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Top 10 crypto leaders and influencers you should follow

Vitalik Buterin
It is no surprise to see that Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum is at the top of the cryptocurrency influencers leader board. With a massive following of 828K, he is known to have a very open opinion on the industry. He is the genius behind the world’s third largest coin and is also the co-founder of bitcoin magazine. He is currently the Chief Scientist of the Ethereum Foundation where he works on the future visions of the Ethereum protocol.
Charlie Lee
Second on our list is Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is the managing director of the Litecoin Foundation and has an astounding 801K followers on twitter. He entered the world of crypto by getting into bitcoin mining- along with many others. He has worked for many industry leading companies including Google and Coinbase.
Nick Szabo
A major influencer in Bitcoin is Nick Szabo, his expertise in cryptocurrency started when he created BitGold the predecessor of Bitcoin. Even though Szabo has denied the claim numerous times, people still speculate whether he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. He is also known as the ‘father’ of smart contracts and he is always contributing to the crypto industry with his knowledge and experience.
Roger Ver
Roger Ver was the world’s first investor in Bitcoin startups and the blockchain industry. He runs the popular wallet and news resource, and he is known as a legend in the Bitcoin Cash community. Also known as the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger is a self-educated enthusiasts who invests in numerous Bitcoin startups.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Known as one of the greatest bitcoin advocates, Andreas has a large twitter following of 462K where his opinions are regarding highly. He is a distributed systems expert and frequent speaker at cryptocurrency and blockchain events. He is a bitcoin evangelist and author of the well known book ‘Mastering Bitcoin’. We’re now half way through our cryptocurrency influencers list.
Erik Voorhees
Erik Tristan Voorhees is co-founder of Coinapult and founder of Satoshi Dice. He is also the creator and CEO of crypto exchange His popular blog bio states he is “among the top-recognized serial Bitcoin advocates and entrepreneurs, understanding Bitcoin as one of the most important inventions ever created by humanity. Erik’s former project, the groundbreaking gaming phenomenon SatoshiDICE, was, at its peak, responsible for more than half of all Bitcoin transactions on Earth.”
Brian Armstrong
Brian Armstong is co-founder & CEO at Coinbase which was founded in 2012. Coinbase is a digital currency wallet and one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges where users can buy and sell Bitcoin and alt coins. He is also co-founder of GiveCrypto which is a non-profit helping people living in poverty by distributing cryptocurrency.
Brad Garlinghouse
Brad Garlinghouse is the CEO at Ripple which provides “one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain. By joining Ripple’s growing, global network, financial institutions can process their customers’ payments anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost-effectively. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset XRP to further reduce their costs and access new markets.”
Jameson Lopp
Professional Cypherpunk, CTO at Casa and creator of According to his popular blog he “enjoys building technology that empowers individuals. At the moment, he’s most interested in opportunities within the Bitcoin and crypto asset ecosystem. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and is receptive to interviews and speaking engagements.”
Max Keiser
Timothy Maxwell “Max” Keiser is an American broadcaster and film maker. He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on Russian state media channel RT that features heterodox economics theories. He is also partner in crypto VC fund Heisenberg Capital. Max completes our cryptocurrency influencers Top 10.
by Emma Thompson
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Regarding the "Bitcoin and Magical Thinking" blog post spotlighted on Techmeme today - The network, the infrastructure, and the community behind it is hardly a "magical thought."

I'm referring to this post, which a Bitcoin-opposing friend just sent to me with the subject line, "An damning indictment" -
I responded with this:
The network, the infrastructure, and the community behind Bitcoin is hardly a "magical thought" (Here's the definition of that concept from contemporary Western psychology:
Two weeks ago, there was very good debate about Bitcoin -
Ultimate Bitcoin Showdown - Posted Dec 2, 2013 - [30:14] - Goldbug/dollar-skeptic Peter Schiff vs. Erik Voorhees, Bitcoin entrepreneur formerly of BitInstant (, now of Coinapult ( -
I'll post the link to the full video below, but I first want to quote from it:
As Voorhees says, gold-backed digital curencies have been attempted and were then quickly shut down by the gov't. He later says (at 9:20), "[Bitcoin] could absolutely go to zero and the whole thing is completely experimental right now. So I'm not here to say that Bitcoin is a good investment. What I'm here to say is that the Bitcoin payment network is one of the most important technologies that has ever been invented, and it's important to understand that there is value in that technology [and] it's important to understand why that technology is so useful to people, especially people who care about liberty around the world." And he explains later that this infrastructure cannot be reproduced easily...even if Bitcoin is not the winner of the crypto-currency market competition. He also compares the hardy vitality of P2P currencies to that of P2P file-sharing. The free, independent Napster file-sharing service was launched in June of 1999 an rocketed to popularity, but the shutdown of it in July of 2001 was not exactly the end of free P2P music-sharing... In fact, just going by the services that I can just recall fellow college students using at the time, there was:
SoulSeek (launched in 1999/2000)
Gnutella (early 2000)
BearShare (December 2000)
Morpheus (2001)
Kazaa (March 2001), and
LimeWire (May 2000).
And of course there are the file-sharing services that are popular today, from Dropbox to these:
to these:
Now. As far as digital crypto-currencies today, there's Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Quark, Protoshares, Worldcoin, Megacoin, Primecoin, and Dogecoin, and dozens other listed here, totaling in 54:
The point that Voorhees makes about the pooled inventiveness and ingenuity of the crowd reminds me of something both revolutionary and prophetic that was said by John Gilmore (an American computer science innovator, Libertarian, Internet activist, and one of the founders of Electronic Frontier Foundation). He said:
"The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."
-As quoted in TIME magazine (6 December 1993) (yes, 1993!)
Furthermore, on a separate note, the media angle that Bitcoin is practically "over" because of China blocking it (which that same friend was gloating about), here's all I have to say as well:
Here's a list of enterprises that were hardly destroyed after being banned in glorious all-powerful China:
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, WikiLeaks, and the New York Times' online edition (and a few others, named at the following links) were each NOT blasted into nonexistence by the force of "the Golden Shield Project," which we Americans call "the Great Firewall." Yup, Bitcoin is "over"!
Hey, but waddaya know - Some of the 1,350,695,000 people in The People's Republic have ways around that censorship, as do the millions of people in so many other Internet-censoring countries:

Here's the full video of the Bitcoin debate:
Edit/Follow-up: To extend the analogy of P2P digital currencies and P2P file-sharing (and most notably, music-sharing), what would be the currency equivalent of iTunes, which came ou in January 2001? Will JPMorgan's crypto-currency project (as I saw here, and it was downvoted to hell:, even though it was initially rejected 175 times, find some way to charge/surcharge people small amounts at a time for usage (a la iTunes' 99 cents per song), in traditional-bank-style?
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[SELLING] coinapult.eth

I'm selling coinapult.eth might be valuable for some people :-)
10 ETH
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Does Banksy know about Bitcoin?

If not, maybe sending some Bitcoin to his email (if you are a fan of his past work) will get his attention and inspire him to create a Bitcoin art piece. Here's his email found on his official site.
[email protected]
You can use Coinapult or a similar service to send Bitcoin to any address.
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Hybrid Mobile money platforms the bridge between the unbanked and the crypto world.

New player to launch to the marketplace of crypto currency to the unbanked via Mobile Money Services, This Hybrid platform is built over the top of an existing Mobile Money platform using the the Blockchain to provide more security on all transactions.
With recent announcements of companies in the bitcoin space like 37coins with the decentralized gateway app, Coinapult that only days ago announced about sms Bitcoin globally along with their locking function to block the value of bitcoin against gold which should enable a more secure remittance into lower economies.
The big question is how much access to the end users for cashing out or in is there in the marketplace for such services based on bitcoin and how does this really benefit the unbanked?
Bitpesa is not the same as 37coins or Coinapult due to the fact they are actually using bitcoin as the remittance tool which is then converted to M-Pesa locally in Kenya. 17 million Kenyans (70% of the adult population) use M-Pesa through its network of 40,000 agents. This therefore gives Bitpesa a unique opportunity as they are using the existing services for people to convert bitcoins into M-pesa money which in turn gives a staggering 40,000 outlets to convert to real Kenyan Shillings.
What makes the difference between a hybrid mobile money platform and (37coins-Coinapul-Bitpesa). What effects will this have on the Altcoin arena and not just Bitcoin?
A platform that is already used in Africa, Regulated and compliant used by the financial industry along with a mobile money licence on the core of the platform already makes this one step ahead of 37coins and Coinapult. Functionality of being able to use Fiat and Crypto currency along with one major leap forward via tokenization this Hybrid platform can take any mobile money service, remittance company, payment processor and banks further by cross networking globally in a manner they are able to understand and use the benefits of the blockchain in a controlled and regulated manner.
Question is where will this leave bitcoin platforms like Bitpesa? will they exist or be extinct? Naturally they will exist as the hybrid platform is a network service provider to mobile money services, remittance company, payment processor and banks, In the same way swift works for fiat. Bitpesa unique resource in the Kenyan market is Bitcoin to M-Pesa, this therefore makes Bitpesa the ideal solution for the hybrid platform for the local communities in Kenya to cash out and with added value of new users and business. The Hybrid platform will be so easy to connect to via API supporting the real world and crypto world and using the blockchain as its secondary ledger which provides even more security to users.
Most of all what will make a hybrid platform more viable and really increases the concept of Bitcoin and Altcoins is the fact of the structure is based on swift
20% of the platform will be divided up between 20 Telcos 1% each. 5% of the platform will be divided up between 5 Payment processors 1% each 5% of the platform will be divided up between 5 Banks 1% each 5% of the platform will be divided up between 5 Remittance partners 1% each
The reality is could this be more damaging for the Bitcoin and Altcoin scene or a huge jump ahead in the marketplace based on 35 separate corporates from 4 different sectors also having a piece of the system linking the world together. “Reaches over 2 Billion users without counting china”
Question is what is the advantages and why would 35 corporates from 4 sectors even conceive of using such a system with no benefits to themselves for their marketplace along with the regulatory issues based on decentralisation etc.
It’s a very simple and straightforward solution to adoption called Tokenization and monetisation, By providing a solution that enables speed and reducing costs along with more product service in the global market is all that needs to be presented.
Why does Tokenization play a very large role in this platform and strategy, By using the blockchain and 2.0 technology which will make the future more clear and transparent also wider adoption of Bitcoin and Altcoins more viable and understandable from a user, corporate and regulatory aspect.
Tokenization means any real legal asset can be tokenized like some current project due to go via the hybrid platform of Carbon Credit, Gold and Fiat currency.

Hybrid and Original Sin (Economics)
Most countries are not able to borrow abroad in their domestic currency. Due to "Original Sin" the developing countries are not able to trade their currency in international markets,“Hybrid and Hybrid Social Media” which empowers netizen to use their native currency for global trade via fiat currency conversion into crypto currency; and exchanging the crypto tokens instead of fiat currency in remittance market makes global usability of local currency. The objective of Hybrid is creating truly "global village currency" through bridging of crypto technology into real world banking.
Now we come to the real question what blockchain technology is being used? Yes we will say bitcoin? or is it going to be a mixture of Technologies? Yes it will be a mixture of blockchains due to the fact no blockchain has been tested or even put through it’s limits of stress testing for transactions per second.
Why is the TPS so important? very simple to date no blockchain has handled more than 1 million transactions per day “not even Bitcoin” so it could be said crypto currency has not yet seen it’s full potential or breaking point.
So we have discovered tokenization, but what platform will provide this? Counterparty? Bitshares? NXT? Dogeparty? Coloured Coins? Ethereum?
It’s very logical and simple to be able to do tokenization it must be built into the core of the blockchain so the only real option is NXT unless Ethereum starts tomorrow. NXT is launching the monetary system enabling networks to create their own backed tokens via the Hybrid platform backing it with there own Fiat or assets to endorse the value.
How does this benefit Bitcoin and Altcoins? very simple the tokenization of fiat currency in the format local partners can accept as its based on their local currency values enables more and faster adoption to crypto currency along with easier in and out areas users are commonly use to.
Now we come to the subject of what the Bitcoin and Altcoin world speak of as Pump and Dump! for the success of bitcoin it’s need and fact of survival is to stabilize its value for mass adoption, Based on the fact the Hybrid platform will be using function from the NXT Technology and core it is highly important that NXT as Coin does not go out of control as the value the coin could risk the transactions costs within the bridge of the real and crypto world.
The due fact is NXT was chosen to be the core baseline with the flexibility to add functions from other blockchains for the Hybrid platform was due to many situations, POS algorithm, Core integration of features and the community acknowledgment that the coin is simply a medium of reward to the network supporters which sets it aside to other Altcoins.
35 corporates can point nodes supporting the blockchain also they can obtain a small amount of the coin to preserve its value alongside supporting the network without any real cost. 1% = 10 Million NXT “200,000 USD” 0.1% = 1 Million NXT “20,000 USD” it’s all about simplicity and practicality, Bitcoin is very valuable as a currency and medium of value like an asset in the form of a crypto currency.
Question is? have we actually discovered what makes the hybrid platform different to 37Coins and Coinapult? will it benefit Bitcoins and Altcoins? will the exposed venture of 35 corporates benefit from the technology? Is the platform unique?
Again with a bit of mystery? What is behind the mystery of the hybrid platform why it sets itself aside to 37coins and coinapult? what’s the name of the platform? is it the only platform or is there more to come in the future? Do you know who is behind it?
The 35 corporates will be announcing themselves in their own time! But we can say Coinstructors a consultancy business advising the two main companies in which come from South Africa and the UK to bring the marketplace this hybrid platform which is a 1 piece of 11 piece puzzle.
Coinstructors consultancy provides the followwing services to the business world: Experienced lawyers, accountants, business advisors and technology consultants with particular understanding of digital currency/token technology and its potential application for businesses.
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Bitcoin could end war -- Occupy Hong Kong -- Georgia Tech Bitcoin Bitcoin is NOT Napster. It’s BitTorrent. -- CoinDesk is Galactically Stupid Bitcoin is Real -- Bitcoin Embassy Near You? -- Coinapult Funded! -- Reddit’s own crypto Bitcoin at 10 - YouTube Venezuelans Can Now Exit Bolivar for DASH Using Cryptobuyer

Bitcoin Exchange » COINAPULT.COM; Advertise with us (we do not endorse any site advertised) « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. Author Topic: COINAPULT.COM (Read 1228 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. totoro. Newbie; Joined: Jun 2017; Posts: 1; Karma: +0/-0; COINAPULT.COM « on: June 13, 2017, 04:39:10 PM » Hello, is COINAPULT.COM safe? what is your experience ... Voorhees ist der Gründer und ehemalige CEO von Coinapult, einem Unternehmen, das Bitcoin per SMS und E-Mail überträgt. Er gründete zuvor Satoshi Dice. Die Firma SatoshiDice von Voorhees wurde wegen ihres hohen Spieleverkehrs kritisiert, wodurch die in der Bitcoin- "Blockkette" gespeicherten Datenmengen erheblich gesteigert wurden. Am 8. März 2013 wurde er auf dem Podcast von Tom Woods zum ... From Bitcoin Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. This is a directory of sites and services where account-to-account (A2A) transfers are possible. Bitcoin Accounts . The following are sites and services where bitcoins may be transferred from one user account to another, internally, without there being an external transaction (e.g., blockchain, bank network, etc.). Redeemable codes are bearer ... Coinapult is a cryptocurrency wallet which was designed with Bitcoin newcomers in mind. It allows sending bitcoins via email and SMS, and a handy tool called Locks helps protecting your balance from Bitcoin price swings. Country: Panama Headquarter: Panama City Type: Wallet Round: Seed Cost: $0.78 million Date: 30-Sep-2014 Investors: Bitcoin Opportunity Corp, Roger Ver, FirstMark Capital, Erik ... In the meantime, clicking "reload account" should work and generate a Coinapult bitcoin address. permalink; save; context; full comments (46) give award; Chance to win $500 with the 2015 Coinapult Holiday Giveaway!!! by Coinapult_btc in Bitcoin. Coinapult_btc 0 points 1 point 2 points 3 years ago * All three accounts would in fact be generated from the same seed, so you would only be entered ...

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Bitcoin could end war -- Occupy Hong Kong -- Georgia Tech Bitcoin

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