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July 20th Terracoin Update - 2for1

The Terracoin Foundation has decided to have a permanent two for one sale on masternodes.
In other words, we have decided to reduce the collateral requirement of masternodes from 10,000 TRC to 5,000 TRC.
We decided to do this because we wanted to make Terracoin masternodes available to more people at a reduced cost, and to balance cost of running a masternode vs rewards of a masternode early on.
This will also allow more people the chance to put in proposals and vote via the decentralized governance.
We won’t be changing the requirements for masternodes after this.
If you already have 10,000 TRC, then your masternode count just doubled!
Remember, each masternode needs its own IP address.
Once the testnet is up and running we will create guides on how to set them up.
We will still be offering shares of Terracoin Foundation masternodes, and working with third parties who also offer them.
We understand that this could cause some market disruption, but with the whale messing with the market anyways, now is the time to do it.
This decision came after long discussion with a variety of different people from the cryptoworld. The final point that changed our minds was that if Terracoin becomes as successful as it should be, then masternodes at 10,000 would just be way too expensive.
It will be worth it in the long run.
For now we just have to hold, put in low buy orders and fight the whale!
Reward halving ≈ 14 Days
Testnet = 1 Week
Hard fork = 9 Weeks
30 days ago we were at 0.00001506 BTC (.0376 USD) and today we are at 0.00003087 BTC (.0863 USD).
Because of the whale siege, we are ranked 296 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $1,785,173 USD. Last week our market cap was $4,043,767 USD.
Source: http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/terracoin/#charts
Donation Addresses
Terracoin: 12bTKJL3UiypnVQMyFXg7eCJudAyAtgh6p
Bitcoin: 14LW52k8vhHvHaGfmgx48d3su4RcKPyKcc
Terracoin Donations for the World Address
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