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Oshi Bitcoin Casino Fun!, the CryptoCurrency Casino

Oshi is a crypto currency only casino which takes Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. We have poker games, blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker and live casino.

We thwarted a hacking attempt on Bitcoin Video Casino and learned a lot.

We thwarted a hacking attempt on Bitcoin Video Casino and learned a lot. We wanted to share our experience so that other site operators can be prepared.
On Monday Sep 9th, an attempt to hack into Bitcoin Video Casino was made. We initially noticed something was amiss because our server had become unreachable for several hours. When our server eventually came back online again, we noticed that the machine had been restarted. Our server has had a 100% uptime since we launched (~185 days ago) and this is the first time it was restarted.
We snooped around a bit and found an open login by a user on /dev/tty1, a local controlling terminal. That's very bad. All logins should only be from psuedo-terminals (ptyX). More looking around found a script hiding in /etc called "" and a crontab entry meant to constantly restart the script. The script was nothing but a phone home to this intruder's Amazon EC2 instance and wasn't very clever, but it did the job it was intended to. Unfortunately for the hacker, he left his private key on our servers.
We took all of the standard precautions when building our website: offline cold storage of most Bitcoins, closing down open ports, disabling password logins (ssh keys only!), but most importantly we decided to use full disk encryption, with the disk decryption key encrypted with GPG.
The downside to full disk encryption is that our site cannot come up automatically after a reboot. That's fine, really, we never reboot the machine anyway. So once the would-be hacker restarted the machine, he had no way to access our database, our hot wallet, or our game source code as they reside on the encrypted disk. The hacker couldn't even mount the encrypted disks, as the decryption key isn't stored on the server.
We had a long talk with our hosting provider on how this happened. Nobody should be able to log into our machine locally (the /dev/tty1 part). We thought that someone local to our hosting provider's data center was trying to break in, but as we pressed for answers, we learned that a KVM device was installed that allowed remote access into our machine one day prior to the hack. The evidence that the device was plugged in was present in the kernel log ('dmesg'). While the machine was rebooted, the hacker modified /etc/sudoers and changed an account password so that he could have access after the reboot. Later, auth.log would verify his activity.
So why did someone working at the datacenter install a KVM on our machine when we didn't request it? It turns out that our hosting provider's billing software was actually where the hack began. An order was fraudulently placed on our account to install the KVM through his hacking of HostBill, the software our hosting provider uses. It's a particularly popular piece of software, so it's likely other hosting providers could be vulnerable.
Anyway, the long story short is that we didn't lose any of our Bitcoins or our game software because of one smart move: full disk encryption. We highly recommend to all you developers out there to use full disk encryption if you have sensitive data to protect on remote servers. Full disk encryption doesn't help thwart hot attacks while the site is live, but it does help tremendously when hackers could possibly get physical control of your remote-hosted machine.
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Bitcoin Video Casino Player Wins Huge 259.74 BTC Jackpot!

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Bitcoin Video Casino releases its android app as open source

We've decided to release our app as open source. The app features Blackjack, Video Poker, Slots and Dice.
The code can be found here.
If anyone has thoughts or questions let us know :) This app is the only Bitcoin gaming app that is open source.
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Bitcoin Video Casino just launched a redesign. Feedback is appreciated!

Hey guys, we just updated our site design and added some new features. We're always looking to incorporate feedback from the community. If you've got a sec check it out and let us know what you think.
Here's what's new:
Love it, hate it? We'd love to hear what /bitcoin thinks.
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Gambling • ★★★ Bitcoin Video Casino ★★★ - HUGE Jackpots!

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Job Offers • ★★★ Bitcoin Video Casino ★★★ - Design us a HTML banner, get paid $75 in BTC!

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Guy hits jackpot on Bitcoin Video Casino slots.

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Bitcoin video casino

I don't believe this has been posted before. You can play classic video casino games for bitcoins. I think the min required is like .0001 and the cool thing is you can play for free without bitcoins too.
Pretty fun site.
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Bitcoin Video Casino Review

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Bitcoin Video Casino Maintains Fair Gaming Practices

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Are either bitcoin video casino or playtin legit?

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Bitcoin Video Casino - verifiably fair - or not?

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Biggest Bitcoin Online Casino Wins

Over the last couple of years online casinos (카지노) have seen a massive change and that’s cryptocurrency. Bitcoin started to sweep the industry beginning in just one casino first and growing to others, rapidly. Now cryptocurrency comes part and parcel and, today, we are going to look at some of the biggest casino winners who have played in bitcoin.

Big Wins Happen in Bitcoin too

A big win can happen at any time, any where, it can also happen in any currency and cryptocurrency. We’ve seen some of the biggest gambling wins happening in bitcoin and with the fluctuation of prices a bitcoin win can even increase over time.
This newest phase to hit the industry has actually made thousands of players very wealthy indeed and it holds some of the most impressive biggest casino wins from players around the globe.
Bitcoin has made thousands of players very wealthy overnight at many online casinos.
Now, playing in bitcoins shouldn't be confusing, because just like when you're playing in your usual currency, you don't always need to bet big to win big. And, some of the casino winners' stories we're going to show you today are proof of that.

The Top 7 Bitcoin Casino Wins

So, let's have a look at some of our biggest casino wins, starting with an exciting story that happened back in 2016, when bitcoin really started to kick off:

1. Player Cashed out an Incredible Win of 174 Bitcoins

The beauty of bitcoin is players get to remain anonymous and it was indeed an anonymous player at BetChain Casino that made the first big win on our list. Back in July of 2016, a lucky bitcoin winner playing big win games managed to scoop not just one win, but two. The player cashed out an incredible 174 bitcoins made up of a 60 win bitcoin and a 114 win. At the time, this converted into an impressive $122.496.

2. A 259.74 Bitcoin Win Led to a Life Changing $1.3M

The next biggest casino win was Nakowa back in September of 2016. At the time the player managed to bank a life changing $1.3m after they won 11.000 bitcoins. This is one of the biggest casino winners ever.

3. Anonymous Player Snagged 259.74 Bitcoins

Then, in February of 2017, another anonymous player at Bitcoin Video Casino won 259.74 bitcoins. This big win converted to €259.399 at the time.

4. Series of Big Wins Banked from 216 Bitcoins

Heading straight in at number four is another anonymous win only this time it was at Cloudbet Casino. In March of 2017 a player, from a series of big wins banked a cool 216 bitcoins. This was from a 160 bitcoin win, coupled with another 56 bitcoin win totaling $255.000 but in the same play session. The most impressive bit of all is that the lucky member placed a mere bet of just 0.16 BTC on the Troll Hunters Slot to bag that first 160 bitcoin win.

5. Player Won 15 Bitcoins Worth $118.000

The next entry into our list of the biggest casino winners is an anonymous player at BitStarz Casino. The player bagged 15 bitcoins which was worth $118.000 at the time.
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First logo. Paid work. Online Bitcoin Casino.

He're is the logo, done in vector, texturized and lit with some Photoshop magic.
The company is called Bitcoin Video Casino. They are about to update their UI and wanted to rebrand in order to stand out. The tagline is their copy.
Sprite is original, colored pixel by pixel in Illustrator. He is supposed to be the Jack of Hearts. Considering making his jacket more interesting. Also considering reducing his scale in the picture, as the art seems to come alive more at a smaller size (zoom out a couple times to see what i mean) .
I cant really see the work anymore, so a fresh pair of eyes is appreciated. Let me know your thoughts!
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check out this video!!! If you put some Dogecoin in here and auto roll on the dice game, you can treat this site like a miner! and you can grind up to VIP and reap some additional benefits. you keep your status for life
just figure I would tell people about this site!! it's been making me about $10 a day in doge! just gotta find a good dice strategy and auto roll it 24/7
STAKE - best crypto casino with loads of benefits :D watch this video
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Author: rollitg00se
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Roulette(just released), Blackjack with .5BTC max bet, and 7 variations of Video Poker! Check it out, all provably fair.

Bitcoin Video Casino just released Roulette! This website runs on HTML 5 and has been optimized for mobile devices as well.
All of the games are provably fair and they make it super easy to check too.
They have like 7 variations of Video poker and Blackjack with lucky 7s as an option.
If you haven't checked out the website yet, you ought to!
I play on it a ton (ranked 2nd) so if you have any questions, jusk ask me! If I can't answer I'll ask the devs for ya.
If you dont want to use my referral link above, just use !
If you use my referral, send me a PM with your deposit address on the site and I'll send you some credits!
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Craps is now live on BitcoinVideoCasino. Along with Roulette (bets increased), Black Jack, and 7 variations of video poker. All provably fair.
This website rocks. You can bet as little as .001 per hand and as much as .5 on blackjack. Up to .05/hand on video poker. Progressive jackpots on each game. With Video Poker you can win over 40 BTC ($1600 US).
But yeah, Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, 7 Variations of Video Poker. Check it out!
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BigSpinCasino is giving all new players $10 for free - no banking information required. BigSpinCasino spreads most games including blackjack, slots, roulette, craps, video poker, and even has a live dealer casino. USA players are accepted and Bitcoin banking is offered! Must use the code "BSC10".

Here is how to claim the $10 No Deposit Bonus from BigSpinCasino:
1) Visit
2) Click "Join Now"
3) Enter your details, along with the coupon code BSC10 (Click here to see exactly where to enter promo code)
4) Click "Sign Up"
5) Contact BigSpinCasino support and they will credit your account.
Bonus Terms:
New customers at BigSpinCasino can get started with a risk-free, $10 No Deposit Bonus. To claim this bonus, simply use the code BSC10 when creating your account at BigSpinCasino.
The wagering requirement for the no-deposit bonus money is 30x the amount you have received. A maximum of $100 from no deposit bonuses may be withdrawn at any time. Players can redeem this code in the promo code section of the cashier.
Here is some more information on BigSpinCasino:
Established in late 2017, BigSpinCasino is an online casino owned by Duranbah Limited NV and promoted by Web Partners. BigSpinCasino allows players from the United States, is powered using multiple software providers including Betsoft and Nucleus Gaming software, and is registered under the jurisdiction of Curacao. BigSpinCasino also offers a live dealer online casino. Related sites include MYBCasino and the sportsbooks and
You can read a full BigSpinCasino review here: BigSpinCasino Review
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The duel arena almost ruined my life

Seeing all the recent posts about removing the duel arena, I thought I'd share my story. English isn't my first language so sorry about any mistakes or weird wording.
I am 26 years old. I started playing OSRS three years ago, and started PKing around a year ago. Soon after, I started staking at the duel arena. At first, it was just small stakes, thinking it would be a fun alternative to PVP, but I quickly lost my entire bank (around 150M) to scams and bad luck. I decided to buy bonds to replace the gold I lost and told myself I would never go to the duel arena again.
Only a week later, I lost my cash stack by dying in an instanced area. I was mad at myself at Jagex for their dumb death mechanics, so I decided to buy back the gold from a website rather than with bonds. I was mad I had lost 100$ and went to the duel arena. I know how stupid this sounds, but I almost felt like I was going to win because I deserved it. But, of course, I lost 200M.
That's when everything started going downhill. I bought back the 200M, staked it, and lost again. Next, I bought 400M and staked it to cover my losses, but lost again. This time I hadn't realized a scammer had an inquisitor's mace hidden in their inventory. I kept doubling up, thinking I would eventually win and be even, but I didn't. I had lost my entire bank account of around 2000$.
That's when things got serious and I started gambling bitcoin on an online casino. I was only trying to recover what I had lost, and never gamble again. But unfortunately, I kept losing, eventually maxing my credit card.
I am now slowly getting out of a 5000$ debt, and getting help from a gambling support group. Several other members of the group also say that OSRS is what started their gambling addiction.
I realize this is all my fault, but gambling doesn't belong in a video game, especially one where it's so easy to trade gold for real-life money.
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Bitcoin casino built 100% in Minecraft [VIDEO]

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Zcash Video Casino is here. (From one of the oldest Bitcoin casino operators)

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Earn Bitcoin for streaming videos of, the most trusted Bitcoin casino

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Bitcoin DICE Casino - YouTube How to buy bitcoins (BTC) to play on Ignition Casino / Bovada / Bodog poker Bitcoin Casinos Free Bitcoins Casino Carib Sign-Up CASINO 360 - CRYPTO CASINO REVIEW  BitcoinPlay [2020 ...

Bitcoin Video Casino doesn't have a customer support. We consider this to be a big issue, because you can't really get in touch with anybody from the casino, which makes dealing with anything virtually impossible. Based on our research, we've marked Bitcoin Video Casino as a zombie online casino, because we couldn't get in touch with it. Nobody from this casino is responding to any messages ... Bitcoin Cash Video Casino is a provably fair gaming site with 99.5% or better expected return. You can try out any of our games using test credits. If you want to play and win Bitcoin Cash, simply send any amount of Bitcoin Cash to the address at the bottom of your screen. Please confirm that using this web site is legal in your country. Bitcoin Video Casino features seven of the most popular online casino games in online gambling and presents them on a unique, player-friendly interface. This Bitcoin-only casino opened in 2012 and has continued to operate while many sites are a distant memory. BVC is one of the longest-running Bitcoin gambling platforms in this niche market. It bears a retro design that still wins the heart of ... Shortly, Bitcoin Video Casino will be shutting down for server maintenence. Playing the game is allowed until 30 minutes prior to shutdown and Bitcoin withdrawals are available until 10 minutes prior to shutdown. We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience and hope to have Bitcoin Video Casino back online as soon as possible! CHANGE NAME You can change the name that other players see when you ... Bitcoin Video Casino. All the bitcoin video casinos : Cloudbet Casino. 100% bonus up to 5 bitcoins ! , Live Casino , high limits, recommended! Exclusive bonus 50 free spins. Now exclusive offer : 50 free spins to new customers that deposit more than 0.05 bitcoins. Offer a great loyalty program , accepts ethereum and others cryptocurrencies. Betcoin Casino, bitcoin and litecoin ...

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Bitcoin DICE Casino - YouTube

Come visit us and enjoy playing at Bitter Lemon Easy Hold'em Jacks or Better Keno Let It Ride Red Dog Red and Blue Roulette. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next How to deposit bitcoin into Bovada – Step by step guide to depositing Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin ... Bitcoin Casino with MASSIVE 1 BTC Free Bonus! - Duration: 95 seconds. 7,809 views; 3 years ago; 0:34. Massive Bitcoin Slots Win on - 12.04 BTC - Duration: 34 seconds. 132 views ; 3 ... Hello and welcome to the BitcoinPlay reviews! In this video, we’re giving you a walkthrough review of Casino 360, with all of our key highlights and takeaway...