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In an October 2015 post titled “Certificates, Reputation, and the Blockchain” J. Philipp Schmidt, director of Learning Innovation at the MIT Media Lab, explained the lab’s high level thinking about digital certificates, and why they are important. “[We] need an open platform for digital certificates and reputation,” said Schmidt ... MIT Media Lab Uses the Bitcoin Blockchain for Digital Certificates . By cinerama June 5, 2016 Bitcoin Business. No Comments. Click here to view original web page at MIT Media Lab blog has published a new paper called “What we learned from designing an academic certificates system on the blockchain” which researches the attributes of using distributed ledger technology with ... The lab wants to share its ideas behind the design. The team members who authored the blog include Juliana Nazare, a graduate student in the Program in Media Arts and Sciences at the lab, Kim Hamilton Duffy, a principal engineer at Learning Machine, and J. Philipp Schmidt, director of learning innovation at the lab. J. Philipp Schmidt · Juliana Nazare +3 more #cryptocurrency #open source. Project Research. Bitcoin vending machine. Lit, the lightweight Lightning Network software developed at the MIT Media Lab, works with multiple Bitcoin-like blockchains. The DCI tea... in Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) Neha Narula · Joseph Chung +2 more #cryptocurrency. Project Research. Theme Mobility On-Demand ... In 2015, Philipp Schmidt, the director of learning innovation at the MIT Media Lab, had begun issuing internal, non-academic digital certificates to his team. Schmidt had realized that, despite the rise of decentralized, informal online learning opportunities, there was no digital way to track and manage these accomplishments. He says he became interested in finding a “more modular ...

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The key to great learning is not better textbooks, courses, or computers -- but dreams, creativity and collaborators. If we look beyond the industrial model of education, to the way the world wide ... Philipp Schmidt - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab - USA Hear from MIT Media Lab's Philipp Schmidt what he and his team discovered when they asked students, professors, and ... Philipp Schmidt, Co-Founder of Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) and Director of Learning Innovation at the MIT Media Lab discusses how a collaboration between P2PU and public libraries has allowed ... Was bedeutet Online-Lehre für die Bildung und für die Organisationen, die diese vermitteln? Jörn Loviscach (FH Bielefeld) und Jan Philipp Schmidt (MIT Media Lab, USA) über Massive Open Online ... Danielle Bassett, Perry Zurn, and Philipp Schmidt in conversation at the MIT Media Lab. More information at: