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Something to keep in mind about the Bitcoin ATM's in Austin

While this isn't really supposed to be very public information at this time, you can expect that there will be several Bitcoin ATM's online in Austin within the next month or two.
This Friday there are plans to put one up at Dominican Joe's, and this Sunday is the grand opening of the one being put online at Central Texas Gun Works.
There are plans to put another up for SXSW somewhere near 2nd and Trinity, and I am privy to some information which indicates that there are 4 to 5 more businesses looking to acquire a machine as soon as possible downtown for SXSW.
While I am thrilled that there are new Bitcoin ATM's coming to Austin, please bare in mind that some of the owners of these machines don't have the Bitcoin Community in their best interests.
We have been working hard with the owners of Central Texas Gun Works to get them a Bitcoin ATM setup, and out of nowhere the one at Handlebar was put online which surprised everyone that I know involved with Bitcoin in Austin.
That's because the owners of Handlebar just learned about Bitcoin last week as a means of getting rich quick, and the owners of the machine have no interest in working with the local community (they flat out refused to come to the Bitcoin Meetups and didn't want to hear anything about the Texas Bitcoin Conference).
Personally, if I use one of these ATM's, I'm going to be using the one at Central Texas Gun Works because I trust those guys more. They always come to the Bitcoin Meetups, and they're thrilled to be part of the community. Mostly I will be using them because I trust them more than a couple of guys who came out of nowhere to try and get rich quick off all of us.
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Austin Texas’ new bitcoin ATM is online and operating. One of the first bitcoin ATM’s in the United States, the new Robocoin ATM drew a crowd to Austin’s Handlebar – a bar just blocks from the convention center that will soon host thousands for SXSW. Austinite Sahil Asthana came to see the new machine with interest in purchasing bitcoin. “It is exciting to be one of the first cities ... Austin, Texas is weird and at the Texas Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin got a little weird. People from all over the world converged in Austin this past week to join in on the latest in the cryptosphere. The Conference was held at Circuit of the Americas, a race track appropriate for the Bitcoin world’s fast-paced nature. Mike Snow, the event organizer, made sure the conference was big just like ... Bitcoin atm machine texas. 2019.08.01 05:34 anti-ZOG-sci-fry Georgia Tombstones (Part 2) Georgia Tombstones (Part 2) by Jayge 8^J "Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory that claims that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically-simulated Second Coming. The allegations were presented in 1994 by ... Austin, Texas ist seltsam und auf der Texas Bitcoin Conference wurde Bitcoin ein bisschen komisch. Menschen aus der ganzen Welt trafen sich in der vergangenen Woche in Austin, um sich an der neuesten Kryptowelt zu beteiligen. Die Konferenz wurde auf dem Circuit of the Americas abgehalten, einer Rennstrecke, And on Feb. 20, the first U.S. Bitcoin ATM was unveiled at the HandleBar Downtown. Another quickly followed suit, at Dominican Joe's on Wednesday, March 5. At its simplest, Bitcoin is a currency ...

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