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Deposit Cash at Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Wells and Get Bitcoin, Thanks to BitInstant and TrustCash

Deposit Cash at Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Wells and Get Bitcoin, Thanks to BitInstant and TrustCash submitted by bitinstant to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Did anybody else just see this posted? (And quickly deleted) Ziggap founder states all other Bitcoin companies are part of organized crime. Screenshot:

Hello /bitcoin,
The reason ZIGGAP is not currently up is because my competition has been selectively scamming me. You see the following organizations are all ran by the same group of organized crime and money launderers:
Dwolla (Was created just to ACH money through bitinstant before coinbase came about)
ZipZap (No I didn't know before I signed up with them)
TrustCash (Owned and operated by Arthur Britto, even though he has a standin listed as the company director. Arthur is the one who answers the phones with a different name, FYI)
And probably more.
I don't run that way. I have zero interest in laundering money. My competition however doesn't like that I wont play ball with them, and as a result they have been scamming me out of funding everywhere I go. I was told that if I didn't either 1) Give half my company to a member of this organization or 2) Close my doors that I was going to get sued or have funds taken from me.
I've been ramping back up to relaunch ZIGGAP and have been attempting to purchase Bitcoin for sale and have had it go wrong in mysterious ways every time I try. When I go to MtGox to buy their website goes down, when I try to create a company account the sign up page doesn't work. Low and behold when I use a different name it works fine. When I wire funds to BTC-E they hold the wire and ask for the same documentation over and over. I tried to withdrawal money from BTC-E and the withdrawal is just stuck on "pending" and the money is gone. When I tried to pay the loan on BTC-Jam the loan says it's not paid but the Bitcoin is gone. Celso is not responding. When I buy, there are massive selloffs.
You get the idea.
The simple process of trying to buy Bitcoin has resulted in over $20,000 of ZIGGAP's money being held in multiple locations with zero recourse for me since these locations are overseas. I've tried recalling wires just to have them denied. So I guess that's it. ZIGGAP is not coming back, not because I don't want to, but because I'm being shut out of Bitcoin and being scammed from over and over.
I'm out. Obviously people are going to make me into a scammer and doing everything they can to get the site shut down. I now do not have enough funds to continue operation. Thanks Bitcoin community! It's greatly appreciated. I never realized this was a just organized crime racket or I never would have participated in the first place. I thought this was about the next generation currency. Boy was I fucking wrong. I'm going to have to file bankruptcy now because of these people.
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Inquisitive bank tellers

The other morning I was making a Wells Fargo TrustCash deposit and the bank teller asked me a few questions that caught me off guard. She wanted to know what TrustCash was since she's seen a few deposits to them lately. Knowing BitCoins are pretty well associated with SR, and SR with drugs, I didn't want to explain it too clearly. I told her it was an online escrow service for internet transactions, which sounded not too far from the truth and sufficiently uninteresting.
Have any of you run into questions like this when making deposits? What do you say? Should I try and avoid that branch again?
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A couple questions before I take the leap.

Here is what I plan on doing
I plan on depositing $520. Am I getting ahead of myself? Should I start slow incase I fuck it up?
Any stories or reassurances would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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Is there any way to buy Bitcoin via Trustcash at a Bank of America any more?

Are there any Bitcoin "conduit" sites (coinbase, blockchain, etc.) who allow instant deposits via Trustcash? Apparently I can walk into a local BofA branch and put cash into a Trushcash account. Now I can't find any way of buying BTC that way.
Does anyone know whether Bitinstant is really coming back? Are they buried under lawsuits?
The US govt. really doesn't seem to want to make it easy to quickly and easily turn cash into BTC.
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So, I just did a stupid on the Trustcash side of things. Can someone let me know if I'm okay?

Note: This is my first time doing any part of the SR transactions.
So, I went to a bank to deposit cash in a Trustcash account. This is where I realized that my teller had probably never done any of this either. It was out-of-state, so I had to fill out a little form. Where it said 'account number,' I put the TCASH account number... but where it said 'name' or 'address,' I put my own fucking name and address and phone number and zip code. I then asked the teller to check it over to make sure there were no mistakes, and he made the deposit.
Leaving the bank, I called a friend to see if this was Kosher protocol. He said it wasn't; that the account's info was meant to be put there. Well, fuck. I was just about home, and the bank closed in half an hour. I called the customer service hotline, got put on hold, transferred around, ditched, and by the time I called bank the bank had closed.
Now, the Bitcoins showed up in my Mt. Gox account alright, so having the wrong name and address and stuff didn't seem to impair my cash deposit transaction. I'm planning on going back to the bank tomorrow to ask them to remove this clerical error, but do I even want to use these Bitcoins? Is anything here too risky, or am I actually fine?
If I use the BTC, I'll e-wallet them or something. Speaking of which, any suggestions?
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Where I can quickly pick up some coin via bank deposit?

There used to be so many places that accepted local bank deposit for bitcoin, but now I can't find them. Can't access trustcash through bitinstant anymore, and zipzap has no local locations. Just tried Blue Sky Traders, evidently they're out of stock too. If I have to I'll use Dwolla but that'll take a few days, anyone out the still running through Chase/BoA local deposit?
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Bitcoin Cash vollzog einen anderen Fork/Abspaltung im Jahre 2018, darauf entstanden Bitcoin Cash ABC und Bitcoin Cash SV. In der Trust Wallet kannst du Bitcoin Cash (BCH ABC) mit Kreditkarte kaufen. Lade die Trust Wallet herunter um selbst zu erfahren wie einfach es ist Altcoins zu kaufen und sogleich an einem sicheren Ort in deiner Wallet aufzubewahren. Wie dem auch sei, falls du gerne ... Unter den alternativen Produkten hatten dem Bericht zufolge die Anleger die größte Nachfrage nach dem Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust (BCHG), Grayscale Litecoin Trust (LTCN) und Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund (GDLC). Finanzinstitutionen wollen Kryptowährungen. Grayscale berichtete, dass mehr als 80% der Investitionen in seine Produkte während des Quartals von institutionellen Anlegern ... * Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust does not currently operate a redemption program and may halt creations from time to time. The Trust may, but will not be required to, seek regulatory approval to operate a redemption program. ** Valuation represents the BCH Holdings of the Trust ‡ As of October 23, 2020 . Titled, auditable ownership through a traditional investment vehicle. Grayscale Bitcoin ... GRAYSCALE BITCOIN TRUST (BTC) REGISTERED AKTIE und aktueller Aktienkurs. Nachrichten zur Aktie Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC) Registered Shs A2PB2L US3896371099 Grayscale Investments’ Bitcoin Cash Trust (BCHG) and Litecoin Trust (LTCN) crypto products are set to begin trading publicly on over-the-counter markets after receiving DTC eligibility Monday.

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