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My Bovada Review

Wassssssup Reddit. Not gonna lie - I’m feeling pretty good right now. I just had a big win at Bovada casino (not for the first time) and I’ve seen so many of you’s on here bemoaning Bovada, saying it’s not legit, it’s not this, it’s not that, it cheats blah blah blah.
I’ve gotta say - I’ve always had an ace time on Bovada. Sure, I’ve won some, lost some but that’s gambling - that’s the way it is, bro! Can’t win it all the time.
Anyways I decided now’s the time to write a Bovada review (because I’m sick of the one sided Bovada reviews out there) for y’all because I’ve never seen so many Bovada haters in my life. In the sake of fairness I’ll also touch on a few aspects I don’t like about it too.
Real clean. Easy to navigate.
Casino Games
Spoilt for choice. Whether you wanna get lit playing blackjack, roulette, craps or poker, Bovada’s got a lot of choice.
True, there’s not as many blackjack variations as there used to be but there’s still plenty to choose from, including Double Blackjack.
Plus, you’ve always got a chance of winning. I turned $25 into $1200 the other week, no fooling.
Solid chance of winning on the hundreds of slots available. Maybe it’s just me but they seem to tighten up a bit when you’re using a bonus but again that could be me
Is Bovada Safe?
Safe as houses.
It’s been around since 2011 and uses a secure SSL-encrypted connection to keep your details safe. In all my time I’ve been there I’ve never had a thing to worry about.
Bovada Payouts
Yeah, the payouts can be a bit slow but so can all gambling sites. Bitcoin is super fast so I recommend you use that but bank transfer takes a few days, maybe even a week IDK I don’t use it anymore.
This bit sucks. If you make a deposit using your credit or debit card, you’ll be charged a 5.9% fee. Again, I recommend you use Bitcoin as there are zero fees involved.
International currency conversions are a bummer so I’ve heard too.
Is Bovada legal in the U.S.?
You bet, dawg. Bovada got the likes of LoL, StarCraft and Dota 2. OK it’s not the hugest selection of eSports games going but it’s got all the biggest names.
Bovada is actually the biggest US online sportsbook. There’s a huge amount of markets including baseball, NBA, NFL, NHL, tennis, horse riding, soccer etc.
Honestly, it’s really cool and there are plenty of in-play options.
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BetOnline Review, My Review for Reddit

Yo guys, I know a lot of you are wondering if BetOnline is a) a legit gambling site and b) is BetOnline safe?
Well, I joined a year or so ago and I’ve actually made a decent amount of money out of it (not gonna lie, I haven’t made a great amount but I’m not an all-star gambler, I just do it for the fun).
Anyhow, I decided to put together a little BetOnline review for the Reddit community because this place has given me a lot of help over the years with other stuff.
So for what it’s worth, here’s my 2 cents regarding BETONLINE:
Is BetOnline legit?
Yes. It’s been around since 2002. It’s also legal in all U.S. states. Perfectly safe, no need to worry about depositing money with your credit card. As I said, I’ve been using it for over a year and had absolutely no issues
Good sportsbook?
BetOnline is a very good sportsbook for American sports. Some international sports are offered but the focus is primarily on the likes of NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB.
Banking options?
Very varied. As well as credit and debit card, you can fund your account with Skrill, Bitcoin and LiteCoin (among others). Strangely, PayPal isn’t an option
Also, it’s a bit frustrating that you have to stump up a 6% deposit fee if you use your card. I don’t think any other gambling site charges such a fee! s
Free plays?
BetOnline occasionally offer free plays to gamblers. I’ve had a couple. They’re ok but a bit of a pain in the ass in the sense that you have to meet wagering requirements before you can even withdraw any winnings. And the rollover rate seems a bit arbitrary
Payout process?
Slow (but that’s the case with most gambling sites apparently. It takes over a week for the funds to arrive in your bank account but it’s faster if you use an eWallet. Something to think about)
Other than that, you’ve just gotta be patient with the payout process. It bothered me at first but I honestly don’t think about it anymore. And to be honest I usually just leave most of winnings in my BetOnline account anyway and use them to fund more gambling
Customer service?
Slow. Again, you’ll need lots of patience if you’ve got a question
BetOnline cheating?
Yeah, this is a weird one. There were accusations that BetOnline had done some strange stuff in the past (and I looked into it and things like confiscating winnings is apparently true) … but apparently they’ve also cleaned up their act. And honestly nothing like that has ever happened to me.
Conclusion of my BetOnline review
I like BetOnline and I do recommend it, but it’s not the number 1 U.S. gambling site IMO. I prefer Bovada but it’s always a good idea to open a few accounts with different sites.
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