Discovering Bitcoin Part 7: The Missing Pieces

COMPUTER QUANTISTICI... la FINE di BITCOIN ft. Giacomo Zucco (podcast short version) Giacomo Zucco - Vortrag in der Bitcoin Embassy Switzerland Uster ELI5 / How to Understand Bitcoin — Giacomo Zucco / Pt.2 Bitcoin Day  Milano 2017 Giacomo Zucco Sidechains, layers, metachains and RGB with Giacomo Zucco

Giacomo Zucco is a famous personality in the crypto space. His knowledge of cryptocurrency, as well as humor, has endeared him to many, making him attract a large fan base on Twitter. Zucco is a Bitcoin educator and consultant whose interest in the digital asset began since 2012. In an interview, Zucco aired his opinion... Giacomo Zucco is a Bitcoin enthusiast, entrepreneur and educator. He is active with the and Bcademy. He believes in free speech, free defence, free finance. They often call him "toxic", but he's actually quite nice when you get to know him better. Giacomo Zucco: Ironically, the real Bitcoin, the actual Bitcoin, the only Bitcoin serious people is working on is also going there, is also going to be very, very cheap, and very, very fast to move across distances. For example, with the layer 2 and lightning network, and other kind of layerized technologies and stack. So, we are getting there, Bitcoin is cash, and Bitcoin is kind of easy and ... At the Baltic Honeybadger Bitcoin conference in Riga, Coinfomania’s correspondent, Emi Lacapra asked a few questions to Bitcoin expert, researcher and enthusiast Giacomo Zucco who also held one of the most hilarious presentations that have ever been staged in the Bitcoin space on ‘shitcoins’.. His entertaining nature is known to the crypto world, especially through his Twitter account ... The search for a secure alternative to the very popular ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum has turned up an unexpected solution: issuing tokens via Bitcoin’s Lightning Network second layer protocol.. A CoinDesk article reports that BHB Network co-founder and staunch critic of Ethereum Giacomo Zucco has hit upon the solution that he claims could change the game for entrepreneurs via a better token ...

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COMPUTER QUANTISTICI... la FINE di BITCOIN ft. Giacomo Zucco (podcast short version)

Slowly sipping limoncello, one of the brightest crypto sphere speakers, blockchain evangelist, theoretical physicist and CEO of BHBnetwork Giacomo Zucco shared his thoughts with Max Keidun, CEO of ... Bryan Anthony of Radio Hussar got to chat with Giacomo Zucco about the use of Bitcoin and the state of free speech. We met after an exciting Kraków Bitcoin Meetup held at Kawiarnia Literacka ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue 💰sconto del 3% su Genesis MINING : 6X2Pqj ... Everything they told you about Bitcoin is a lie Giacomo Zucco - Duration: 19:36. Value of Bitcoin 2,631 views. 19:36. Goldman Sachs VS Bitcoin (c ... Giacomo Zucco - Vortrag in der Bitcoin Embassy Switzerland Uster Giacomo ist als Bitcoin Maximalist bekannt. Der Vortrag in englisch ist sehr unterhaltsam. m...