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Terracoin (TRC) is a person to person digital currency. It shares many similarities to Bitcoin in that it utilizes the SHA 256 algorithm and relies on the concepts outlined in Satoshi's white paper. Terracoin originated in late 2012 after a series of difficulties arose in other digital currencies. There will only be 42 million Terracoin produced. To learn about using and/or mining Terracoin visit the bitcointalk forum or the Terracoin website,

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EWMCI Periodic Update 2020-08-17 [Full Version]

Dear EWMCI Community,
A lot has happened since our last Periodic Update! Most importantly, it seems that cryptocurrency markets have been in a bull run for the past three months... resulting in repeated 52-time-highs across all our indices! There are also some important updates about the EWMCI Ecosystem (see end of this message). But let's start with an overview of our four indices!
EWX-11 Index: Running for 13 weeks now, this index represents the EWMCI "Core-11" cryptocurrencies. Since its inception, the index has appreciated approximately 65% - an impressive short-term record. Looking at the chart, the overall momentum seems to be slowing at this time, indicating that a short-term correction may be in the cards.
Bronze Index: The small cap index has been making repeated 52-week highs since mid-May, 2020. In fact, it is up >220% since early March, 2020 and >380% since August, 2019! In terms of current price movement trends, the momentum seems to be drying up a bit, indicating that a near-term correction may be upon us. If that occurs, there is fairly strong support right around $115-$120, but hopefully the correction will end before reaching those levels.
Silver Index: The mid caps have been rallying since early March, 2020. In addition to being , we are >210% up since March, 2020. Having said that, the question of short-term sustainability arises. Given the current chart behavior, it seems that there was a failed "island reversal" in late July / early August, and now we may be in a somewhat uncharted territory. This means that prices will either revert toward consecutive support levels ($20-$22 and $18, respectively) or we will continue upward from here. The next 2-3 weeks will show!
Gold Index: Our large cap index has seen a major bull run in the past 7 weeks. There are two potential origins of this important move: [a] The ongoing increase in Bitcoin price; and [b] Investors transitioning from low-yielding bonds and stocks to higher-yielding staking coins. Given the magnitude of the recent upswing, the question of near-term sustainability arises. It is very likely that we will see some degree of downward pressure, but there is one big positive - There is now a fairly well defined support level right around $28-$29, going all the way back to mid-February, 2020.
Other Developments: has now officially closed its doors. We would like to thank NLexch for their long-term support and professionalism, and we look to the potential DEX concept proposed by the NLexch leadership. Significant portion of NLexch activities, especially those involving EWX-11 coins, has now transitioned to both and Please continue to support these EWMCI exchange partners.
We are pleased to announce that is now up and running! Powered by Terracoin, is a truly independent, high-quality, reliable platform that provides comprehensive price discovery services for EWMCI "Core-11" coins (and increasingly for other cryptocurrency projects).
Finally, the September EWMCI Index Rebalancing is upon us! Please do not forget to cast your votes for candidate coins... use the following link:
Till next update!
S /
Always remember - Your wallet, your keys, your control, your coins!
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My 5 Favorite Coins Under $5 Million Market Cap and Why - Full Analysis

*Note: This article was copied from my medium article and then formatted for Reddit. For the best reading experience please read on medium. However, I wanted to format it for reddit so people could read it here on Reddit if they preferred. *
In this article, I will be sharing with you my 5 favorite coins that are currently sitting under a $5 million market cap. Before we get into things, I first want to cover all of my bases and say this is not investment advice. Please do your own research before making any investments. The coins I will be sharing are much riskier investments, so make sure to #DYOR.
Please keep in mind that these are all very risky investments and are not your $100 million + projects. These are high risk and high reward projects that will require you to do your own research. These investments aren't for everybody, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on these coins.
Please follow me on Twitter for more updates, articles, and my thoughts on various other crypto related topics.

1. EquiTrader (EQT): $3.6 Million Market Cap

This is my favorite project that is currently under a $5 million market cap. EquiTrader is a social platform for traders where they can share their ideas and get rewarded by the community. EQT comes equipped with trading charts, indicators, trading tools and other features which will make it easy to make technical analysis. You will also have the ability to shadow other traders and make automatic trades based on what they do.

Why I Like EquiTrader

There are a lot of reasons why I’m bullish on EQT, the main ones our outlined below:
Perfect Product for Crypto
Having a social platform where traders can share their investment analysis and then get rewarded is a perfect concept for this market. I think that a lot of the major crypto influencers will get on this platform and utilize it, which will then in turn help EQT get bigger. Once the platform is up and running the “crypto OGs” will do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing because it benefits them too. I’m a big fan of any crypto project where their main audience is the crypto market. This is an easy foot in the door and will allow the project to gain traction much quicker. I think EQT will do this as well.
Recently Acquired by a Major Crypto Influencer
It was recently announced that EquiTrader was acquired by Aluna.Social, which is a company owned by Alvin Lee ( Having a big player behind the platform will be extremely beneficial once the platform is launched and he can start promoting it. Plus this adds a lot of credibility behind the project as well. I’m a BIG fan of this news.
Many Upcoming Catalysts on Roadmap
Public release of the EQT platform is planned for Q4 of this year and I’d expect a lot of traction to start at this point. In Q1 of 2018 they will release the iOS and Android apps, Q2 the beta of the social trading platform will be released (huge news) and then in Q3 the social trading platform will be released to the public. We have at least a whole year of upcoming catalysts that will all have a major impact on the price.
Currently Only Trading on Coin Exchange
At this point you can only buy EQT on It was listed on Cryptopia previously but when they did a coin swap they were removed. Why is this a good thing? The EQT team is in discussion with Cryptopia to be added now that the swap has been completed. Once this happens I’d expect a major pump. This will happen very soon so the major discount that EQT is currently trading at probably won’t last long.
Proof of Stake: 30% per Year Returns
As mentioned above, they recently did a coin swap and went from a PoW chain to a PoS one where you can get 30% annual returns from staking. This is an awesome return. I have already seen some great returns from staking.

What I Don’t Like

The biggest complaint I have about EQT is the small issue and delay they have had doing the coin swap. Before the coin swap they told everyone to move their coins to and the swap would happen automatically, which worked great for those who followed the instructions. However, there are a lot of people that didn’t do this and now they are having to manually swap these coins. This has caused a long delay in terms of being relisted on Cryptopia, which in turn has hurt the price. This isn’t a huge deal, but it is a small complaint I have.

Investment Potential

With a lot of catalysts on the roadmap until 2019, the potential of EquiTrader is hard to predict. However, I think a 10x from here, which would make the market cap only $34 million, is a very real possibility within 3 months. Even after a 10x, I still think it could get closer to $75 million before it would be getting close to what I think it should be valued at. As you can see, I think there is a lot of room for EQT to grow and I’m expecting it to do just that.

2. Hush (HUSH): $1.1 Million Market Cap

Hush is a very, very close second when it comes to my top 5 favorite projects under $5 million market cap. This project might have the most potential out of all of the coins in this list too. Hush is an anonymous coin that utilizes the Zerocash protocol that is forked from Zcash. There are quite a few Zcash forks out there, but this is the best one in my opinion (and the cheapest). It is a fairly new coin that launched in July 2017 so there have only been a few months worth of development.

Why I Like Hush

There is a lot to like about Hush and the reasons are explained below.
One of the Best Anon Coins
Hush is a fork of Zcash but without the founders reward, which is the only major knock of Zcash. So without the founders reward it becomes a top notch anon coin tech wise. There are other Zcash forks out there, but none of them are sitting at this low of a market cap, which creates a huge opportunity for Hush. A very similar coin to Hush is ZenCash, which currently sits at a $14 million market cap, is another Zcash fork without some of the features of Hush. Combine all of this with the major pump all anon coins have been going through lately and Hush is looking prime.
Great Team
One of the members of the Zcash dev team, David Mercer, is now the lead dev for Hush. This is huge. Not only is he the lead dev but he is also working full time on Hush, which means all of the promised features on the roadmap will have a good shot at being completed. Along with the lead dev, there are 6 total team members. The size and talent on this team is practically unheard for a coin with such a small market cap. This is a major reason for me being bullish. I know that this team will get things done, which is all you can ask from a team.
Counterparty on Hush
This is the biggest reason I like Hush so much. They are planning on porting Counterparty to Hush and this will allow people to create Counterparty based assets with the security of Hush. They are also planning on having these assets being compatible with Ethereum smart contracts. These are killer features that make Hush a unique project.
Only Trading on Cryptopia
At this moment the only place to purchase HUSH is on Cryptopia. The Hush team has confirmed they have been in contact with Bittrex and I don’t think it’ll be long before they are added. Take advantage of it being only on Cryptopia before it gets added to other exchanges, once that happens the price is going to take off.

What I Don’t Like

The major knock on Hush is their marketing. They are not putting much effort into spreading awareness. Their reasoning behind this is that they feel like they don’t have a finished product to market yet and that good tech will eventually win out. I like seeing a team that prides themselves on the tech of their project, but at some point they are going to have to start marketing it. Marketing plays a huge role in crypto. With all of that being said, I’m not complaining because it gives me more time to accumulate at these low prices. The only way people find Hush is from actually doing their own research. You won’t find it being shilled much on twitter because no one really knows about it. This will probably be changing in the near future.

Investment Potential

The $1.1 million market cap it is currently sitting at is almost funny. I can’t believe it is so low. This coin should be sitting at an easy $10 million market cap SOLELY based off of what the project currently is. Factor in some of the upcoming features such as the Counterparty port and a standalone HUSH messenger and I think Hush could be worth at least $50 million in 6–12 months, if not higher. The reason I say it could be higher is because of the dev team. I’m very confident in the team and believe that in 12 months from now they will be working on features that will blow the current features out of the water.

3. Tokes (TKS): $1.8 Million Market Cap

Coming in at 3rd in my top 5 is a coin called Tokes. I’m a big fan and this is one of my long term plays that I think will be worth a ton in a few years time. This isn’t going to be a 10x coin in 2 months, but in 2 years it very well may be a 100x coin. Keep that in mind while reading. Tokes is a Waves based asset that is geared towards the marijuana business. They are looking to help businesses handle their money and provide a better payment solution for both consumers and businesses. They are also doing a few other really interesting things in this space and I will explain why I like Tokes in the next section.

Why I Like Tokes

Tokes is a coin based around the marijuana business, but it does much more than the other pot coins out there. Tokes is looking to actually solve real world issues in the marijuana business and has partnerships with major players in their area. I will touch more on all of these things, but I want to make ti clear this isn’t just a “pot currency”.
Provides a Fiat Gateway
A major issue for marijuana businesses is that they are forced to operate as a cash-only business due to the federal laws that make banks not want to work with them. This is a major problem within the cannabis industry and Tokes is trying to solve this by creating a fiat gateway. Tokes allows for cash to be converted to TKS and vice versa so that it can stored electronically without the need to carry cash around. They also offer no fiat volatility risk because of their pegging system. This means that the $100,000 of cash they turn into TKS will remain $100,000 when they withdraw it. This is a major issue that is being solved by Tokes and gives their project immediate value and use cases. Keep in mind that this is something they are working on implementing and hasn’t actually been developed yet.
Major Partnerships Secured
Tokes is located in Las Vegas, where marijuana laws are some of the most lenient, and they have been hard at work building relationships and partnerships with the marijuana businesses in that area. Some of their partnerships are as follows:
Pisos: A dispensary in Vegas that is their first partner in their pilot program Herbology Tours: Tokes purchased a 10% ownership stake in this company. More on this in a minute. Cannabis Delivery Startup in California: Payment integration into their mobile app
Tokes purchased a 10% ownership stake in a Las Vegas cannabis tourism company and this has a couple of really cool benefits. First, it gives Tokes a foot in the door with a marijuana company where they can start integrating and testing their system. Second, it’s a great way to get their name out there and start spreading awareness. This will go a long way to help both consumer and business adoption. The last major benefit of this ownership stake is that they will get 10% of all of the revenue from Herbology Tours, which will be used to help grow Tokes. This revenue will also be used as a way to potentially buy and burn coins (more in the next section).
Revenue Used to Burn Coins
Tokes plans on getting into other aspects of the marijuana business and portions of this revenue will possibly be used to buy and then burn the coins, thus decreasing the supply. The revenue that they generate from their 10% ownership stake in Herbology Tours will also be used to burn coins. Im a big fan of coins that burn their own supply and the markets go crazy when this happens (See $TRIG and $DAR). It’s worth noting that they are planning on burning coins with revenue, but it is not 100% concrete yet.
Great Roadmap
Their roadmap extends all the way into Q4 of 2018, which is good to see. There are also a lot of good things to look forward to and a lot of catalyst that should help the price increase along the way. Check out the roadmap here

What I Don’t Like

The biggest issue I have with Tokes is their supply problem they have. Currently, there are only around 960k in circulation out of the total supply of 50 million (according to Coin Market Cap). The founders currently own the remaining ~40 million tokens. The good news is they are actively trying to solve this issue and release these tokens in a way that won’t hurt the price. One of the main ways they hope to remedy this situation is by putting all of the tokens in a smart contract and distributing it during a 3 year period. You can read more about their plans here.
I’m not a big fan of the current supply issues, but I think the founders are on the ball on this issue and will figure it our without too many problems. Investment Potential I really like the fact that Tokes solves a real issue by providing a store of value for cannabis businesses and allowing them to move away from cash only operations. This has so much value. Combine that with their current partnerships, pilot program and their upcoming roadmap and Tokes looks like a real good long term investment.
Where Tokes could really see their value skyrocket is after they get a foothold in Las Vegas and establish their name in the cannabis industry, they will be the first company other cannabis companies call once their states become legal. Like I mentioned before, this is a longer term play but could be huge in a few years time. In the short term, I think they could easily get to ~$25 million just based off of continuing to lock in partnerships, releasing their mobile app and solving their supply issues.

4. SmartCash (SMART): $2.5 Million Market Cap

Coming in at 4th on my list is SmartCash. SmartCash is a fork of Zcoin, but it has a some of the same features as Dash along with a few unqiue twists that makes this coin very undervalued. The coin itself was started less than 3 months ago, so the project itself is still very new.

Why I Like SmartCash

Any anon coins right now that haven’t pumped yet are of interest to me. It seems like everyday a new anon coin is pumping and the fact that SmartCash hasn’t yet is appealing. Not only has the coin not pumped yet, but it has a super small market cap and is a better coin than the majority of the other anon coins out there. Aside from it being an anon coin, the following reasons are why I like this project.
Insane Staking with SmartRewards
This is a major reason for this coin being in my top 5. They have a cool feature called SmartRewards which is a way for people that hold their coins in their wallet to get rewarded. The only requirements are that you must have at least 1000 coins and hold them for at least a month, starting on the 25th of each month. For example, you transfer 5,000 coins on September 16th then you would be rewarded on October 25th. Since this coin is so new, there has only been one completed round of payouts so far. During this first round each person eligible made 400% returns. Example, if you had 1,000 coins in there then you would have been paid 4,000 coins!
400% is insane and for this second round of payouts things are a little less extreme. At the time of writing this (halfway through the month) the current estimated payout is going to be 37%, still not bad at all! This numbers goes up as the month goes on and less addresses become eligible. The reason for the drop off is because there are more eligible addresses than the first round. These rewards are funded by taking 15% of all of the coins mined from each block and then on the 25th of each month are distributed to addresses that hold at least 1000 coins. Not only are the returns very good, but this is also a great strategy to lock up coins and keep the price from dropping too much. SmartRewards is a huge reason for me being in this coin and I think it will be very popular once more people find out about it.
Great Funding System
I’m a big fan of their funding system and how they split the block reward. Their funding structure is as follows:
Of the 80% allocated to the community, 70% of it goes to the community treasury and 30% of it goes to funding the team. I like the reversed model they have of paying the community the bulk of the rewards and the miners the least. I think this is a good way to get people involved and help grow the coin via community funded projects.
Governance System
With a large chunk of all coins mined going towards community treasury it gives the community a lot of coins to use on various proposals that will be voted on by the community. These proposals can be pretty much anything helping the coin grow and the community gets to determine if it is a good idea or not. Each vote is equal to 1 smart cash.
As of writing this, there have been 3 community proposals that have been funded. Those 3 include:
As the community gets larger, I’d expect the number and quality of proposals to improve and then we will really get to see the benefits of this funding system.
Instant Transactions via InstantPay
This is a feature that is going to be implemented in the near future and would allow for near instant transactions. This is crucial to have if you are trying to be a coin that is used for everyday purchases, which SmartCash is trying to do.
Not on any Major Exchanges
Currently, the exchange with the largest volume where you can buy SmartCash is Stocks.Exchange and Cryptopia. Whenever Bittrex or Poloniex get around to adding this coin there should be a nice pump. Now is the time to accumulate!

What I Don’t Like

I’m not a fan of coins with a large supply of coins and SmartCash has 5 billion coins as its max supply (451 million circulating). The idea behind having so many coins was to become the everyday coin that is used and its easier if people are paying in a small amounts. I get the idea behind it, but I would still prefer a coin with a smaller supply.

Investment Potential

This coin is still fairly new and a lot of people have still never heard of this coin. I think as more people become aware of SmartRewards and the insane monthly returns that people will start to flow into this coin. Couple that with things such as masternodes (coming soon), InstantPay, a functioning governance system, and anonymous transactions and you have a severely undervalued coin at $2.5 million. Short term potential for this coin is at least $10 million market cap, but $25 million within a few months is completely reasonable. This coin has all of the characteristics of coins that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars so I don’t plan on selling this coin for a while.

5. Crypto Bullion (CBX): $1.3 Million Market Cap

Last but not least we have Crypto Bullion, which currently has a market cap of $1.3 million. This coin was originally developed in 2013 but has seen recent improvements that have made it a great dark horse pick. This coin is a 100% proof of stake coin that was originally created as a way to store value with a yearly interest rate of 2%. as mentioned above, it has become way more than this with the new developments that are currently under way. Let’s take a look at why I like this coin.

Why I Like Crypto Bullion

Crypto Bullion will be having a hard fork before the end of the month where they will be implementing quite a few new features that I think takes this coin to the next level. Some of these features are as follows:
Masterbodes are Coming
Once the hard fork occurs, masternodes will be coming to CBX along with Zerocoin anonymity. Once the masternodes have been implented it will make CBX one of the cheapest masternode coins on the market. These masternodes will earn roughly 9% — 18% yearly plus any of the fees they make from transactions. It will cost 2,000 coins to run your own masternode, which is currently around $2,000.
Solid Roadmap
They have a very solid 2017 roadmap leading into 2018 and they are planning on releasing a 2018 roadmap once this one is completed. I would expect a lot of cool new features to be added on the next roadmap. See their roadmap here
New Wallet Being Released
They are currently putting the final touches on a new wallet and getting ready for the hardfork. All of this should be happening by the end of September.
Low Supply
As of right now, there are only around 1 million coins with a very low inflation rate of 2% per year. With staking, you would make around 6% per year in interest. This means the coins are rare and scarce.

What I Don’t Like

From what I have seen, the communication from the dev is subpar and you can be left in the dark at times. Also, even though they have some cool features in the pipeline, they aren’t really bringing anything new to the market.

Investment Potential

I think CBX has built itself a nice little niche with becoming a true store of wealth, unlike Bitcoin, and that fact alone should make it worth more than its current market cap. However, with the upcoming hardfork that will bring masternodes and a new wallet we should see a lot more investor interested in this coin. I’m holding this coin until at least a $10 million market cap and probably even longer depending on what kind of developments happen in the meantime.

Honorable Mentions

I’m not going to dive deep into any of these coins below, but they are worth mentioning.

Wrapping this Up

That is going to bring this article to an end. I hope you enjoyed reading and found a coin or two that might interest you. These 5 coins are all coins that I will be holding for nothing less than 10x each, probably even more. These are not your “safe investment” coins by a long stretch, but if you’re looking for some high risk/high reward coins then these might be of interest to you. I’d love to know what coins you are all fans of that I didn’t put on the list. Please share in the comments below. Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this article please follow me on medium for more posts!
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EWMCI Weekly Update for 2019-10-04 [Full Version]

Dear Colleagues,
One week at a time... or "crypto in small doses" seems to be the mantra over the past couple of months. Well, last 7 days were no exception. Starting at very depressed levels, all three indices (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) had a lot of resistance to overcome on their way toward the "median" levels. As we move forward, it will be important to determine how the increasingly legitimate "crypto space" fits into the existing landscape of modern finance. This will of course differ when it comes to specific application(s) of each "coin" - from store of value to currency to practical blockchain apps. Below is the breakdown of individual index performances for the week ending October 4, 2019:
1) Gold Index - "The fall stops here... for now." This pretty much sumps up the movement of the large caps within the index. Up 1% this week, the index performance seems to be following Bitcoin's new range-bound fluctuations between $7,900 and $8,200. There are too many economic and political events to clearly attribute index behavior to... uncertainty is the only constant. Right now, we are in a holding pattern that will have to resolve itself one way or another. One underappreciated fact that many seem to miss - The increasing USD strength may have something to do with the relative weakness in all currencies, including "crypto" currencies.
2) Silver Index - Overall similar to the Gold Index, with the only difference being a 1.3% drop (as opposed to 1% increase). Given the volatility of individual components, more choppy trading is likely in the cards for the upcoming week. Moreover, some of the positions within the Silver Index are being actively affected by the closing of two major altcoin exchanges. Until that situation stabilizes, there will likely be more price swings over the next 3-4 weeks. Once new marketplaces / exchanges become established, this temporary state should fully resolve.
3) Bronze Index - This is the singular success story for the week. The index is up 9.8% after a large drop two weeks ago. Looking at the 2-week moving average, we are just above the "dashed line." This may mean that the worst is behind us, and that the next move will either be "lateral" or "up" with the long-term line showing resistance/support levels in the $49-50 range. Given the deleterious effect of announced exchange closures on the Bronze Index in the recent past, many of the positions seem to be emerging from that temporary selling pressure.
Other items - Great thanks to Zapple and NLexch for their flexibility and generosity in hosting new coin pairs. Also kudos to the EWMCI Leadership Alliance - including Bee from Unitus and Clockuniverse from Terracoin for spearheading some key coin pair transitions / listings to avoid market disruptions resulting from exchange closures.
Till next week!
Stan /
Embrace DIY Index Crypto Investing - Your decisions. Your coins. Your control!
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A brief history of the 2013 market peak; why some alts really do die; and what would've happened if you'd given in to FOMO

This piece is a follow-up to my earlier piece, which looked at what would’ve happened if you’d purchased alt-coins shortly after the bottom of the 2013-2015 bear market. A lot of the constructive criticism that I received was that I was too bullish on alt-coins, and that the timing was too convenient. Although it’s fair to say that I am bullish on crypto in general and alt-coins in particular (with several major caveats for both), I agree that it’s important to not just focus on historical analyses where it’s fairly clear that you could have earned money. So, today’s research question is whether you’d still be underwater if you’d bought in to the market at or near the 2013 all-time high. All information cited herein comes from the historical charts available at CoinMarketCap.
TL;DR: This worst-case scenario analysis shows that $300 invested equally across 15 of the 40 coins in existence near the market’s peak in 2013 would be worth only $429.95 today—gains which are entirely attributable to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple. This is basic, but it can be dangerous to buy high. This is especially true of alt-coins, but even the top three coins in our sample saw fairly lackluster results when bought at the top of the market. Finally, nothing in this post should be taken as investment advice. This is only intended as historical analysis. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.
A Brief History of the 2013 Market Peak
According to CoinMarketCap, the 2013 bull market peaked on December 4, 2013, at ~$15.87 billion in market capitalization.* Thereafter, the market crashed dramatically not once, but twice. In the first crash, which occurred between December 5-8, 2013, overall market cap fell by ~39% to ~$9.66 billion. Then, after a brief recovery to ~$13.57 billion on December 10th, the market fell precipitously, to ~$5.7 billion on December 18, 2013. Thus, over the course of only two weeks, from December 4-18, 2013, the market lost ~64% of its value. Although this was by no means the end of the 2013-2015 bear market--which lasted for approximately 17 months and saw an additional decline of ~45% from the December 18, 2013 low--this was the end of the beginning.
What If I Bought Crypto Right as the 2013 Market Peaked?
Generally, the first rule of trading is** that you want to buy low and sell high. As a result of their fear of missing out (“FOMO”), however, many people find themselves accidentally buying high. Today, I’m going to look at what would have happened to someone who bought their crypto right as the market was peaking. Ideally, I would run this experiment from December 4, 2013, but due to the limited data available from CoinMarketCap, I’m forced to choose between November 24th, December 1st, December 8th, and December 15th. Of those dates, I have selected December 1, 2013, because it represents the worst possible scenario for which I have data. On that date, total crypto market cap, which had hit a new high of ~$15.4 billion the day before, swung wildly between a high of ~$14.83 billion and a low of ~$12.18 billion. Unfortunately, it’s unclear exactly when CoinMarketCap’s snapshot was taken. That said, it’s clear that our hypothetical FOMO trader is about to lose his shirt over the next few weeks, so let’s dive into the specifics.
On December 1, 2013, there were 40 coins listed on CoinMarketCap. I won’t list them all here, but of those 40, all but 11 are still listed as active on CoinMarketCap. The truly dead (or “inactive”) coins are BBQCoin (BQC; rank 16), Devcoin (DVC; rank 19), Tickets (TIX; rank 22), Copperlark (CLR; rank 24), StableCoin (SBC; rank 25), Luckycoin (LKY—ironic, I realize; rank 31), Franko (FRK; rank 34), Bytecoin (BTE; rank 35), Junkcoin (JKE—how apt; rank 36), CraftCoin (CRC; rank 39), and Colossuscoin (COL; rank 40).***
Now, since this post is already incredibly long, instead of testing all 40 coins, let’s take a decently-sized sample of five coins each from the top, middle, and bottom of the stack, and look at what happens. For the middle, although the temptation is to take decent alts, let’s fight that and take the group with the highest failure rate: ranks 21-25. So, here’s out pool:
Now, here are how our sample of coins has performed as of when I write this:****
So, if our hypothetical FOMO trader had invested $100 in our top-five sample near the 2013 peak, it would currently be worth $411.80 (the profitable coins) + $3.06 (PPC) + $4.27 (NMC) = $419.13—a 4.19x increase.
Now for the two coins in the middle five that didn’t completely die:
So, if our hypothetical FOMO trader had invested $100 in our middle-five sample near the 2013 peak, it would currently be worth ~$15.19—an ~84.8% loss.
Finally, here are the two coins from the bottom five that didn’t completely die:
So, excluding everything buy Argentum, if our hypothetical FOMO trader had invested $100 in our bottom-five sample near the 2013 peak, it would currently be worth ~$2.96—a ~97% loss. Putting it all together, $300 invested in this sample of 15 coins as close to the peak of the 2013 market as the data will let me get, would be worth $429.95—a disappointing, but not-unexpected ~30.2% increase over five years. That said, I’m honestly somewhat amazed our FOMO trader made anything at all on this basket of coins, considering how many of them failed. In any case, all of his gains came from the top-three coins from 2013: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple.
What’s the lesson here, what’s the takeaway?***** Most importantly, I think the above analysis shows that it can be very dangerous to buy alt-coins when the market is at or near an all-time high—a conclusion that appears to be true regardless of where the alt is positioned in the market. That said, there are a few caveats: (1) this sample was intentionally bad, in order to reflect a worst-case scenario; (2) even buying the top-three coins at the all-time high didn’t net our FOMO trader particularly large gains when compared to someone who bought these same coins after the crash. Therefore, I think that the most important lesson here is not to buy high in the first place. Investing solely because of FOMO will probably cause you to lose money, unless you have invested equally in a broad range of cryptocurrencies, like the trader in our hypothetical. Even then, however, our FOMO trader probably would have done better investing in an S&P Index fund over the same period.
*This is a correction to my earlier piece, in which I stated that the cryptocurrency market peaked on November 30, 2013, at a total market capitalization of ~$15.2 billion. I made this error due to having failed to narrow the date range of the chart so I could properly zoon in. That said, the exact details of the market peak don’t affect the conclusions from my last piece, which considered trades made after the market had bottomed out.
** …you do not talk about trading. Wait, that’s the wrong rulebook.
*** Since I already typed it out, here’s the list of remaining active coins, in descending order: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Peercoin (PPC), Namecoin (NMC), Megacoin (MEC), Feathercoin (FTC), WorldCoin (WDC), Primecoin (XPM), Freicoin (FRC), Novacoin (NVC), Zetacoin (ZET), Infinitecoin (IFC), Terracoin (TRC), Crypto Bullion (CBX), Anoncoin (ANC), Digitalcoin (DGC), GoldCoin (GLD), Yacoin (YAC), Ixcoin (IXC), Fastcoin (FST), BitBar (BTB), Mincoin (MNC), Tagcoin (TAG), FlorinCoin (FLO), I0Coin (I0C), Phoenixcoin (PXC), Argentum (ARG), Elacoin (ELC)
**** I know that we could have sold them sooner, and probably for more money, but let’s just assume that our hypothetical FOMO trader was a founding member of the #hodlgang. ;-)
***** Don’t mess with Maui when he’s on a breakaway! You’re welcome. ;-)
Disclosures: I have previous held Litecoin, and currently hold approximately $140 of Ripple. I do not believe this influenced my analysis in any way. I have never bought or held any of the other coins discussed in this analysis.
Edits: Formatting, typos, minor clarifications.
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valid calls
+dogetoolbot SYMBOL value
+dogetoolbot AMOUNT SYMBOL value
+dogetoolbot SYMBOL volume
+dogetoolbot SYMBOL cap
+dogetoolbot convert AMOUNT SYMBOL to SYMBOL
+dogetoolbot spend AMOUNT CURRENCY(usd,eur,cad,cny,rub,btc) on SYMBOL
please try to break it
Update the tool bot no longer responds to garbage :) do it right or be ignored :)
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/r/Tezos subscriber count is ranked #47 out of 96 on my list of crypto related subreddits

I maintain a list of subscriptions over time for all the largest crypto subreddits i can find. (does anyone else know of a similar list?)
Any big pop in price is preceded and/or coincides with a big jump in subscribers. /Tezos sub rate is basically flat, sorry to say.
I can post the python code i use to collect subscriber count if anyone is interested.
Rank subreddit 2/23/18
1 bitcoin 749760
2 ethereum 330391
3 litecoin 192455
4 btc 185881
5 Ripple 178651
6 CryptoMarkets 123765
7 Monero 115725
8 dogecoin 112840
9 Iota 107234
10 neo 82319
11 Stellar 72398
12 tronix 59974
13 cardano 56073
14 raiblocks 52182
15 vergecurrency 48168
16 binance 40174
17 vechain 40132
18 reddCoin 37764
19 vertcoin 33959
20 omise_go 33387
21 eos 32903
22 siacoin 30561
23 Lisk 28032
24 ArkEcosystem 20763
25 dashpay 20024
26 GolemProject 18428
27 EthereumClassic 16751
28 Digibyte 16587
29 electroneum 16442
30 nem 16134
31 BATProject 15202
32 Qtum 12799
33 TenX 12786
34 powerledger 12407
35 zec 12052
36 Antshares 10818
37 BytecoinBCN 10463
38 stratisplatform 10310
39 NXT 9287
40 factom 8232
41 Wavesplatform 8198
42 ICONOMI 7943
43 quantstamp 7919
44 Augur 7601
45 PIVX 7575
46 decred 7283
47 tezos 7264
48 BitShares 6710
49 Ardor 6311
50 Steemit 5907
51 komodoplatform 5671
52 statusim 5377
53 monacocard 5299
54 peercoin 5120
55 Stratis 4971
56 Aeon 4807
57 maidsafe 4637
58 SONM 4416
59 gridcoin 4356
60 potcoin 4218
61 dfinity 4151
62 Bancor 4066
63 adex 3900
64 Namecoin 3610
65 einsteinium 3504
66 qash 3367
67 myriadcoin 3346
68 drgn 3303
69 tether 3198
70 Metaverse_Blockchain 2829
71 QuarkCoin 2826
72 monacoin 2780
73 ByteBall 2720
74 iexec 2672
75 MintCoin 2405
76 Veritasium 2319
77 aeternity 2164
78 gnosisPM 2003
79 primecoin 1904
80 GameCreditsCrypto 1286
81 nyancoins 1202
82 saltcoin 1134
83 HiveProject_net 999
84 viberate 859
85 Stealthcoin 836
86 populous_platform 824
87 Terracoin 770
88 NuBits 737
89 eidoo 714
90 NeosCoin 596
91 adChain 502
92 MobileGo 348
93 aragonone 117
94 rscoin 17
95 storj 0
96 bitconnect 0
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September 21st Terracoin Update - Mandatory!!

There is a mandatory upgrade of the Terracoin wallet in preparation for the hard fork on block 1087500 which will enable masternodes and decentralized governance.
Everyone must upgrade their wallet by block 1087500, which with current block timing is falling between the 29th and the 30th of this month!
We really need to get the word out to as many people as possible. So please post and talk to everyone you know.
This is a mandatory update which means if you continue to use the old wallet you will be on the wrong block chain and you won't be able to send or receive TRC from that wallet.
We also need to make sure that all of the mining pools (or whoever is throwing that crazy hash at TRC) have updated their wallets, otherwise the coins they mine will be worthless.
Always back up your wallet.dat file! Always back up your wallet.dat file!
Download the new wallets here:
We will be using this repository going forward, but the old one has been updated as well.
The first time you run the binaries (or exes) it will create a new terracoincore folder. You can manually make it use your old terracoin app folder, but I recommend using the new folder. Stop (or close) the binaries and copy all of your files, except the peers.dat file over from the old folder into the new folder. That way you have an exact duplicate of your old data. (Except the peers.dat file, you will find .12.1.5 nodes faster without it, and you won't fully sync till you connect to a .12.1.5 masternode.)
Restart new binaries/exes.
It will say that it needs to reindex, so let it. Once it is done reindexing just sit back and wait for it to find .12.1.5 peers and masternodes. If it gives you an error saying network sync has failed, don't worry you just haven't gotten a .12.1.5 masternode yet. It will try again later.
If you are not sure how to do this please ask on one of the many forums. It is better to be safe then sorry!
I will be posting close to daily updates on which exchanges have updated their wallets and which haven't. If you see an exchange put the Terracoin wallet in maintenance that probably means they are upgrading it!
Hopefully we will have a Mac wallet out middle of next week.
In other news, the whale is now almost done with only ≈231,000 TRC left. He won't be around much longer. If you can get your TRC cheaper somewhere else then please do, but he has been consistantly selling to buy orders at .00003001 on Cryptopia. Once he is gone the price will most likely rise, so get it while you can!
Oh yeah, if you want you can set up your masternodes now, though you won't get rewards until the hard fork.
30 days ago we were at 0.00001935 BTC (.0771 USD) and today we are at 0.00003010 BTC (.1098 USD).
A year ago we were at 0.00000442 BTC (.0026 USD).
We are ranked 321 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $2,341,404 USD. Last week our market cap was $2,157,630 USD.
Donation Addresses
Terracoin: 12bTKJL3UiypnVQMyFXg7eCJudAyAtgh6p
Bitcoin: 14LW52k8vhHvHaGfmgx48d3su4RcKPyKcc
Terracoin Donations for the World Address
Public Discord Invite
Public Slack Invite
Public Telegram Invite
Newsletter Subscription
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Terracoin (TRC) Announcements for the last 7 days

I will be bringing you upcoming events/announcements every 7 days. If you want improvements to this post, please mention houseme in the comments. We will make improvements based on your feedback. | /kryptocal | Android | iOS | Telegram Interactive Bot (add cryptocalapp_bot) | Telegram Channel @kryptocal


If you like an event to be added, click Submit Event, and we will do the rest.


Source: @Terracoin_TRC
17 hours ago - June 13, 2018
If you #Terracoin #masternode is down you need to upgrade to the newest version!
6 days ago - June 8, 2018
June 7th Weekly #Terracoin Update - Board or $TRC #TRC #masternodes #cryptocurrency
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July 13th Terracoin Update - Proposals/Pump

I write the weekly updates usually a few days ahead of time, so this one has two parts because of the on going pump.
Over the past couple of days there has been a massive rise in the price of Terracoin (TRC) and it is continuing. We have gained a huge number of community members, and a lot of new ideas.
Check the numbers at the end of the weekly and make sure you get 10,000 TRC while it is still somewhat cheap so you can have a masternode!
A lot of people have asked me about the first two proposals The Terracoin Foundation will be putting in once we have decentralized governance.
The first is a proposal to pay the team.
We want to keep attracting quality team members and we want to reward the team members who have already volunteered and worked so hard to get Terracoin where it is now.
We will be paying people depending on the amount of time spent working on Terracoin per month. This will include everyone who volunteers currently and future team members.
Obviously, everyone will have to be an official team member, and show proof of work. Sorry. I had to.
This first proposal will only last 6 months so that we can adjust pay up or down, or split off departments depending on the price of TRC.
The ledger of payment will be publicly available.
The second proposal we will put in is for TRC to sell for BTC to get on another exchange (most likely Bittrex).
Why are these the two most important?
We need to keep growing and rewarding the team so that we can innovate Terracoin even more in the future, and we need to keep expanding the base of people who has access to Terracoin.
That is it.
Innovate and grow.
Reward halving ≈ 21 Days
Testnet = 2 Weeks
Hard fork = 10 Weeks
First off, we just broke our all time 5 year volume record! Our volume in the last 24 hours was $328,627 USD. The highest previous volume I could find was January 3rd 2014 at $223,699 USD. That was back when Terracoin was still listed on BTC-E and it was going for $.60 USD a piece.
30 days ago we were at 0.00001448 BTC (.0392 USD) and today we are at 0.00008337 BTC (.1956 USD).
We are ranked 208 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $4,043,767 USD. Last week our market cap was $706,094 USD.
Donation Addresses
Terracoin: 12bTKJL3UiypnVQMyFXg7eCJudAyAtgh6p Bitcoin: 14LW52k8vhHvHaGfmgx48d3su4RcKPyKcc
Terracoin Donations for the World Address
Public Slack Invite
Public Telegram Invite
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September 7th Terracoin Update - Date

We have set a block, and date for the hard fork!
We will be hard forking on block 1,087,500 which is approximately September 29th. This hard fork block won't change unless the community finds something catastrophic in the code, which is highly unlikely.
This also means that the public testnet is ready for testing!
Also, always back up your wallet.dat file before messing around. No joke. Back that file up!
The code is here: and we have Windows EXEs available on the releases tab. You can open issues directly on github, or contact me on one of the many forums, etc.
We are excited to have the whole community jump in and help out, and like I said in a previous weekly update, we need everyone to be as critical as possible. A week from now I would like to start contacting mining pools, exchanges, etc and have them update their wallets in preparation for the hard fork.
If you need help compiling the code on Linux, or setting up a masternode feel free to ask. I have a feeling we are going to get swamped with questions, so please be patient as we work our day jobs, and sleep. I will also be posting a rough draft of my masternode/compile setup guide, so please give any input on it that you can.
Once you get your wallet all ready to go (remember to run it with the -testnet option) then post your tTerracoin address (fake Terracoin) and I can send you 5000 tTRC so you can set up a masternode. I know some people want to test out two at a time, so once the first wave is done I can send you another 5,000 tTRC. If you are done testing then please send the tTRC back to the address below so other people can get a chance to test too. Return tTRC address: mjirbjPj1AaMViNDntVMCA8W12QGzyNUJy
The testnet does allow two masternodes for one IP. This will not work once the hard fork happens.
(I know this is a long weekly update, but keep reading. We are on a new exchange and we have a Discord server set up.)
Last week I opened up the discussion about the cost of a proposal (5 TRC to put in a proposal), but I didn't really like the fact that the 5 Terracoin was destroyed once a proposal was accepted for vote.
The team agreed with me, and the proposal cost is now sent into the block chain as a block reward which will be split between the miners and the masternodes.
We are not sure if any other coin has done this before so we need this part tested with extreme critical thought.
There is one problem with this idea. A masternode owner can look up when they are going to get paid next, and then spam proposals for 2.5 Terracoin (since the know they will get the 2.5 reward).
In an effort to combat this we have decided to raise the proposal cost to 10 TRC, which is currently about a $1.40 per proposal.
If you feel passionate about the cost of a proposal fee, or about proposal fees getting destroyed/not destroyed feel free to post on any of the forums/social media below.
Thanks to Jacob Kerr for coming to the rescue and turning the DASH wallet Terracoin green for us!
Also thanks to the whole community! Everyone has been amazing and understanding while we have been working on this!
Other News
Alex_Under got Terracoin on!
Peace has set up a Discord server, and here is the invite:
I have started updating the Cryptopia forum, which can be found here:
C-Cex is saying they are going to delist Terracoin. I guess we don't have the volume that is required. According to their front news page Terracoin needs .2 Bitcoin volume a day, but after talking with their support we need .4 Bitcoin a day. This means we need 12 bitcoins worth of volume a month, which really isn't that much.
We have until the 20th to up our volume, if you want to help keep us listed there then please trade on there. If you just have Terracoin sitting on there make sure to get it to another exchange or a local wallet before then.
I am going to keep trading on there until around the 19th to see if we make it. I will keep everyone up to date on the situation.
30 days ago we were at 0.00002920 BTC (.0987 USD) and today we are at 0.00003209 BTC (.1479 USD).
We are ranked 311 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $3,139,664 USD. Last week our market cap was $2,985,813 USD.
Fake tTRC Return Address
Donation Addresses
Terracoin: 12bTKJL3UiypnVQMyFXg7eCJudAyAtgh6p
Bitcoin: 14LW52k8vhHvHaGfmgx48d3su4RcKPyKcc
Terracoin Donations for the World Address
Public Discord Invite
Public Slack Invite
Public Telegram Invite
Newsletter Subscription
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Added function to mine Cryptos on the Raspberry Pi.

LucasJones CPU - Multi miner available to install from this new guide.
Support for:
Although the Pi is not a suitable miner (for economic reasons), it may be of interest to those who are unfamiliar with the process and wish to try mining first hand.
I should help with understanding how nodes, miners and users interact on these networks.
Plus it's just spare unused CPU so why not make a bit or two :)
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Terracoin (TRC) Announcements for the last 7 days

I will be bringing you upcoming events/announcements every 7 days. If you want improvements to this post, please mention houseme in the comments. We will make improvements based on your feedback. | /kryptocal | Android | iOS | Telegram Interactive Bot (add cryptocalapp_bot) | Telegram Channel @kryptocal


If you like an event to be added, click Submit Event, and we will do the rest.


Source: @Terracoin_TRC
2 days ago - June 5, 2018
Thank you to all of the new #Terracoin #Youtube subscribers! Because of your support we have been able to claim th…
2 days ago - June 4, 2018
Check out this article about #Terracoin!
3 days ago - June 4, 2018
The #Terracoin public ledger has been updated! Please check it out to see how the Team Pay proposal is being spent…
6 days ago - June 1, 2018
Check out part 1 of my interview with! #terracoin $TRC #masternodes #cryptocurrency
6 days ago - June 1, 2018
May 31st Weekly #Terracoin Update - Added or $TRC #masternodes #cryptocurrency
6 days ago - May 31, 2018
A new proposal has been put into #Terracoin's decentralized governance. Please check it out and vote! $TRC…
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BITCOIN 2013 SAN JOSE - 61 Videos (17 playlists)!

Hello fellow Bitcoiners! It's taken me over a week of effort, but I've finally completed uploading all 61 of my 'Bitcoin 2013 San Jose' conference amateur videos and organizing them into 17 playlists for easy viewing. Feel free to do whatever you want with these. Special thanks to the Bitcoin Foundation who organized the conference (fyi, I'm not associated with them), and the many outstanding lecturers - I was definitely impressed. I personally got a lot out of the conference, especially the networking with everyone, and getting to see the 'face' of Bitcoin, which might be quite different than one might imagine from only reading reddit or hanging out on IRC. I strongly recommend attending these events in the future if you can. Below I've provided a list of the 17 playlists, but please note that there were many more lectures that I could not attend occurring in parallel to these and thus I could not record those. As such, keep an eye out for the Bitcoin Foundation to release official videos to all the lectures in the near future, until then, enjoy these!
If you got something out of these, please drop me a small tip, thanks:
My Youtube channel stats thus far: 61 videos, 13,780 views ; 52,014 minutes (36 man-days!) watched, 92 subscribers (thanks!), aprox 0.5 BTC of donations (double thanks!), Top country watchers USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Finland. Gender (93.7% male, 6.3% female); Devices: 80.1% web browser, 11.4% Mobiles, 8.5% other. Most watched videos: Winklevoss twins (sigh), Entering the Convention, and Avalon Asics (what a surprise! /not).
Full Bitcoin 2013 Schedule (3 pages), so you can see missing lectures I could not record:
Other:All videos were recorded on a Canon Powershot Elph 110HS 16.1 Mpixel compact camera w/ 2x 32GB SD memory + 2x batteries & tiny tripod.
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Terracoin (TRC) Announcements for the last 7 days

I will be bringing you upcoming events/announcements every 7 days. If you want improvements to this post, please mention houseme in the comments. We will make improvements based on your feedback. | /kryptocal | Android | iOS | Telegram Interactive Bot (add cryptocalapp_bot) | Telegram Channel @kryptocal


If you like an event to be added, click Submit Event, and we will do the rest.


Source: @Terracoin_TRC
14 hours ago - July 17, 2018
Please take a minute to fill out this survey and vote for TRC!
18 hours ago - July 17, 2018
Make sure to fill out the survey, and thanks!
5 days ago - July 13, 2018
July 12th Weekly #Terracoin Update – Patched/Meetup or #TRC $TRC #cryptocurrency #masternode
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Terracoin (TRC) Announcements for the last 7 days

I will be bringing you upcoming events/announcements every 7 days. If you want improvements to this post, please mention houseme in the comments. We will make improvements based on your feedback. | /kryptocal | Android | iOS | Telegram Interactive Bot (add cryptocalapp_bot) | Telegram Channel @kryptocal


Source: @Terracoin_TRC
yesterday - May 29, 2018
We are excited to announce that #Terracoin has been added to the decentralized exchange Blocknet!…
3 days ago - May 28, 2018
Just in case you missed it! Check out #Terracoin's new flipbook! It is the perfect thing to show to friends and fa…
6 days ago - May 25, 2018
May 24th #Terracoin Update - Marketing! or $TRC #masternodes #cryptocurrency
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Terracoin (TRC) Announcements for the last 7 days

I will be bringing you upcoming events/announcements every 7 days. If you want improvements to this post, please mention houseme in the comments. We will make improvements based on your feedback. | /kryptocal | Android | iOS | Telegram Interactive Bot (add cryptocalapp_bot) | Telegram Channel @kryptocal


If you like an event to be added, click Submit Event, and we will do the rest.


Source: @Terracoin_TRC
4 days ago - June 30, 2018
Get the word out to #exchanges and #miners that #Terracoin has released an updated wallet! still works, bu…
5 days ago - June 29, 2018
June 28th Weekly #Terracoin Update – Released! or $TRC #TRC #masternodes #cryptocurrency
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August 17th Terracoin Update - Testing

On Sunday we officially entered the testing phase!
We have been steadily at work testing and breaking the code since then.
This means that we are on target for the hard fork in about a month and a half!
If you want to help test, feel free to contact me on any of the forums, or via email. Once we have mined enough tTRC we can send some to you so you can test too, or if you want you can mine the testnet for your own tTRC.
With the help of SixofFive I have also started working on a guides for masternode setup.
If you haven't seen our awesome new website created by Rehrar, check it out here:
Historically the price of any coin adding masternodes rises as it gets closer to the hard fork date, so you should get your collatoral of 5000 TRC for a masternode now!
Now for the other stuff.
We are approximately 6 weeks from the hard fork!
30 days ago we were at 0.00001727 BTC (.0406 USD) and today we are at 0.00001763 BTC (.0756 USD).
We are ranked 339 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $1,594,601 USD. Last week our market cap was $1,828,873 USD.
Donation Addresses
Terracoin: 12bTKJL3UiypnVQMyFXg7eCJudAyAtgh6p
Bitcoin: 14LW52k8vhHvHaGfmgx48d3su4RcKPyKcc
Terracoin Donations for the World Address
Public Slack Invite
Public Telegram Invite
Newsletter Subscription
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July 27th Terracoin Update - Week

It looks like the testnet will be another week as Ahmed is running behind on the code.
It isn't that big of a deal though, considering that we gave ourselves another 8 weeks for testing and testnet, just in case.
We have kept the original goal of the hard fork happening in 8 weeks and just moved the testnet out a week.
In other news we are ahead of schedule on the new website which should be out soon.
The whale is still keeping the price low so now is the time to get 5,000 Terracoin together for a masternode.
Feel free to join our Slack or Telegram. Links are the the bottom of this post.
Reward halving ≈ 10 Days
Testnet = 1 Week
Hard fork = 8 Weeks
30 days ago we were at 0.00001223 BTC (.0307 USD) and today we are at 0.00003073 BTC (.0822 USD).
We are ranked 295 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $1,732,590 USD. Last week our market cap was $1,785,173 USD.
Donation Addresses
Terracoin: 12bTKJL3UiypnVQMyFXg7eCJudAyAtgh6p
Bitcoin: 14LW52k8vhHvHaGfmgx48d3su4RcKPyKcc
Terracoin Donations for the World Address
Public Slack Invite
Public Telegram Invite
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August 24th Terracoin Update - Unabated

Testing continues unabated, and we are on schedule for the hard fork in 5 or 6 weeks!
We will have the public testnet out soon, so that everyone can put in ridiculous proposals and try to break the code like we have been doing so far.
I know this is a lot to ask, but once the public testnet comes out we are going to need everyone to be really nitpicky. We will only have source code available at the beginning but during that time if everyone could really just come together and just tear into it; that would be great!
I will also be posting guides for masternode setup at that time, so also feel free to really dig into those things. No holds barred!
Our first whiteboard video came out today. Check it out here: and feel free to subscribe to the Terracoin Youtube channel.
Lastly, I thought I would touch back on a post I did on June 15th, labeled Ride. In that update I posted some numbers regarding how the community has grown. Let's look at those again but compare them to current numbers.
Numbers (Forums and Social Media)
August 24th Bitcointalk hits - 95,390 | June 15th Bitcointalk hits - 75,610
August 24th Bitcoingarden hits - 11,771 | June 15th Bitcoingarden hits - 4,359
August 24th Reddit readers - 533 | June 15th Reddit readers - 436
August 24th Slack members - 253 | June 15th Slack members - 49
August 24th Twitter followers - 332 | June 15th Twitter followers - 177
August 24th Telegram members - 92 | Didn't exist
August 24th CryptoCompare followers - 44 | Didn't exist
August 24th Newsletter subscribers - 37 | Didn't exist
August 24th Youtube subscribers - 0 | Didn't exist
August 24th Cryptopia Forum hits - 0 | I plan on starting this up this weekend
Now for the real numbers!
30 days ago we were at 0.00003108 BTC (.0856 USD) and today we are at 0.00002302 BTC (.1002 USD).
We are ranked 331 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $2,118,292 USD. Last week our market cap was $1,596,211 USD.
Donation Addresses
Terracoin: 12bTKJL3UiypnVQMyFXg7eCJudAyAtgh6p
Bitcoin: 14LW52k8vhHvHaGfmgx48d3su4RcKPyKcc
Terracoin Donations for the World Address
Public Slack Invite
Public Telegram Invite
Newsletter Subscription
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August 3rd Terracoin Update - auxpow

We are going to have to push the testnet out another week, because we are having issues getting auxpow to work with the DASH code. We are keeping the same hard fork deadline (7 weeks from now), and we are bringing in another developer to help us sort out the problem.
Luckily, we padded our testing phase just in case something like this happened.
If you want to help out, Ahmed's dev github is here:
He hasn't updated any of the graphics or anything. That can be done after the testnet is up and running.
We also will be messing with the Crowncoin code since they have already implemented auxpow into DASH's code.
We apologize for the delay, and we are doing everything we can to get the testnet up and running as soon as possible.
On another note I have had a chance to check out a beta version of the website and it looks amazing!
We also have a new French bitcointalk ANN (We are still updated the graphics to French) :
Reward halving ≈ 3 Days
Testnet = 1 Week
Hard fork = 7 Weeks
30 days ago we were at 0.00001307 BTC (.0333 USD) and today we are at 0.00002768 BTC (.0772 USD).
We are ranked 299 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $1,616,879 USD. Last week our market cap was $1,732,590 USD.
Donation Addresses
Terracoin: 12bTKJL3UiypnVQMyFXg7eCJudAyAtgh6p Bitcoin: 14LW52k8vhHvHaGfmgx48d3su4RcKPyKcc
Terracoin Donations for the World Address
Public Slack Invite
Public Telegram Invite
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188 Crypto Currencies

2ch 2CH 42coin 42C AndroidToken ADT Alcohoin ALC alphacoin ALF AmericanCoin AMC amkoin AmK Anoncoin ANC alphaomegacoin AOC apc APC apecoin APE Argentum ARG AsicCoin ASC Astrocoin ASR Auroracoin AUR BAC BatCoin BAT baobeicoin BBC battlecoin BCX BeaoCoin BEC BellsCoin BEL ben BEN Betacoin BET Butterflycoin BFC bil BIL blade BLA Blakecoin BLC dobbscoin BOB BountyCoin BOC bosscoinnew BOS BBQcoin BQC bestcoin BSC bitbar BTB bitcoin BTC Bitcoin-sCrypt BTCs bytecoin BTE BitGem BTG CryptoBuck BUK Burbucoin BUR Cachecoin CACH cagecoinnew CAGE Bottlecaps CAP CASH catcoin CAT ccc CCC Cloud Icon CDC pennies CENT CryptographicAnomaly CGA CryptogenicBullion CGB ChainCoin CHC ChiCoin CHI CIN Clockcoin CKC Copperlark CLR cosmoscoin CMC CHNCoin CNC C-Note CNOTE Colossuscoin COL Coino CON CorgiCoin CORG coinyecoin COYE CopperBars CPR Craftcoin CRC credits CRD crn CRN casinocoin CSC Communitycoin CTC Cryptobits CYB dbl DBL dem DEM DigiByteCoin DGB digitalcoin DGC dimecoin DIME Diamond DMD DragonCoin DNC dogecoin DOGE dopecoin DOPE dollarpounds DPS DarkCoin DRK datacoin DTC DuckDuckCoin DUCK devcoin DVC earthcoin EAC ElectronicBenefitTransfer EBT ecocoin ECO EagleCoin EGC elacoin ELC Elephantcoin ELP emerald EMD Extremecoin EXC ezcoin EZC Fckbankscoin FCK Ferretcoin FEC FireFlyCoin FFC florincoin FLO FoxCoin FOX freicoin FRC FreeCoin FRE franko FRK fairquark FRQ fastcoinnew FST feathercoin FTC fz FZ gaycoin GAY Grandcoin GDC geocoin GEO GiftCoin GFT gil GIL globecoin GLB Globalcoin GLC GoldCoin GLD galtcoin GLT Galaxycoin GLX gamecoin GME goatcoin GOAT GoldPressedLatinum GPL graincoin GRA GridCoin GRC Grumpycoin GRUM GrowthCoin GRW HoboNickelsCoin HBN hotcoin HOT Huitong HTC huntercoin HUC Hypercoin HYC I0coin I0C iCoin IC Infinitecoin IFC ipc IPC italycoin ITC IXCoin IXC junkcoin JKC jerkycoin JKY JPU Karmacoin KARM KlondikeCoin KDC Kudos KDS Darsek KED Krugercoin KGC kakacoin KKC Ekrona KRN Lebowski LBW leafcoin LEAF lucky7 LK7 Luckycoin LKY LottoCoin LOT lpc LPC Litecoin LTC Livecoin LVC machinecoin MAC MaxCoin MAX Megacoin MEC Mediterraneancoin MED memecoin MEM KittehCoin MEOW mlc MLC MemoryCoin MMC mincoinnew MNC Moleculecoin MOL monacoin MONA mooncoin MOON maples MPL microCoin MRC marscoin MRS murraycoin MRY MasterCoin MST MetisCoin MTC Nanotoken NAN nbcoin NBC Nibble NBL noodlyappendagecoin NDL neocoin NEC netcoin NET incakoin NKA Namecoin NMC NobleCoin NOB Noirbits NRB Nucoin NUC Nutcoin NUT Novacoin NVC networkcoin NWC nxtcoin NXT Nyancoin NYAN naanayam NYM Cthulhu OFF ogc OGC OlympicCoin OLY Onecoin ONC OnionCoin ONI Orbitcoin ORB OpenSourceCoin OSC paccoin PAC Pandacoin PAND PeaceCoin PEC Penguincoin PENG pangucoin PGC PhiCoin PHI Philosopherstone PHS PikaCoin PIKA ptc PIR PlayToken PLT pmc PMC Pokercoin POK popcoin POP PotCoin POT PPCoin PPC PeopleCoin PPL Particle PRT PesetaCoin PTC ProtoShares PTS powercoin PWC phenixcoin PXC PixelCoin PXL PayCoin PYC QubitCoin Q2C cubits QBT QQcoin QQC Quark QRK Radioactivecoin RAD Richcoin RCH Reddcoin RDD realcoin REC Redcoin RED RonPaulCoin RPC rapidcoin RPD RastaCoin RTC royalcoin RYC SaturnCoin SAT SavingCoin SAV Stablecoin SBC sbx SBX sCoin SCO seedcoin SDC SherlockCoin SHC SIC skein SKN SolarCoin SLR SmartCoin SMC snowcoin SNC sochicoin SOCHI Spots SPT SecureCoin SRC STLcoin STL Starcoin STR StoriesCoin STY SUNCoin SUN SexCoin SXC TagCoin TAG teacoin TEA Tekcoin TEK teslacoin TES Tigercoin TGC tipsnew TIPS LotteryTickets TIX Timekoin TK TopCoin TOP terracoin TRC TittieCoin TTC FederationCredits UFC ufocoin UFO unc UNC unicoin UNI Unobtanium UNO unitedscryptcoin USC UnitaryStatusDollareCoin USDE Ultracoin UTC Vendettacoin VAC Velocitycoin VEL Valuecoin VLC ElectricCoin VOLT Vertcoin VTC wdc WDC WikiCoin WIKI Dubstepcoin WUBS XCoin XCO Joulecoin XJO Xencoin XNC primecoin XPM TurboCoin XTP YaCoin YAC ybcoin YBC BaconBitsCoin YUM ZcCoin ZCC zedcoin ZED Zetacoin ZET Zeuscoin ZEU Zenithcoin ZTC zur ZUR 
Our goal at coinpay is to network and list merchant services and coin payment options for each coin above.
Any coin devs or coin admins and staff for each coin above please contact us to list merhcant services and retailers.
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May 18th Update – Pounding

Wow. The price of Terracoin sure took a pounding over the last week.
There are a three of theories about why this happened.
  1. People saw Bitcoin take a slight drop instead of a steady increase so they cashed out altcoins.
  2. A whale from the past appeared to dump their holdings.
  3. The Terracoin Foundation is taking too long to implement DASH’s code so people have lost faith.
Let me address the third theory, since that is the most damaging theory.
I will admit that I am way overly optimistic when it comes to suggesting how long coding will take.
When we updated Terracoin from .8.4 to .9.12.1 it happened really quickly, but we only updated the necessary parts of the code to achieve the short term goals.
We are currently going back over the code and finding things that are now required to update such as the testnet, etc.
Adding the masternodes is a complicated experience not just because of the code, but because we want it to be as simple as possible to manage the masternodes and voting with decentralized governance.
We need to figure everything out, and get everything connecting to everything else.
Which is why I keep saying we want to test it for at least a month and a half.
So what does this all mean?
It means that The Terracoin Foundation is working hard, and you can help.
You can help by telling everyone that the DASH code is going to happen, a new website is going to happen, and we are going to have guides for everything.
You can invite everyone you know to the slack channel and you can offer any help or suggestions that you can. Here is the public slack channel link. It only lasts for another 24 days before I need to recreate it.
Just in case you don’t understand how serious I am about Terracoin.
I have a back up person to take over just in case I die.
Here are the donation numbers. These donations are for attraction more developers. Please donate! Every new developer helps to implement and test the new code.
Terracoin Donations
34,656.89725820 TRC Bitcoin Donations
.17194391 BTC Now for the terrible numbers!
These numbers aren’t really that terrible right now, but take a look at the 1 month or 7 day graph to see the beating Terracoin took.
30 days ago we were at 0.00001239 BTC (.0150 USD) and today we are at 0.00001264 BTC (.0240 USD.) In the past 7 days we have gone over the 2 cent price just once, which was right before I posted this. We are ranked 257 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $470,252 USD. Last week our market cap was $384,615 USD. Source:
submitted by clockuniverse to Terracoin [link] [comments]

Terracoin (TRC) Price Alert, Chart & News on Terracoin Meetup 2 Raspberry Pi (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Terracoin) LCD Price Ticker Brief Overview of Terracoin's Decentralized Governance Mining Bitcoin/Terracoin with 1TH+ ASIC Hashpower

Bitcoin stabilisiert sich nach der intensiven Rallye in der 10.000-Dollar-Region. Zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens wird Bitcoin bei 10.070 Dollar gehandelt. In naher Zukunft scheint es wahrscheinlich, dass die Kryptowährung eine weitere Aufwärtsdynamik erfährt, da diese jüngste Bewegung eine bedeutende zugrunde liegende Stärke unter den Käufern zeigt. Terracoin is a secure, innovative, flexible, and easy cryptocurrency. What is Terra coin?. Created on October 26th, 2012, TRC is one of the oldest cryptocoins in existence. At that time the only difference from Bitcoin and Terracoin was Terracoin having double the coin supply of Bitcoin and a block time of two minutes. Fair Launch. Terracoin has never been pre-mined; Terracoin has never been and never will be an ICO; First Hard Fork adding Dark Gravity Wave and Merge Mining. On block 833,000 Terracoin had its first hard fork. The Terracoin Foundation added Dark ... Besucher Anzeigetafel für das TRC/BTC SouthXchange Währungspaar. Terracoin was one of the early forks of Bitcoin, and since its creation developed features such as: Two-tier network with incentivized nodes and decentralized governance (Masternodes), Instant payments (InstantSend), optional privacy (PrivateSend), Dark Gravity Wave v3 difficulty adjustment, SHA256d algorithm with AuxPoW merge mining, multitude of wallet choices, easy to use multi-signature ...

[index] [36005] [38193] [28165] [21959] [27221] [50945] [40555] [45342] [4246] [28031]

Terracoin (TRC) Price Alert, Chart & News on

More detail: As a Bitcoin-based peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, Terracoin (TRC) provides immediate payments to participa... A major investment company is taking bitcoin very seriously - Investing in bitcoin is markedly different to investing in other assets or currencies. Learn why with IG ... Terracoin guide (part 2): Setting up Masternode(s) Uemura Kenshou. Loading... Unsubscribe from Uemura Kenshou? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 39. Loading ... Guide: Support: TRC: 1FsJDdb14j1Mss8VPAFg8TiEV9jshQXPU ETH: 0x9a794240b456B8dD5593a7e8d7AE92f4ca4D9D2f BTC: 33CrDPyMpcwJF... Bitcoin 101 - Intro to Paper Wallets & Cold Storage - Bitcoin Security & Fun with Sloppy Wallets - Duration: 26:57. CRI 113,280 views