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SCAMMER CONFIRMED: Everyone needs to know that Dr. Michael Moriarty PhD and the Moriarty Bitcoin Network is a SCAM

This guy is a joke! And I want him to pay for his theft or in jail. I really don't care which one. You can checkout http://antilyze.com for full details but I will try and keep this post short and clear.
  1. I (JC) write an article, an interview about Dr. Michael Moriarty (MM) and his network on CCN. I praise MM for being a bitcoin advocate and he shits on Coinbase and Circle etc. calling them Ponzi etc.
  2. BitcoinTalk user "RickyJames" (RJ) sees the interview and uses MM site "bitlaunder.com" to deposit about 132btc for mixing.
  3. After the coin is not returned for 24 hours, RJ tries to email MM but gets no response. RJ tries support requests and more emails and all go unanswered.
  4. RJ emails me and asks if I will try and contact MM as I did the interview.
  5. I say okay. Assume RJ is full of shit. So, I email MM as to why I have a customer claiming $80,000 in losses at his site.
  6. MM returns my email saying he never heard of RJ, knows nothing of the situation.
  7. RJ emails me a PDF of proof which includes the address he paid the coin to, I check MM site and indeed that is the pay to address and when checking blockchain, RJ proof holds up. Now I'm thinking, "Okay MM, where is this 80k?"
  8. MM emails me and says he can confirm user RJ sent 125 btc and withdraws 123 btc. Claims RJ is a scammer-extortionist and not to worry about him. He also gives me the bitlaunder "payout address" of 1DDWEQM11uMUKiqpGEWvBT2at3CjCw3Vra (1DD)
  9. I again check the blockchain and see the money go from RJ to MM then from MM to 1DD. From 1DD there is never a payout of anything close to 123 btc. So, I simply ask MM for a transaction id.
  10. MM emails me copies of emails of him "taking care" of customers and says, "now do I look like a scammer? I have no need for his 125 btc, I have over 50,000 bitcoins"
  11. This seems crazy, I email Michael and again ask, "MM, this is simple, I need the payout trx id so I can get RJ off my back. Where are his coins?" I tell him the RJ will go to the feds soon, he really should give me the info.
  12. MM then says that if RJ goes to the Feds that RJ will be arrested because the coins are dirty and stolen. Then asks me, "Why would you send someone 125 btc and need them cleaned in 24 hours? Why so quickly? Because they are stolen or hacked that's why"
  13. I email MM and tell him he is wrong. I say that RJ is clean and so are the coins. At this point I'm shocked! How can MM play cop? He runs a launder site and chooses when to send coins back to the customer?
  14. MM emails back and asks to see the proof that RJ and his coins are clean... which I provide him. MM writes back and says that he has checked into RJ and I am right, that RJ and his coins are clean and so he will get them back shortly. Wants RJ to email him with btc address and an agreement that once the 125 btc is returned, that the case is done.
  15. RJ emails MM as requested and MM confirms and says he will send a test transaction for 0.01 btc and then the rest. MM sends 0.01 and then shows his true colors by KEEPING THE REST! He has never sent the rest of the stolen btc.
again, for copies of all emails, see http://antilyze.com
The day after he was supposed to send the 125 btc and did not, MM posts in the forum that he has opened hotbitcoins.com and has decided to "Give Away Free Bitcoin" but fails to respond to any email from JC or RJ about the stolen coins.
Then yesterday, he responds to a thread concerning the safety of investing in btc and claims, "I have invested $400,000 in bitcoin, proof: 1DD.
Like an idiot, he shows the address that he has already told me is the bitlaunder payout address. So, when users send him coin, and he mixes them and then either does or does not (in the case of RJ) return them to the customer, he is claiming that as proof of his btc investments.
Laughable clown! Those are users of your site depositing coin that you are to pay them out with... that isn't investing you fraud scumbag.
Now, MM since when this all began has continued operating all his scam sites including but not limited to:
bitwebhosting.com elaunder.com, bitbuzzer.com, btwager.com, btcstakes.com, bitflippa.com, bitzam.com, bitbrowse.com, bitwant.com, bithyip.com, paidbitcoin.com, duocoin.com, bitarmored.com, coinchill.com, coinchimp.com, bitbiddy.com walletpays.com, vcbtc.com, smoochbay.com, fairbitcoindice.com, bitplastic.com hotbitcoins.com, bitforum.org, bitlisting.com, bitspeculate.com, bit007.com, thebitcoinescrow.com, bitlaunder.com, bitfiverr.com, bitsecurity.com, bitscams.org bitmeetup.com, bitsweeps.com, bitbing.com
Here is his reason, so far, for not paying back RJ. In the course of my trying to get him to admit that he had RJ coins, I sent an email from another account (same IP) in which I even signed the email JC. He was supposed to know it was me, but I was trying to get him to admit that he had the coins. In my email I said, "I know what you've done, so to keep me quiet, I need 20 btc"
I admit now, that wasn't the best idea but I was always in contact with RJ and had MM decided to send the 20 btc, I would have sent it to RJ immediately and with it, the obvious fact that MM has admitted to stealing the coins. Nope, instead MM makes a site named after my name http://jerancampanella.com and claims there that I am a scammer extortionist. Claims I was fired from my job at CCN for writing lies about MM, claims that my house is in foreclosure and that I am scamming bitcoin businesses.
This must stop. I am trying to recover funds for RJ. I wanted nothing out of this. But at this point, I want MM to pay Ricky back or pay by going to jail for running a scam operation.
In the interview he slammed Coinbase and Circle for their practices and wanting to know your private info. On his sites he claims the following:
Customer service is available 24/7 by our support ticket system and we usually respond within hours. Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, feedback or suggestions for new features. (He did not get back to RJ for days)
If you make money speculating, you may incur 'capital gains taxes' in your country. However, we DO NOT report to any revenue agency or government, nor would we comply with official requests for information. Whether you choose to pay taxes on your profits is your business. (Illegal)
Our privacy policy ensures we do not share information with third parties, including governments or revenue agencies, under any circumstances. Nor do we retain client information or IP logs beyond what is necessary to service your account.
We protect your privacy and anonymity by not storing IP logs or personal information. Nor do we respond to requests to divulge such information.
No personal identifying information is required to sign up, and no IP logs are maintained for the site. We could not identify you to third parties under any circumstances.
We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. We may also release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety. However, non-personally identifiable visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses. (Hmmmm conflicting much?)
We will NOT comply with any court order for information pertaining to our clients, nor will we comply with any government request (of any country) for information about our clients. (see paragraph above)
Moral here is that MM is a scumbag. He has tried to scare me into backing down with repeated threats of what will happen if I don't get back to my life. He has also offered me bribes for ignoring RJ and getting back to my life. I will DO NO SUCH THING since they all involve letting him steal $80,000. He has made a recent post on the forum and at jerancampanella.com saying some of his sites have been reported by me and that my claims are "factless." Again, please see http://antilyze where every bit of proof is found. Also see RJ's most recent post here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=713699.0
It is true that I have been and will continue reporting every single site you own. I have already had all your sites listed on badbitcoin.org. Why can't you stop being a douchebag and return the $80,000 you flat out stole from RJ?
Here is why: You are not a Doctor in any way. You are a school boy thief who lives with Mommy You are not Michael Moriarty, and you are not a criminal mastermind like the Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes. He is a character, cause in real life... scam artists like you and Karpeles pay for your actions. You are not a PhD from Stanford. You might have a PhD in being a scammy piece of shit however. You register all your sites under a pseudonym. You register them under a "mailing center" or fake addresses You list fake phone numbers that do not work.
You are attempting to operate a business with a refusal to remain transparent because of the fact that on occasion you see a need to steal your customers money. If you operated your business like the businesses you hate, Coinbase, Circle, etc. you would not be able to steal, because these companies are owned and operated by legit businesses who follow laws which help protect it's customers, and include accountability. You have none of these things. What you do have is nothing more than a movie poster as your identity and of the owner of your company. This allows your customers no redress in the event, such as RJ, of theft of their money when entrusting it to one of your many sites.
I'm available for chat at http://antilyze.com I am not hard to find. I'm not hiding. I'm not the piece of shit and if after reading this you think MM is anything but a piece of shit, then I suggest you look in the mirror and btw, you stink.
Would appreciate comments or any help or ideas on how we get this no good scammer running a scam operation that has probably turned thousands off bitcoin with his theft. See below more sites that talk about this loser MM.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Jeran Campanella
You can add see other sites that are talking about Michael Moriarty below https://bitcointa.lk/threads/bitlaunder-com-scam.184327 http://tedjonesweb.blogspot.ru/2014/01/bitplasticcom-scam-bitplastic-bitcoin.html https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=601675.0 http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/1v9pzbitplastic_scam/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=613635.0;wap https://muut.com/i/localbitcoins/general-discussion:bitcoin-debit-card-discou_1
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