20 Major Websites That Accept Bitcoins [Pay In Bitcoins]

CryptoWoo - Enabling digital currency payments in WooCommerce!

Accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin in your WordPress based webshop! https://www.cryptowoo.com

Bitcoin beurs BTC Direct neemt webshop Cryptomaan over

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Say, I would like to accept Bitcoin as payments in my webshop. Are there any services which can bring this to my website? Any integrations for shops?

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Feedback gezocht voor Post-A-Coin, mijn Bitcoin Gitft-Cards webshop

Ik ben mijn webshop Post-A-Coin, met bitcoin gift-cards voorzichtig aan het releasen.
Het zijn mooie paper wallets die je kunt weggeven als kado. Bijvoorbeeld aan dat nichtje die maar niet ophoudt over Bitcoin.
Ik zoek vooral nog feedback. Zou je ze kopen? Wat denk je van de prijs? Designs, uitleg of topics die je graag zou zien? Andere vragen?
Ik hoop richting sinterklaas en kerst wat op te schalen. Voor nu alleen nog maar Nederland, vandaar ook de post hier.
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Free to use Bitcoin Cash accepted here button for my webshops

Can somebody give me a link to a high quality free to use button "Bitcoin Cash accepted here"? I run a small business with several webshops in 7 countries in Europe. I kicked BTC payment option via Bitpay last week, wrote an E-Mail to Bitpay support to ask for Bitcoin Cash payment option. Now I created an account on Rocketr just for the sake of being able to convert Euro to Bitcoin Cash on a market rate. Will most likely give a 10 % discount for customers using this payment method. With a link to www.bitcoin.de where people can register and buy Bitcoin Cash. Will be a bit of a manual process everything, but midterm there should be Plugins for my shopsystem and in the meantime most people will pay with fiat anyways.
Thanks in advance for your help with that Bitcoin Cash button issue :)
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Hvilke webshops kender i til der tager bitcoin

Efter at have gennemlæst skats afgørelse om beskatning, blev jeg en smule skuffet og frustreret over den store beskatning. Så jeg har besluttet mig for, at de større ting jeg gerne vil have såsom TV, lyd mm vil jeg bruge lidt btc til at købe, og så sætte beløbet over på min opsparing i stedet.
men jeg løber lidt ind i en mur i forhold til gode steder at bruge mine btc.
Er der nogen af jer der har nogen gode webshops i kan anbefale? Den eneste jeg selv har erfaring med er alzashop.com og det var en fin oplevelse
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Hi people, are you into whiskey? Thinking of opening a webshop for rare/exclusive whiskey for bitcoin ;)

Hi Reddit,
And Scottish friend of mine and I, from Ireland, were discussing Bitcoin around a few glasses of whiskey... Do you like whiskey too? Would you be interested to buy rare bottles for bitcoin?
(talking of amazing stuff, a few bitcoin per bottle at least!)
Thanks for reading!
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For Bitcoin to succeed, we need to spend. I'm trying to build a cool overview of independent webshops, interesting services and charities that accept BTC. Please help me!

It has been said many times before. The valuation of bitcoins is based on the idea that at some point it might become a mainstream online payment method/currency. In order to reach that point, we early adopters need to spend our coins, so to give webshops and other companies an incentive to accept BTC.
Last Black Friday, I was looking for a user-friendly overview of cool things that I could spend some of my mBTC on. There are some forum topics with (often non-working) links of bitcoin webshops, but I couldn't find a nice looking index.
So today I had some free time and started a wordpress site at http://www.usebitcoins.net. I plan to add links there, with a few rules:
I added a few links already that people posted here on the subreddit. Please share your links here in the topic so I can further work on this. Many thanks ;-).
TL;DR: Trying to make an overview of cool services that accept bitcoin. Please share links you know!
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Would it be great to accept in webshops credit cards with fiat being automatically converted to BTC /r/Bitcoin

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Would it be great to accept in webshops credit cards with fiat being automatically converted to BTC /r/Bitcoin

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I made a little resale webshop for designer clothing you can buy with bitcoin. A little new to this, so i'm looking for feedback!

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Started accepting bitcoin on my webshop in under an hour. Bitpay rocks!

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Bitcoin based webshop /r/Bitcoin

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Swedish Klarna (over 45,000 webshops) opens for Bitcoin

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Køb med Bitcoins i Danske Webshops

Hey guys
Er der nogle der har tænkt på at lave en oversigt, over de Danske webshops og forretninger der tager imod Bitcoins? Det tænker jeg da at der ville være en god idé så det er samlet, og man kan få et let overblik.
Jeg syntes ikke jeg kunne finde noget på Reddit, men tænkte da at det ville være det mest oplagte sted at starte? Medmindre man skal ha sig en indeks side, ligesom Pricerunner etc.
Hvad siger i? Er jeg den eneste der har tænkt på det?
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I've built a webshop based in Germany which let's customers pay with Bitcoin for watercolor worldmap prints, do what you can for adoption!

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Is it possible for a webshop to let costumers pay in USD,... but recieve the corrsponding amount on a bitcoin adress.

Hello, I want to build a webshop where costumers pay with normal fiat and I recieve the money on a Bitcoin adress. Is there a service out there that supports this kind of feature ? Thanks in advance :)
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Cash: use it or lose it!

Is this the last decade of cash?

The corona pandemic is not helping. Belgian media is picking up the Australian news about the coronavirus found active 28 days on banknotes, without understanding that the 28 days is on the Australian polymer and paper banknotes, while Euro banknotes are made of cotton fibers on which the coronavirus gets inactive rather quick. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-04-euro-banknotes-safe-coronavirus-ecb.html
You are touching so much in shops, including the pay terminals everyone is touching, that cash won't add much risk.

Until this year, I used to not care, and pay everything electronically.

But in March I became the victim of an identity theft. My bank account was frozen, my bank cards and payment app blocked. Opening new bank accounts or credit cards was impossible due to being on a blacklist.

My employer could not pay my salary in cash. For most professions this is forbidden by law since 2016.

Friends lent me cash. But I discovered cash was refused at supermarkets, shops, public transport, parkings, fuel stations, hospital, physiotherapist, online webshops, Uber, Deliveroo, etc. Sometimes because of corona anxiety, but often already from before 2020.

Prepaid cards could be a nice solution. But even while they are debit cards, in Belgium they seem to be refused where credit cards are refused, since they are Visa or Mastercards cards. These are refused in many Belgium places, since merchants don't like the higher costs. Not many prepaid cards allow charging with cash. And their availability is in recent decline: this year at least the following prepaid cards stopped or are announced to stop: Carrefour prepaid Flex card, BNP and Hello. The decline might be due to new very strict EU anti-money laundering laws. The anonymous prepaid cards (and generic gift cards) are now restricted to 100 euro maximum recharge in their lifetime and 50 euro payments.

Cryptocurrencies are also in theory a nice solution. But their acceptance in Belgium is extremely limited. Thanks to Takeaway accepting bitcoin, I could order delivery from many local snack restaurants.
But I discovered that bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, while having an "anonymous" reputation, are actually only pseudonymous and extremely open and transparent: for every transaction the origin address, destination address, amount and timestamp are recorded for eternity in a public ledger for everyone open to consult. When I buy something, the merchant can see how many coins I have in my wallet address. Buying, spending or selling coins are activities that can get your name connected to your addresses. Developers try to solve this privacy issue, but I'm afraid the war on anonymity (related to the war on cash) will crush that before cryptocurrency payments become popular.

So, my identity theft experience has awakened me: sharing your personal details in so many places caries a lot of danger. Think about it: while the law became more strict, there are still many (online) shops and restaurants taking knowledge of your credit card number, expiry date, CCV and your name. That's still enough information to do fraudulent payments in many places.

The cashless society is a surveillance society, with every payment traced. And it creates a lot of dependencies: electricity, internet, and permission by the banking and payment system. Once you are on a blacklist, even if you did nothing wrong, but somebody pretended to be you and did fraudulent payments, you are screwed for at least months.

So, now that I'm finally off the blacklist, I opened several bank accounts. That will not help for all issues, but still: having only 1 bank is really dangerous.

And from now on I pay everything possible with cash. Not just to keep my personal details safe, but also to keep the cash usage statistics high. Did you notice that the financial sector is regulary reporting the cash withdrawals decline? They report both the total amount withdrawn and the number of withdrawals.

I learned that the bank and payment processors are fighting a war on cash and they are actively lobbying the government for a reduction of the cash payment limit to 50 euro. Yes, an insane fifty euro! The banks are lazy about cash and want to impose negative rent without risking a bankrun. No cash is no bankrun. The payment processors just love the percentage they get from every payment.

Currently the acceptance of euro banknotes and coins for debts is compulsory by European law. But many merchants violated the law and we had at least one Belgian minister ignoring the enforcement. See e.g. this article from 2019: https://www.bruzz.be/samenleving/no-cash-doet-intrede-brusselse-horeca-2019-05-10.
The law has exceptions, e.g. for security reasons such as a pandemic. After the pandemic I will try to report all cash refusing merchants.
Merchants that refuse to accept cash payments can be reported at https://meldpunt.belgie.be or https://pointdecontact.belgique.be/. But I guess it is better to wait until after the pandemic.

We need to defend the right to use cash. And a crucial action to avoid the end of cash is to keep using it as much as possible.

Every time you pay with a bank card or app, you contribute to a cashless future where:
Use cash or lose it!
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Best payment processor for receiving Bitcoin payments in your webshop?

I want to add the option to buy with Bitcoin in my webshop. Now I currently receiving the bitcoins in bitcoins, they transfer the amount of bitcoins needed directly to my address, it works but now I want to convert the Bitcoins to Euro's because well, I have to do almost everything in Euros.
Now I looked around and stumbled upon a couple of them, Bitpay included, but they aren't exactly free + it cannot handle the sales I somethimes have. Is there a decent one that actually has really low processing fee because I can calculate that through to the customer.
EDIT: I'm in Europe.
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Simple webshop/checkout integrated with a node wallet? /r/Bitcoin

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Dutch computer webshop accepts bitcoin!

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3rd largest Hungarian Webshop now accepting Bitcoin as payment!

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New webshop accepting Bitcoin, best cheese from Spain! /r/Bitcoin

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YouTube Bitcoin im Webshop akzeptieren? Kursschwankungen beachten! Shop with Bitcoin SHOP BY BITCOIN - YouTube How to Shop / Buy on Amazon using Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency - Cash Out

Bitcoin Webshop; WordPress.com. Veröffentlichen auf. Abbrechen. Datenschutz & Cookies: Diese Website verwendet Cookies. Wenn du die Website weiterhin nutzt, stimmst du der Verwendung von Cookies zu. Weitere Informationen, beispielsweise zur Kontrolle von Cookies, findest du hier: Cookie-Richtlinie BitCoin Webshop ; Anpassen; Registrieren; Anmelden; Kurzlink kopieren; Melde diesen Inhalt ... Unser Webshop-Vergleich zeigt: Die eierlegende Wollmilchsau für den E-Commerce wurde bisher noch nicht entwickelt. Auch unter den etablierten Open-Source-Plattformen werden Sie die Universal-Lösung für alle Anwendungsfälle vergeblich suchen. Komplexe Profi-Systeme wie Magento lassen zwar in Bezug auf das Funktionsspektrum kaum einen Wunsch unerfüllt, Einrichtung und Betrieb der E-Commerce ... We convert bitcoins to euros and you can buy bitcoins using iDEAL. Quick and easy! You can spend bitcoins in Arnhem Bitcoin City, in other cities and online. You want to buy bitcoins as savings for the future? Never forget to backup your bitcoinwallet. Companies can accept bitcoins from customers using BitKassa BitKassa ~ Brings Bitcoin to business Stores That Accept Bitcoin. Keeping all this in mind, companies, and stores that have decided to stick with Bitcoin are as follows: Bitrefill: This is a little known secret that you can buy products from all Amazon stores using Bitcoin. The best part is, you will be saving anywhere from 1-30% when you use Bitcoin. Purse is a well-known service ... Der Kryptokompass ist das Bitcoin Szene-Magazin: Analysen Interviews TopFlop Coins Investments DeFi, STOs Print und eMagazin ab 4,99 €

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http://bit.ly/bitcoincourse How to buy bitcoin from exchanges, ATMs, and in person. Also, how to store it in wallets: mobile, web, hardware, paper (cold stor... ONLINE SHOP AUFBAUEN - Die 5 wichtigsten Fragen zum Geld verdienen mit einem Onlineshop - Duration: 8:06. 5Rules5Hacks - Geschäftskonzepte kurz & knapp 14,975 views 8:06 We are creativity to make products innovating and offering a fast buying experience of a customizable product giving customers the opportunity to easily make... Bitcoin ist eine neuartige Form von elektronischem Geld, das dezentral durch ein Computernetz geschöpft und verwaltet wird. Es verbindet Eigenschaften von Bargeld mit solchen von internationalen ... A video on how to use Purse to shop and buy stuff on Amazon paying with BitCoin or other cryptos. This is an alternate way to cash out. Buy on AMAZON with Bi...