
Initially I was thinking just PayPal buttons but I heard its limited to functions. Then was looking at shopify but at $30 a month plus card fees I am not sure if its my best option. Also with shopify can I integrate with my own site or do I have to use their templates?
Here is what I would like:
Another feature that I would like is a name your own price option. I found a WordPress plugin but haven't used it yet. This isn't a requirement but something I want to run as a grand opening sale.
Any help or guidence would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Best website template to accept bitcoin?

I've been working on building websites on a few different templates (wordpress, squarespace, shopify) and I just wanted to ask the opinion of this subreddit:
Which template is best integrated with bitcoin?
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Bayya - Bitcoin Crypto Currency Template  Themeforest Website Templates and Themes Using Shopify and Wordpress Themes for Freelancing Build a Cryptocurrency Website with Crypto Theme Bitcoin After Effects Template, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency HOW MY SHOPIFY STORE MADE $1,280 IN THE LAST 24 HOURS

5 of the Best Joomla Templates for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Websites. Posted on May 9, 2018 by Cat McAuli. If you need to build a website for an event or business related to cryptocurrency, then you have to check out these Joomla templates. These Joomla themes are designed for sites about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and they come with useful features like parallax effects ... Bitcoin supporters/evangelists will appreciate you legitimizing the currency for use in commerce. Easier & faster vs other apps The app's code is optimized so it doesn't delay load times of your store's pages (or edit your theme's files), unlike other currency apps. Meanwhile, Shopify store owners can use Coinbase, Dwolla, BitPay, or GoCoin to accept BTC payments. Do your research to see what your options are. For some ecommerce platforms, finding a Bitcoin processor could be as simple as searching for an integration in the platform’s marketplace (this is the case for Magento.) In other cases, you may need to peruse the help documents of your ecommerce ... Get 416 bitcoin website templates on ThemeForest. Buy bitcoin website templates from $3. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers. Supports 193 currencies, including all of the major currencies needed by multi-currency shops and crypto-currencies like Bitcoin; Native checkout for multiple currencies on stores using Shopify Payments! Sell confidently knowing Coin's premium exchange rate data is constantly updated throughout the day from leading financial sources

[index] [20905] [10531] [5953] [26872] [10362] [15605] [31635] [28193] [21724] [409]

Bayya - Bitcoin Crypto Currency Template Themeforest Website Templates and Themes

TemplateMonster Website Templates: Multifly - Multipurpose Online Store: ★☆★ TREEHOUSE TECHDEGREE DISCOUNT: ... I Tried Creating A $100,000 Shopify Dropshipping Business In 7 Days *LIVE* - Duration: 40 ... Bitcoin Logo Reveal After Effects Templates - Duration: 0:36. Motion Array 1,889 views. 0:36 . How To ... Free Shopify Course For Beginners: Quick and easy Shopify tutorial for beginners on accepting bitcoin payments. Start accepting bitcoin today and join thousands of Shopify ... This video is meant to explain what a responsive template is. ... Shopify Print On Demand Step By Step Store Setup Tutorial 2019 - Duration: 1:31:14. Justin Cener Recommended for you. 1:31:14 ... How to Make Money on Fiverr with Free Design Templates (Tutorial & Payment Proof) Get design inspiration at How to Make Money online, m...