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Is it possible to host a pruned bitcoin node and node.js server on digital ocean to access network and blockchain data 24/7 affordably?

I have heard it has been possible for years to host a bitcoin full node on a VPS like digital ocean and that the cost now is approx $60/month with potential to increase drastically over the next few years with segwit adoption.
Is there a good approach for hosting a pruned node with access to 24 hour or potentially 30 day block data in addition to a node.js server to save occasional writes to a DB? Would one have to host these on seperate droplets or is there a possibility to host both on a $5-10/month digital ocean account? I am curious because I have only seen tutorials for setting up full nodes but those will soon be potentially >$1000/year in upkeep.
I am curious to see if it is possible to host my server in the cloud rather than update the DB locally. I understand a full node is important for network security, but this use case is more for current and recent bitcoin blockchain data, rather than the full tx history.
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Launch a full Bitcoin node on Digital Ocean's network in 1 click

If you are downvoting, please can you let me know why, it would be helpful
I have seen quite a lot of posts from people asking how to setup a full Bitcoin node, and from people saying how hard it is. I figured I would make it a lot easier for everyone.
If you have any questions, then please let me know
Thanks, Scott
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I need digital ocean accounts or vultr verified hola so we can talk
Am I need of a digital ocean accounts
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Author: hrack25
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Am I need of a digital ocean accounts /r/Bitcoin

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Digital Ocean is considering accepting bitcoin. You can vote right now to help them make their mind :)

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Buy Digital Ocean Servers with Bitcoin

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Digital Ocean Versus Google Cloud, Polychain’s $1Bn Fund, a16z’s $300mm Fund, How to be a Shady Hedge Fund Manager, and 2nd Layer Solutions for Ethereum and Bitcoin

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Bitcoin blockchain too big for Digital Ocean droplet
Maybe we have guidance on how to set up a Digital Ocean Peercoin node?
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I will pay whatever price in Bitcoins to anyone who would give me access to Digital Ocean account for testing OpenBazaar with Provistor.

Basically, I'm writing this after few hours of hopeless attempts to setup account with Digital Ocean.
In the first place I never needed & used a Digital Ocean in my life, but I regret trying, because I've lost almost 5 hours of my precious time. But it seems to be its the only way to sign up with to try out the openbazaar which isn't works with my computer.
I tried pretty much 5 different credit cards, none of them works with them Digital Oceans.. :( They keep redirecting me to their support. I don't think that dealing with their support is the easiest path around this.
Anyone have some spare credit cards / desire to try out Open Bazaar with me?
It seems like the payment is only $5, but if we would split I could pay half of it initially to test & then we could split rent 1 account for whatever price there will be for the next month in case if OpenBazaar.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking a person to hide behind for whatever illegal activities. Once we setup you will have access to see my stores. I just don't want to pay $5 in fiat for some shady deal with Digital Oceans which might not guarantee me the results that I will even able install Open Bazaar or that it will run the way I wanted. That's why I need someone curious who would like to test & split the costs by the way.
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Almost convinced the webhost Digital Ocean to accept Bitcoin in a chat. Help me with the final push!

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Is Bitcoin payment ever coming? /r/digital_ocean

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Running a node on Digital Ocean? Good Idea? /r/Bitcoin

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How to block aws, digital ocean, etc. nodes from connecting to mine? /r/Bitcoin

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Does any1 have a simple tutorial to throw up a Bitcoin Node on the likes of Digital Ocean or similar?

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[Crosspost]I am Ryan Quinn, candidate for Iowa House District 57 AMA!

EDIT: AMA HAS CONCLUDED. Click HERE to read Ryan Quinns answers on everything from Bitcoins to Term limits to Labor laws and more. VoteDEM hosts a down-ballot Democratic candidate for an AMA every wednesday.
I am Ryan Quinn and I am a Democrat running for The Iowa Legislature in House District 57. I am a software engineer by trade but have always been passionate about politics and have volunteered on campaigns often since first going door to door with my parents canvassing in 1984. I have been a supporter of open source software throughout my career having created the SymphonyOS Linux distribution in 2004. I've worked both for local companies in web development and for global companies having first joined DigitalOcean as one of the first twenty employees and helped in it's growth to nearly 700 people when I left and now working in Developer Relations at MongoDB as a remote employee helping to build community and promote education in tech.
In 2018 I spent most weekends leading up to the election driving the Democratic candidate for this seat as she canvassed across Dubuque County. This year I was concerned as the primary season went by without a Democratic candidate stepping up and in August I reached out to friends with the county party to learn how I could help us win back this seat.
I was told that the party had not been able to find a candidate despite this district having more registered Democrats than Republicans and it having been a Democratic district prior to the current incumbent's two terms. Most candidates for public office spend months making a decision and putting things in motion but I was told that the special nomination convention would be in just two days. Having the passion and ability to seek this office and knowing the alternative would be an uncontested seat I felt compelled to step up. I spoke with my wife and kids and before the end of the week I was the nominee for Iowa House District 57.
Since kicking off my campaign in mid August I have found a great group of volunteers, found support from my friends and co-workers and benefited from the assistance of other local Democratic legislators and the county party. Starting from zero we now have over 200 yard signs out around the county, delivered a direct mail piece to all 3550 Democratic and No Party households voting absentee and placed door hangers at another 2000 homes. Without direct support from the state party or large PACs we created radio and video ads in-house which are now running on five local radio stations and on YouTube and Facebook.
While this race is an uphill battle it is winnable! District 57 includes most of Dubuque County outside the city and consists of rural areas, small towns and suburbs. With factories, farms and tourist attractions the district is a microcosm of Iowa. Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by a couple hundred with a large contingent of No Party voters.
The key issues that are important to me are:
You can learn more about me at:
My Website
On Facebook
On Twitter
And you can help us to flip District 57 and the Iowa House as a whole by donating. Your donation up to $5000 will be matched by The Dubuque County Democratic Party Central Committee!
Donate Here
EDIT: AMA HAS CONCLUDED. Click HERE to read Ryan Quinns answers on everything from Bitcoins to Term limits to Labor laws and more. VoteDEM hosts a down-ballot Democratic candidate for an AMA every wednesday.
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Is there a detailed guide on how to setup Bitcoin Classic on a cheap box (digital ocean, etc)? /r/btc

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Offering a $5 Digital Ocean Droplet (VPS) to run your project /r/Bitcoin

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Let's do something - Community Grind for Adoption

Ok, let me keep it short. It is adoption and only adoption that can move Nano. Thankfully we are ready in terms of technology.
So let's

  1. Create a presentation highlighting Nano VS BTC (& others) and why Nano is perfect as a digital currency and start reaching out to companies via email to consider them to accept Nano as a payment. Steam, Twitch, Various eCommerce companies
  2. This presentation has to be very intuitive and show why we stand out in the crowd BTC clones and DeFi scams. Technical points, demos, reactions of people in the industry (like Charlie Lee etc.)
  3. Get some of the influential people involved, remember Kevin Rose, Gary Tan? Let's reach out to them and see if they can help with this initiative.

Let us create a private group in discord where people who can help be involved and report to each other and measure the success. It Will be amazing to have one of the official community managers of Nano be involved or even mods of this group are involved. If we can announce one or two new companies that have never accepted crypto, in general, to accept Nano, to begin with, we will have industry breaking news to announce every time we succeed. After all, we have things most crypto communities don't - confidence in the tech and a sane & loyal community.

Edit : This is what I have in mind
  1. Create a website, something like nanocommunity dot whatever
  2. Clearly mention that this is by Nano community who believe Nano is the digital currency for the future and is not affiliated to Nano Foundation
  3. Create presentation material with the following points

  1. What is Nano
  2. How is it different from Bitcoin
  3. Why they should consider Nano
a) Tech, Green, Fast, etc
b) Strong Community (Highlighting numbers like most active/Community Projects)
c) Continued Development (Highlighting consistent development in an infographic, future roadmap, linking to github)
4) How can they integrate it easily and start accepting Nano

Maybe the big ones won't accept right away, but if a few Shopify websites start accepting, it becomes news, its an organic attempt by the community, not the fake partnership announcements where founders pay for some PR buzz and nothing happens. If we can consistently deliver on this, it could get serious eyeballs. Also, I think its important to reach out to influential people. The ones i mentioned were super interested back in 2017.

We can divide the workload, like creating presentations, prospecting, and doing emails, by country and by industry, etc.

Edit 2: Creating a website like focussed around the community initiatives for adoption, maybe a forum? Will that make sense?

Where people can share ideas and progress on what they did to spread the word. Even if it is something like I made my uncle start to accept accepting Nano on his autos part website, it would be good news to share and it could just snowball from there.

Edit 3 : Ok, so went ahead and bought the domain with an email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
I can also get a forum software installed and get it up on a hosting (digital ocean?). I will share the credentials of the domain and hosting with 5 other reputable members who are interested.

I don't know if it will have any impact, but if it can do even a little, I will be glad. I am still not 100% sure, and will wait for others to weigh in a bit as well, worst case this domain just expires.
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Digital Ocean gathering feedbacks on bitcoin adoption

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Easiest way to run a full node that you can make RPCs to?

I want to run a bitcoin full node server that I can make remote procedure calls (RPCs) to. I also cannot use a pruned node. Does anyone have any idea how to go about setting this up cheaply?
- My first thought was to use a virtual private server (from DigitalOcean or a similar provider). That way I would have a static IP address I could use to make RPCs. The problem is, now that a full node requires hundreds of gigabytes of storage, this is super expensive.
- My next thought was to run a server on my own hardware, but my internet connection isn't for running servers on and I don't have access to a static IP address. Is it possible to somehow hire a cheap VPS and route requests (through SSH or something similar) to a raspberry pi full node at a residential address?
I think I might be missing something. Is there a typical way to go about this? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Tortuga: The lightweight, non-custodial, self-hosted payment gateway you've been waiting for!

I'm very pleased to announce the availability of my payment-gateway project: Tortuga.
Tortuga lets you sell a digital file for cryptocurrency. All you need to be able to do is run a docker container (I run mine on a little VPS from digital ocean).
Current Limitations:
Supported cryptocurrencies:
You can read more about it at
The deployment instructions on the github page should be sufficient for technical users. I'll try to make time to write a step-by-step setup tutorial on at some stage (or if someone else wants to do it, that might be a good way to score tips!).
I made this payment gateway for idealistic reasons. I wrote a book called Taxation is Slavery: The Biblical Case for Libertarian Politics. Among many other things, this book argues that fiat money-printing is a form of immoral counterfeiting, and that we should attempt to secede from the fiat power structures by using cryptocurrency. To live that out, I was determined to find a way to sell the book directly to readers, completely peer-to-peer. In this way, I'm helping to "close the loop". I'm giving people something good to spend their (crypto) money on, without either them or me ever having to convert it to fiat.
The book also includes a brief sub-chapter on how the very existence of Bitcoin should force many Christians to re-evaluate the way they understand Jesus' statement about "giving to Ceasar what is Caesar's". Bitcoin has no president or king's face on it. There is no engraving of any Caesar. Thinking this through might be of interest to many Bitcoin fans :)
Ready to see it in action?
You can test out the payment gateway by seeing how I use it on my own site. Just click one of the crypto checkout buttons at
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Comparing Bitcoin to Investing Early in Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon

The CEO of Nasdaq-listed billion-dollar company Microstrategy has made a strong bull case for bitcoin. He says there is a $250 trillion ocean of assets looking for the ideal store a value right now and bitcoin is a better store of value than gold or tech stocks, so “a lot of that monetary energy is going to flow from the asset ocean into the crypto pond.”

Comparing Bitcoin to Investing Early in Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon

In a webcast with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough, aired last week, Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor outlined a highly bullish case for bitcoin’s price. The Nasdaq-listed Microstrategy recently invested $425 million in bitcoin as its primary reserve asset.
Saylor began by explaining that he has always been a big tech investor. “The thing about technology is figuring out the thing that’s going to eat the world. If you’re right, own it, hold it, and wait,” he advised. The CEO gave the example of Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, emphasizing repeatedly that it does not matter when you bought those tech stocks. “The truth of the matter is if you’d bought Google, Apple, Amazon, or Facebook at any point between 2010 and 2020 … I think it’s impossible to have lost money at any point for the decade … your investment mistake would be trying to time the market on those things.”
The Microstrategy CEO added: “Bitcoin is the first software network in the history of the world that can pull monetary energy, so these bitcoiners have figured out something that is really a thing of beauty and extraordinary value. They are pulling pure monetary energy on a network.” He elaborated:
"If I take $100 million and I put it into bitcoin, it could sit there for a decade like in a battery. It won’t bleed out. You’re not losing 2% to 4% a year and I can put it in the palm of my hand and I can move it around the planet for a few dollars in a few minutes and we have never in the history of the world figured that out."

Bitcoin Is Not So Volatile

One classic objection investors have to investing in bitcoin is its volatility. Speaking on the subject, Saylor said he has been looking at the volatility of different assets over the last three, four, and five months. He looked at 30-year Treasuries, 10-year Treasuries, the NASDAQ, the Russell 2000, gold, silver, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and more. After comparing their volatility to bitcoin, Saylor concluded:
"My unscientific view is on every single day at least half of those assets are more volatile than bitcoin. And on a lot of volatile days, I’ve seen 80% to 90% of them be more volatile than bitcoin."
“So I think there’s a historic narrative/belief. People think they know this is volatile but in fact, it’s not looking that volatile to me over the past three months. I don’t think over the next decade it’s going to have the same characteristics of volatility that it had over the last decade,” Saylor said.
The Microstrategy CEO proceeded to discuss how investors are using Apple’s stock as their store of value. “People are literally using Apple’s stock as a store of value because it’s deflationary. Apple is buying it back and they think Apple is not going anywhere and they’re desperate to flee [from] currency.” However, he pointed out that “Apple is more volatile than bitcoin for the past three months.”

Bitcoin Is a Better Store of Value than Apple’s Stock or Gold

Besides Apple’s stock, gold is still investors’ favorite store of value. However, Saylor explained that neither are as good as bitcoin as a store of value.
“The truth is Apple’s stock is not scarce. The executive team can and will eventually print more and if that doesn’t dilute you then they’ve got regulatory risk, competitive risk, [and] execution risk — a lot of moving parts … that’s why they’re not good over the long term,” he detailed. As for gold, he said: “if you put $100 million into gold and the gold miners print 2% to 3% more a year, let’s say 2% more, well, over 100 years you lose 88% of your purchasing power.”
The CEO explained that these stores of value worked in the past because there was no alternative. However, things have changed. “In the year 2020, you have a choice, you have a digital gold,” he declared. “They cannot make any more. Bitcoin miners are the friends of bitcoin owners. They’re not the enemy of bitcoin owners.” He explained that to store $100 million for 100 years, you will lose 85% of it under the best case if you put it in gold. “Under the likely case, you lose it all because the bank will fail, the country will fail, [or] somebody will seize it,” he claimed.
Saylor presented bitcoin as the best solution: “The reason that the bitcoin maximalists … are passionate and religious about this is because for the first time in human history you can take all of your wealth and your life force. You can put it into an asset. You can keep the keys. You can take custody of your million dollars, your hundred thousand dollars. No government, no bank can take it away from you. There’s nobody to tell you you can’t own your life force, and if you have hopes and aspirations for your family, for your religion, for your life, then you have the power to achieve those hopes and aspirations without asking the permission of a bank or a government or politician.”
The Microstrategy CEO then spoke about the trillions of dollars currently in alternative assets that function as stores of value, including gold, technology stocks, and bonds. He proclaimed:
Maintaining that bitcoin is a better store of value than other assets he previously described, he emphasized: “bitcoin is digital gold. It’s better gold than gold and it’s a better store of value than big tech.” He believes that as investors understand this, “a lot of that monetary energy is going to flow from the asset ocean into the crypto pond and everybody that makes the transition is going to benefit.”
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Free VPS Mining. How to Get $50 Free Digitalocean and Creat Multi VPS Free Mining. VPS Mining Guide - How To Mine Crypto Coins On Cloud ... Video Tutorial How to make your own bitcoin litecoin ... Deploy your own crypto trading platform in 15 minutes! cara buat vps di digital ocean untuk mining crypto!!

5 beste Webhosting – und Domain-Services, die Bitcoin akzeptieren 2020. Ben Sarid. 7 beste, günstige MySQL-Datenbank-Hosting-Services 2020. Ben Sarid. Bluehost – HostGator – besseres Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis 2020. Ari Denial. SiteGround vs HostGator – Welcher der beiden Hoster ist besser für WordPress geeignet? Ari Denial . So erstellst Du ein neues Konto bei InterServer. Mark Hol In the world of cryptocurrency, mining is an integral part of Bitcoin and most altcoins. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to mine at home or partake in cloud mining. Relying on AWS-based mining was a worthwhile solution some time ago, but that concept has fallen out of favor as of right now. AWS Mining Isn’t Worth Pursuing. For the average novice cryptocurrency mining enthusiast, it ... Launch anything from the latest Ubuntu to a Bitcoin Windows RDP. Signup Now. Human Friendly. Our experienced and dedicated support team are ready to help. Whether you need help configuring your server or need help with choosing the right size, we’re here for you. Check out our blog for guides and tutorials. Developer Ready. Use our Developer API to create and manage servers for your project ... bcoin is an alternative implementation of the bitcoin protocol, written in node.js. The bcoin 1-Click App is a pruned full node which can be used for full blockchain validation, and is consistent with all known consensus rules. bcoin comes with an enterprise-level wallet system and an advanced API.. Learn more at and review the docs at Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News. Advertisement; BTCm News; Contact us; Bitcoin

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Free VPS Mining. How to Get $50 Free Digitalocean and Creat Multi VPS Free Mining.

Free VPS Mining. How to Get $50 Free Digitalocean and Creat Multi VPS Free Mining. Go to the following special link and sign up Digital Ocean Get $50 Free:... First of all, this guide is a reference! I take no resposibility for any lost coins or anything, be extra cautious when sending big amounts of coins, they ca... If you like my videos please consider donating BTC to 1GvWrJSLNafra26jDwpScY5bqYcQ6BDhPW Hi again guys, In this video I'm doing something a bit different. Th... How to start Bitcoin mining for beginners (SUPER EASY) - ULTIMATE GUIDE - Duration: 13:51. We Do Tech 639,895 views. 13:51. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue