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A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome.


This subreddit is for people that would like to invest thier bitcoins to help people purchase bitcoin equipment to further thier mining prospects.

Bitcoing OMG!

Do you want to be FIRE in 3 seconds? Invest in bitcoin!

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09-21 20:25 - 'Bitcoin is here to take over Fiat completely, Don’t take the bait of bad Actors on social media, I can Actually show you a way to invest bitcoins without sending your bitcoin or money to anybody, not even me, You May end...' by /u/Blessings10 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 298-308min

Bitcoin is here to take over Fiat completely, Don’t take the bait of bad Actors on social media, I can Actually show you a way to invest bitcoins without sending your bitcoin or money to anybody, not even me, You May end up getting scammed from fake profiles of traders on the comment section
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How to invest bitcoin effectively?

How to invest bitcoin effectively?
How to play Bitcoin? Bitcoin play suggestions for all the latest ones. Below, T-rex instructs members how to invest in Bitcoin 2020 basically to thoroughly improve unique, effective bitcoin funding.
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What is a Bitcoin scam? How do Bitcoin scams usually work & how to avoid them? Protect your current & future Bitcoin investment! [Bitcoin Basics Podcast]

What is a Bitcoin scam? How do Bitcoin scams usually work & how to avoid them? Protect your current & future Bitcoin investment! [Bitcoin Basics Podcast] submitted by CoinCompassBTC to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Fidelity Digital Investments: Bitcoin As an Aspirational Store of Value System

Interesting thesis from Fidelity's Digital Assets research head where they examine the factors that make bitcoin appealing as a potential store of value. I've highlighted some of the key points but I suggest people read the entire report.
In this piece, we will focus on the view that Bitcoin is an aspirational store of value. We explore the inherent characteristics that position Bitcoin to fulfill this role in the future, consider whether it is being used in this way today, and discuss factors that may drive greater demand for such utility.
Bitcoin’s digital scarcity
A robust store of value asset retains purchasing power over long periods of time. An emerging store of value grows purchasing power until it stabilizes. The key characteristics that are cited in reference to good stores of value are scarcity, portability, durability and divisibility. The most important of these attributes is arguably scarcity, which is essential for protecting against the depreciation of real value in the long run. Scarcity means there is a limited quantity of the asset in question, more cannot be easily created, and it is impossible to counterfeit.
One of bitcoin’s most novel innovations is its unforgeable digital scarcity. Investors believe this property is foundational in understanding and appreciating bitcoin.
The bitcoin supply is perfectly inelastic and is not susceptible to supply shocks. Supply does not respond to changes in production capacity (i.e. greater hash power) in response to heightened demand driving prices higher. Even gold, which has been used as a store of value for millennia, is not immune to supply shocks. While the ability for increased production in response to an increase in demand is limited, gold is not perfectly inelastic.
Decentralized checks and balances
Bitcoin’s monetary policy was established when it was created. Its credibility is enforced in part by decentralization and proof-of-work mining. Bitcoin has a leaderless network of decentralized full nodes (computers running bitcoin software), in which every node stores the ledger of transactions and performs transaction verification independently, checking that rules are being followed. Because of this redundancy, there is no central point of failure. Full nodes that verify transactions are distinct from miners who expend energy to process transactions and mint bitcoin. Unlike mining, transaction verification does not require significant resources in the form of hardware or electricity. Thus, any computer can join the distributed network to store and verify bitcoin transactions. Today tens of thousands of nodes perform this function.
In addition to preventing transactions that don’t follow consensus rules, the level of decentralization that exists in the bitcoin network protects core properties such as the 21 million fixed supply by making it virtually impossible to change. No central party has sole discretion over bitcoin’s monetary policy. Rather, such a change would require significant social coordination among stakeholders (e.g. users, miners and those running full nodes). Most stakeholders believe bitcoin has value because of its digital scarcity, resulting in negligible support for such a change
Investors believe that the next wave of awareness and adoption could be driven by external factors such as unprecedented levels of intervention by central banks and governments, record low interest rates, increasing fiat money supply, deglobalization and the potential for ensuing inflation, all of which have been accelerated by the pandemic and economic shutdown. Longer-term tailwinds that could fuel adoption include the use of bitcoin to preserve wealth amidst “slow and steady” inflation and the looming generational wealth transfer to millennials, who view bitcoin more favorably than other demographics.
Current interest in bitcoin’s store of value properties
Tudor Investment Corporation’s decision to allocate to bitcoin in the Tudor BVI fund is evidence that unprecedented levels of monetary growth is driving institutional interest in bitcoin’s store of value properties. Paul Tudor Jones, founder and Chief Investment Officer, and Lorenzo Giorgianni, Head of Global Research articulated the rationale for investing in bitcoin in their May 2020 investor letter, “The Great Monetary Inflation.” The Tudor Investments team scored financial assets, fiat cash, gold and bitcoin based on four characteristics that define store of value assets – purchasing power, trustworthiness, liquidity, portability. Bitcoin’s score was 60% of the score of financial assets, but 1/1200th of the market cap of financial assets and it was 66% of the score of gold, but 1/60th of the market cap, concluding, “Something appears to be wrong here and my guess is that it’s the price of Bitcoin.” While many have expressed the same reasoning, this was seen as a watershed moment, given the thesis and investment was from a traditional hedge fund manage legendary macro investor (Paul Tudor Jones) and former Deputy Director of the Strategy, Policy and Review Department at the IMF (Lorenzo Giorgianni)ix.
Bitcoin’s inherent properties have given rise to the perspective that bitcoin has the potential to be a store of value, with complementary and interdependent components – the decentralized settlement network (Bitcoin) and its digitally scarce native asset (bitcoin). Equally important is the consideration of demand for bitcoin’s unique features – there is no long-term value to create or store if there is no sustained demand for these properties.
External forces that are accelerating interest and investment in bitcoin include unprecedented levels and exotic forms of monetary and fiscal stimulus globally with unknown consequences. This is exacerbating the concerns that Bitcoin was designed to address and is leading more investors and users towards bitcoin as an “insurance policy” that may provide protection against the unknown consequences. Simultaneously, the massive transfer of wealth from the older generation to a younger demographic is a more gradual but important long-term tailwind, as younger people view bitcoin more favorably. This is an important catalyst for bitcoin adoption as they inherit and grow their wealth. While bitcoin is not guaranteed to succeed as a store of value, should sustainable long-term demand for the use case not materialize, the tailwinds mentioned above should drive incremental demand for a novel asset with unique properties. Additionally, as we will examine in future parts in our bitcoin investment thesis series, Bitcoin’s strength is that it has properties that allow it to serve multiple functions, further hardening the likelihood of its success as measured by growth in value.
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What is a Bitcoin scam? How do Bitcoin scams usually work & how to avoid them? Protect your current & future Bitcoin investment! [Bitcoin Basics Podcast] (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

What is a Bitcoin scam? How do Bitcoin scams usually work & how to avoid them? Protect your current & future Bitcoin investment! [Bitcoin Basics Podcast] (x-post from /Bitcoin) submitted by ASICmachine to CryptoCurrencyClassic [link] [comments]

Invest bitcoin First Blockchain Fund Grow Your Crypto Investment Portf...
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Selling TETHER (USDT). Gateway to Crypto Investment (Bitcoin)

Rate is PHP6250 for 100USD. +25% of the total amount in USD. PM me.
Buying $500 will be PHP31250, assuming USD = PHP50.
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invest bitcoin

what are the best ways to invest bitcoin
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How to Best Earning Opportunity Without Invest Bitcoin.

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Grayscale Investments' Bitcoin Cash Trust Approved for Public Trading

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where is the best way to buy and invest bitcoin?

kindly share your stories and experience below
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People of Reddit who got rich by investing Bitcoin before 2017 boom, How did you find it out?

I am a newbie trader and I would love to hear some refreshing stories about bitcoin :)
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Invest bitcoin with 99% risk free

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My approach on investing bitcoin following the halving, preparing to go all in! Opinions?

Hello everyone,
I like to dip my toes in various sorts of trading investments and securities. With the latest halving, I see a great buying opportunity before it's next bull run leading into 2021. I am so confident in this taking off to another level, I am ready to make what some would call a speculative approach on buying bitcoin. So here I am, a relatively broke, college student, whose only source of income really has been trading stocks on exchanges. I plan on selling almost my entire portfolio by the end of the summer, along with my dirt bike that I never ride anymore, and even picking up a small 1-2 year loan. I know many say don't invest with money you do not have, but honestly I feel that investing a $2-3k loan in the next month or two into bitcoin, it is actually probably the SMARTEST thing I can do, if I had a small loan. Keep in mind, I already am debt-free coming out of college, thanks to my scholarships. I can also easily pay this off upon college graduation in 2021, so I am not worried about those financial pressures whatsoever. But I believe by the time I have a full time job, the a bitcoin will be at-least double or triple what it is now, making the small loan actually much much more valuable in terms of the times-value of money. Based off my analysis, these last few months are potentially the last buying opportunity in my lifetime, to reach an entire bitcoin before it really takes off. I strongly believe I may never have the opportunity of securing that kind of weight in bitcoin again in my life, and I am willing to do what it takes to be a member of the 21 million club (or even more than that). I am not suggesting anyone follow my approach, but for me, I think that it is the smartest thing I can invest in, the smartest thing to take a small, payable loan out for as a college student. I would lime to know other's opinions on this, as well.
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"The How To Invest Bitcoin Cover Up" by Aaron Matthews

Let me get this straight. The interim CEO/operations manager, Aaron Matthews, is blogging the day before Christmas, two weeks after Gerry died. Life is good out east with the wife and two kids. Work stress? Nahhhh.
Meanwhile, QuadrigaCX is accepting my crypto deposit after Gerry passed, so it never made it to the cold wallet, but Matthews, Hanin and the five contractors need to get paid.
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How to invest bitcoin?

hello everyone! I am a newbie and I want to invest in bitcoin but I do not know how to invest to get the highest profit. can you give me some advice please?
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Grayscale Investments’ Bitcoin Cash Trust Approved for Public Trading

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Where can i invest Bitcoin?

Hi All, Like everyone I want to invest in bitcoin mining or buying and am from India. What is the best platform for this?
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FINRA Approved Shares Of Grayscale Investments Bitcoin Cash And Litecoin Trusts For Trading On OTC Markets
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DOWNLOAD PDF Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Ethereum: Mastering the New Digital Gold Rush for Profit. Learn How to Buy, Mine, Trade, and Invest Bitcoin Ethereum By Connor Bauchard

Download Here
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Nasdaq Launches Decentralized Funding Index for Digital Assets #invest #bitcoin #cryptocurrency
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Why invest in bitcoin? - YouTube How to Invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in 2020 - YouTube How to get Bitcoins as a Teenager - (Invest Bitcoin) - YouTube How Much to Invest in Bitcoin: 5 Factors to Consider [2020 ... INVEST IN BITCOIN - BASICS OF BITCOIN - YouTube

There isn't a way to invest in Bitcoin the way you would invest in the stock of a company. But depending on the long-term plan for your newfound cryptocurrency, buying Bitcoin and monitoring its ... Bitcoin’s protocol limits it to 21 million coins in total, which gives it scarcity, and therefore potentially gives it value… if there is demand for it. There is no central authority that can unilaterally change that limit; Satoshi Nakamoto himself couldn’t add more coins to the Bitcoin protocol if he wanted to at this point. These coins ... Invest in Bitcoins. Bitcoin stocks and shares: invest with online trading; Trading Bitcoin 2019: the best strategies; Bitcoin Investment Sites; 4 Ideas on How to Make Money from Bitcoins; Best Bitcoin Trading Sites: Top Brokers 2020; Earn Free Bitcoin. Highest Paying Bitcoin Games That Pay. Best Games to Earn Bitcoin; Get Bitcoins without Mining Why Invest in Bitcoin? It seems silly to some people that one bitcoin can be worth thousands of dollars. What makes bitcoins valuable? Bitcoins Are Scarce. Let’s look to gold as an example currency. There is a limited amount of gold on earth. As new gold is mined, there is always less and less gold left and it becomes harder and more expensive to find and mine. A view from inside a depleted ... Investing in Bitcoin can seem complicated, but it is much easier when you break it down into steps. You don't have to understand computer programming to realize that banks, businesses, the bold ...

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Why invest in bitcoin? - YouTube

In this video I'm going to show you How to invest In Bitcoin - Get Returns upto 200% Download Zebpay : Use Coupon Code : REF10142962 Su... #bitcoin #bitcoininvest In this video I have told about What is bitcoin ? How to invest in bitcoin ? How bitcoin give you big returns ? Watch my another vide... How to buy Bitcoin as a Teenager - (Invest Bitcoin) ..... Last Video - DONT CLICK THIS - ... Is Bitcoin Safe To Invest In? Subscribe To Life's Biggest Questions: Buy Our Merch: Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the word ... This is your beginners guide on how to invest in bitcoin and how to invest in cryptocurrency in 2020. In this video, we will cover how to get started with cr...