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Awesome story Daniel M. Harrison - but I wonder if the answer is a much simpler one?

Namely as I predicted that the total monopoly on Bitcoin mining has been basically "hostile taken over" by large Chinese miners, and they are now essentially controlling the monopoly on production.
Quark insiders that have gained a lot of education on Crypto see this as "common knowledge", but if you like to read and learn:
Skip to "welcome to planet Crypto currency" to lean how a monopoly on difficulty works.
Want to see what a "sped up" Crypto currency distribution looks like?
Also want to understand more about what a "51% attack means"
Here is where i spoke about the "more adoption less price" vector CITI commented on, it's more about that monopoly than "Merchants" though.
Would love feedback, sorry about any English errors !
: D
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Digital currency-dedicated e-commerce site Bitcoin Shop seems to be going through quite a rough patch. The website, launched last September as a bitcoin-friendly alternative to Amazon, announced on Wednesday that its entire management team would be waiving a significant portion of their salaries for the next six months.The publicly traded company claims that the move was made “in lieu of ... David Yermack NYU Stern School of Business. National Bureau of Economic Reseach. FinTech. UBS’s trading floor, Stamford, Ct., USA . 2005 2016. The blockchain. When will the blockchain get here? Daimler Benz’s blockchain bond issue. June 2017. Maersk’s blockchain marine insurance. September 2017. AXA’s smart contract flight insurance. September 2017. The cost of financial transactions ... David Yermack on whether Bitcoin is a real currency - Video. Related Post. Users Are Holding $220 Million More Bitcoin Since the Halving - Cointelegraph - May 14th, 2020; Craig Wright Threatened to Crash The Bitcoin Price So, What Happened? - Cointelegraph - May 14th, 2020; This guy just named his dog 'Bitcoin'. He's not the first - Decrypt - May 14th, 2020; Firm With Ties To Former Sheriff Of ... Yermack is one of only a handful of economists to have seen bitcoin’s potential before the rapid rise in both adoption and price late last year. The professor noted that his profile on the topic has raised considerably after giving an off-the-cuff presentation about bitcoin at a financial conference in Autumn of last year, explaining the skyrocketing price to a crowd that was largely unaware ... Die Darstellung der Kryptowährung Bitcoin in der Medienberichterstattung - Medien - Diplomarbeit 2019 - ebook 34,99 € - GRIN

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BITCOIN CRASHES - My easy trading psychology help

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