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Australian beef jerky startup partners with bitcoin

We would like to introduce ourselves to the community as OCD JERKY, “Premium quality handcrafted beef”. We admire the bitcoin community and would love to be apart of something special. After getting our business close to commercial production, we though it would be a good idea to check in and establish a friendly relationship with the community.
We started this thread to talk about the role bitcoin will play in our business, how we can better ourselves with bitcoin and to get some community feedback. We want to know your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve our business with bitcoin. It is an amazing technology that will change the world forever. Personally, I am a bitcoin fan that has spent the past couple years obsessed with BTC and anything crypto related.
A bit about us:
We are a small startup located in Perth, Western Australia. Our company is devoted to making premium quality beef jerky. We do not add any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Only the finest herbs, spices and sauces are used to flavour prime Aussie beef. Marinated for 24hrs and charcoal filter air dried. The result is a delicious artisan beef snack. It is unlike other products and will become a market leader. The jerky is unique and with a small popular product, it is easy to ship worldwide. Bitcoin will play a central role in our payments allowing us to conduct frictionless cross border transactions. It is our preferred payment method that we can be certain there will be no reversals or associated fraud.
Positive adoption:
Our series 1 packaging (140k units) has the famous B on the back that will be seen by over 140,000 people! Our next batch will contain more information and even refer to an appropriate site, perhaps Curious snackers can learn about bitcoin and even find out how to get there hands on some. We have thrown a few ideas around and thought to drop loaded paper wallets in random packaging for lucky people. Its quite an incentive to learn about bitcoin when you have a few in your packet! Were open to ideas and can rapidly adapt our business module to accommodate. The bitcoin community has access to OCD and were listening. What can we do to help?
As you know OCD JERKY is crazy about bitcoin and we want to accept btc inside our online store! Right now we don’t know how to do this. Our site is with Squarespace and their integration is some time off. We chose them because they have nice layouts that are simple to use. After building the site, we find we can’t integrate BTC into the cart. For now we decided to set up an OTC thread and manually conduct trades on bitcointalk. It may be inefficient but it is a great opportunity to make some friends and build our reputation.
We need your help! We have looked into the options but can’t find a solution. So far we see a number of approaches that can embed a buy button or form although these options don’t allow users to select multiple items to cart. Go coin, coinbase and bitpay have been investigated but these only allow the single unit buy button as I can see. Did I miss something? Remember that with Squarespace we can’t simply plug-in a shopping cart and add BTC as payment. Stripe BTC is not yet implemented there. They really have made it hard!
We also started building a site with wordpress but found it too difficult. We had to allocate the time back to the production schedule and make do with our current site. I do agree, if we had the skills WP would be optimal design/SEO.
What are your thoughts? Our budget is stretched and we can’t afford a full build -we do have plenty of jerky so tell us your ideas!
The company : Right now we are finalising our jerky super-lab for commercial production. We are building a large control room, wiring machinery, painting, renovating and installing the kitchens. Within 3 months OCD JERKY will be in commercial production. We are currently limited to small batch until the factory is established.
If you want to find out just how good our jerky is, check out our website or chase us up on our OTC bitcointalk thread!
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