GitHub - kylemanna/docker-bitcoind: 💰 Bitcoind Docker ...

UASF Segwit Bitcoin Full node Dockerfile

UASF Segwit Bitcoin Full node Dockerfile submitted by yMartin1 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Dockerizing Bitcoin - our public repository of Bitcoin-related dockerfiles/configurations to help devs build secure and scalable apps on Bitcoin/LN is live at

Dockerizing Bitcoin - our public repository of Bitcoin-related dockerfiles/configurations to help devs build secure and scalable apps on Bitcoin/LN is live at submitted by FrancisPouliot to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

[For Hire] Will write Docker-compose.yml or Dockerfiles for Bitcoin

Will write Dockerfiles or docker-compose.yml files for Bitcoin.
Pm me if you are interested.
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Dockerfile for Bitcoin Unlimited

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Our Bitcoin-related dockerfiles and configurations optimized for performace, lightweight (some raspberry pi specific), security by default and scalability are live at

This is the public repository of dockerfiles used in production by Satoshi Portal for the Bitcoin applications it develops and operates, including Byllsand Bitcoin Outlet. In other words: they are currently being used to send and receive bitcoins commercially the mainnet.
Announcement : “Dockerizing Bitcoin” @francispouliot_
We will regularily update the existing Dockerfiles and add more. We ourselves tried to create the least now code possible, using the best standards and open-source software, and with security-by-default because we are running Bitcoin exchange applications that are an obvious high-value target for attackers.
We hope that by creating docker containers of useful and popular Bitcoin open-source software projects, we will make it easier for developers and project managers to build applications on top of Bitcoin. If you need help or have requests don’t hesitate to reach out using the contribution guidelines below. this
Please submit improvements and post your comments, we definitely want to get better with your help!
This repo is hosted at
Lightweight alpine-based docker containers (runnable on RPi’s and other small devices)
Using less possible new code, most possible existing OS built-in/well-known softwares
Using container OS as running platform instead of language-based interpreter
Encrypting everything through Docker Encrypted Overlay Network
Distributing everything through Docker Swarm to maximize scallability
Exposing nothing outside the overlay network
Our philosophy: Security, Lightweight, Performance & Scalability.
List of Dockerfiles
HD address derivation (segwit, bech32, etc.): a command-line too to derive bitcoin addresses using master public keys. This is useful for generating Bitcoin receiving addresses.
Pycoin: a crypto-utility useful for deriving Bitcoin addresses in Python.
Bitcoin Core x86_64: the Bitcoin reference implementation (full node) of Bitcoin from Bitcoin Core
Bitcoin Core for Raspberry Pi: the Bitcoin reference implementation (full node) of Bitcoin from Bitcoin Core optmized for running on aRaspberry Pi device
C-Lightning: one of the major Lightning Network implementations optmized for running on aRaspberry Pi device
LND Lighnting Network Node one of the major Lightning Network implementations optmized for running on a Raspberry Pi device
OpenTimestamp Server: a network calendar and aggregation utility service for scalable timestamping of hashed data using the Bitcoin blockchain as a notary, from Open Timestamps
OpenTimestamp Client: software to communicate with OTS server and Bitcoin Core to generate and verify timestamps compliant with the Open Timestamps protocol
If you want us to create a docker, please create an issue this way:
Hope you enjoy it!
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Dockerizing Bitcoin - our public repository of Bitcoin-related dockerfiles/configurations to help devs build secure and scalable apps on Bitcoin/LN is live at

Dockerizing Bitcoin - our public repository of Bitcoin-related dockerfiles/configurations to help devs build secure and scalable apps on Bitcoin/LN is live at submitted by ABitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

UASF Segwit Bitcoin Full node Dockerfile

UASF Segwit Bitcoin Full node Dockerfile submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Unlimited • Dockerfile for Bitcoin Unlimited

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Bitcoin XT Dockerfile

Bitcoin XT Dockerfile submitted by monst to bitcoinxt [link] [comments]

Kubernetes bitcoin-core, lnd, lndhub (and a handy scb backup container)

I really wanted to run bitcoin-core, lnd, lndhub, redis on Google Kubernetes Engine and I couldn't find any docker that worked well in this pattern. I built some here
This includes the K8 yaml and the Dockerfiles for the various components.
I would very much welcome contributions.
PS: I also built a LND channel backup app which backs up the channel backup to Google Buckets on a channel change. This runs as a container alongside lnd and may be useful to you to ensure you save your SCB.
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Bitcoin Cash full node images for Docker

If you haven't used Docker before, it's a quick & easy way to package an OS, web server & applications into an image and then run those apps using virtual machines and containers. It is a great way to get new apps up & running quickly without installing the required OS, updates, dependencies and all that jazz. Instead, you install Docker on your machine and then search for an existing Docker image that someone has already set up or create your own Dockerfile to build an image by specifying all the dependencies, requirements & set up commands for your applications. If you do it once then you can instantly spawn as many containers as you need when you need them. You can also then share your Docker image with the community.
So I found that Docker + Bitcoin is a quick & easy way to get a full node up & running.
You can view all the commands & installation instructions for running a Bitcoin ABC or Unlimited full node with Docker here:
I was interested so I tried it out on my Mac, without having Docker installed. It took me about 10 minutes to download & install Docker, then get a Bitcoin ABC node up & running with a persistent data volume. eg: docker run -d --rm --name bitcoind -v "$PWD/bitcoinabc/data:/data" zquestz/bitcoin-abc
Of course, downloading the full blockchain will take more time (I believe it's about 127GB) but to at least get it running is very simple. You can then easily start or stop the node by starting or stropping the Docker container. eg: docker start bitcoind
*this was found on the Bitcoin ABC website at the "Docker packages" link so it is a trusted source.
Edit: current version of BitcoinABC is 0.20.0, updated 2 days ago.
Edit2: Flowee the Hub full node Docker images More info:
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How many electrum servers are there worldwide?

After the recent malicious server hack I set up a public electrum server alongside the full bitcoin node I've run for years. Used a docker that installs Github source (kyuupichan/electrumx) and tweaked the "official" dockerfile as it hasn't apparently been updated in over a year (lukechilds/docker-electrumx). After about a day and a half to sync it purrs like a kitten using only about 1-2% CPU, 30G storage and 100kb bandwidth on my old Dell dual Xeon server.
It usually has about 250 users and 80 peers (servers) connected. Is this the worldwide total? I've seen that number in mainstream news (ZDNet) as well. If so, why? The recent hack added about 20 malicious servers which would represent about 25% of the worldwide total?
Please consider supporting the protocol by adding servers - it would help dilute the potential for any future similar attacks. It was straightforward to set up alongside a full bitcoin node and doesn't require much in the way of spare resources. Especially nice is knowing that my transactions go through my own privately controlled (and known secure) nodes with the added benefit of strengthening both public networks.
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go-ipfs 0.4.11 release candidate

Hey everyone! The release candidate for the next version of ipfs is out, give it a try and let us know if you run into any issues!

0.4.11-rc1 2017-09-14

Ipfs 0.4.11 is a larger release that brings many long-awaited features and performance improvements. These include new datastore options, more efficient bitswap transfers, circuit relay support, ipld plugins and more! Take a look at the full changelog below for a detailed list of every change.
The ipfs datastore has, until now, been a combination of leveldb and a custom git-like storage backend called 'flatfs'. This works well enough for the average user, but different ipfs usecases demand different backend configurations. To address this, we have changed the configuration file format for datastores to be a modular way of specifying exactly how you want the datastore to be structured. You will now be able to configure ipfs to use flatfs, leveldb, badger, an in-memory datastore, and more to suit your needs. See the new datastore documentation for more information.
Bitswap received some much needed attention during this release cycle. The concept of 'Bitswap Sessions' allows bitswap to associate requests for different blocks to the same underlying session, and from that infer better ways of requesting that data. In more concrete terms, parts of the ipfs codebase that take advantage of sessions (currently, only ipfs pin add) will cause much less extra traffic than before. This is done by making optimistic guesses about which nodes might be providing given blocks and not sending wantlist updates to every connected bitswap partner, as well as searching the DHT for providers less frequently. In future releases we will migrate over more ipfs commands to take advantage of bitswap sessions. As nodes update to this and future versions, expect to see idle bandwidth usage on the ipfs network go down noticably.
It is often said that NAT traversal is the hardest problem in peer to peer technology, we tend to agree with this. In an effort to provide a more ubiquitous p2p mesh, we have implemented a relay mechanism that allows willing peers to relay traffic for other peers who might not otherwise be able to communicate with each other. This feature is still pretty early, and currently users have to manually connect through a relay. The next step in this endeavour is automatic relaying, and research for this is currently in progress. We expect that when it lands, it will improve the perceived performance of ipfs by spending less time attempting connections to hard to reach nodes. A short guide on using the circuit relay feature can be found here.
The last feature we want to highlight (but by no means the last feature in this release) is our new plugin system. There are many different workflows and usecases that ipfs should be able to support, but not everyone wants to be able to use every feature. We could simply merge in all these features, but that causes problems for several reasons: first off, the size of the ipfs binary starts to get very large very quickly. Second, each of these different pieces needs to be maintained and updated independently, which would cause significant churn in the codebase. To address this, we have come up with a system that allows users to install plugins to the vanilla ipfs daemon that augment its capabilities. The first of these plugins are a git plugin that allows ipfs to natively address git objects and an ethereum plugin that lets ipfs ingest and operate on all ethereum blockchain data. Soon to come are plugins for the bitcoin and zcash data formats. In the future, we will be adding plugins for other things like datastore backends and specialized libp2p network transports.
In order to simplify its integration with fs-repo-migrations, we've switched the ipfs/go-ipfs docker image from a musl base to a glibc base. For most users this will not be noticable, but if you've been building your own images based off this image, you'll have to update your dockerfile. We recommend a multi-stage dockerfile, where the build stage is based off of a regular Debian or other glibc-based image, and the assembly stage is based off of the ipfs/go-ipfs image, and you copy build artifacts from the build stage to the assembly stage. Note, if you are using the docker image and see a deprecation message, please update your usage. We will stop supporting the old method of starting the dockerfile in the next release.
Finally, I would like to thank all of our contributors, users, supporters, and friends for helping us along the way. Ipfs would not be where it is without you.
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How to easily make your own trustless BU Docker image for 1.0.0

Docker is awesome for running a BU node, but at the same time, I always felt very ambivalent about trusting bitcoin software being delivered by a 3rd party. What if they sneak in some kind of back door into my client?
For this reason, I think the best thing to do is to write your own basic docker package and build it yourself. Here's a basic sample for a Dockerfile to build BU 1.0.0 (I found it online and updated it slightly):
FROM debian:jessie ARG VERSION=1.0.0 ARG SHA256HASH=65b2061c7de35afa2f094f27aa48ef6c5a75a54ea0516948303a04c65ecbc2d5 RUN apt-get update && \ apt-get install -y wget ca-certificates && \ apt-get clean && \ wget${VERSION}-linux64.tar.gz && \ echo "${SHA256HASH} bitcoinUnlimited-${VERSION}-linux64.tar.gz" | sha256sum -c - && \ tar -xzvf bitcoinUnlimited-${VERSION}-linux64.tar.gz -C /uslocal --strip-components=1 && \ rm bitcoinUnlimited-${VERSION}-linux64.tar.gz VOLUME /vabitcoin EXPOSE 8333 ENTRYPOINT ["bitcoind","-printtoconsole","-datadir=/vabitcoin","-dbcache=4000"] 
Anyone with a basic knowledge of Unix should be able to verify this script as legit. It downloads BU directly from the BU website over HTTPS. It checks the hash. It is all contained in this one file, so there's no code to chase around and verify. On Mac, I installed Docker using the package that the docker team provides on their website (rather than using brew) -- it's nice.
Create a new directory and place the above text into a file called "Dockerfile". From there, simply run:
docker build -t bitcoin-unlimited . docker image save bitcoin-unlimited | gzip > bitcoin-unlimited.tar.gz 
Congrats, now you have a docker archive created. You can generally import this archive wherever you want. For example, my Network Attached Storage server has support for containers, so I just imported it there using the web UI.
Note: the script I gave doesn't set up the bitcoin RPC stuff for being able to use bitcoin-cli. If you want to set that up, do something more like this guy's scripts:
@ BU Team would love to have an official docker + vm image delivered securely from your site
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Nyancoins Megapost - Central Link Collection

Edit: Going to finally start an overhaul on this (April 23rd, 2016); it's been six months since the last edit. I'm going to go from current back, so there's going to be a gap between this top, new stuff and what's below until I finish the update.
I'm just going to have the last six months all shoved together into one large update here. There's weak categorization, but basically just think of it as a huge list. In general, the newer items will be higher within a given category than the older items. I apologize if I left anything out which people would like to see included. Some things I considered more of a temporary update than something relevant months later, but just PM me and I'll add anything requested!
We're currently in a quiet low point. Nothing catastrophic is happening, but we are relatively weak. I call it "the best nadir" because if this is as bad as it gets, we're doing alright. The price is down to 4 satoshi now, which is the lowest sustained price since the beginning of the revival. I'm going on a year behind my original goal for releasing NYAN2, still stuck on a new build computer (alternately time and energy to cripple together a build system out of what I have available).
One major new element: I've set a goal for us to have a mission to visit the site of Apollo 17 in twenty years. This is basically a new dimension. For the first ten years, I envision this as a purely "paper program", doing research on past space programs, in particular Mercury through Apollo, but any and all launch platforms and spacecraft which have been done. We may additionally seek to gain additional education (for instance, I would like aerospace engineering and material science undergraduate degrees at a minimum; we also are going to need experienced test pilots).
Space Program Initial Vision: [NYAN 2035] We must send a mission to visit the site of the Apollo 17 plaque on the Moon
Also, I've replaced the previous "Nekonauts of the Month" competition with a "Who Wants to be a Nillionaire?". The major difference is that rather than relying upon me to track everything, the expectation is that Nekonauts will sign up and self-report accomplishments.
Nyan Projects
[Hype] Browser based MMORPG accepting Nyancoins for member items: KojoSlayer's latest foray into nyan video game development! I've seen an early preview and it reminds me of a primitive Runescape (meant as a compliment)
Fun Posts
Insert NyanDisk 1 into Drive A:: NyanDOS!
Nyan like it's 1999 ....: telnet into nyan!
[breaking news] Nyancoins will be bought out by Garza in a last-ditch attempt to save Paycoin - April fool's post
Trumpchain on Twitter: "It can happen. Our blockchain has tremendous potential. We have tremendous people. #MakeTheBlockchainGreatAgain" - Terrific shitpost; really fantastic!
Join the Nekonauts today! - Cool nyan poster
"I really hope Satoshi is finally dumping and declaring that, like, Nyancoin is the true bearer of his vision." - CountOneInterrupt - My favorite idea ever
Nyancoin Zen - So cute. This may be my favorite nyan image ever for its understatement and beauty.
High Definition Nyan up close - Amusing
Making PC more Nyan-Friendly! - cute; amusing. Such nyan!
Typical Nyancoiner breakfast. - DobbsCoin is great with this stuff!
[meta] [misadventures of coinaday] [Pizza Boy Adventures] Late Night Pizza - Just a little choose-your-own-delivery I wrote during my stint as a pizza delivery boy.
I don't know how I wasn't aware of this site before - I still can't believe there's an entire site for this!
Want more NYAN? Faucet Mrai and trade to me for NYAN (and then hodl!): What is says on the tin. The faucet is down temporarily at time of this writing, but it'll be back up before I update this section likely. The price offered there is low (mailing list mentioning 200-300 satoshi currently; my offer is worth about 2 satoshi currently); I would consider higher, but probably wouldn't pay those apparent market rates (no actual exchange yet).
Force Multipliers
Content about the difference a determined person can make. Intended as inspiration.
[Force Multiplier] [Original Content] [pdf; 23 pages] Archimedes and the Siege of Syracuse - Previously unpublished paper I wrote for a history course in college.
[Force Multipliers] [Military History] Julius Caesar's Greatest Military Victory (Video; 10 minutes) - An explanation of achieving victory in an apparently unwinnable situation.
[Force Multipliers] [Naval History] Korea: Admiral Yi - I: Keep Beating the Drum - Extra History - Incredible loyalty and dedication from this greatest Admiral saved his country
Content which fits the themes of fun, self-improvement, and service to others.
Wikipedia essay: WikiLove - I think Wikipedia's policies are in a lot of ways something to look up to. It's true that they're stuck in bureaucracy now, and have driven away many experts, but they function and their policies have helped to give some structure to the anarchy.
[US history and macroeconomics] [59 minute video] Thom Hartmann, "The Crash of 2016" - Interesting video. I think the predicted outcome is something of a longshot, but it's interesting to me that he called Sanders as a major factor in the election years ago.
Taylor Mali, "Words and Their Consequences" (68 min video) - Poetry and philosophy
We Are One - Didn't get any attention at the time, but this is a general statement about the power of people working together.
A Message of Hope for the World - What's the point of Nyancoins? To inspire people.
A brief word on censorship - tl;dr: Censorship is bad, m'kay?
Who Owns Nyancoins? - Hodlers.
To The Moon is Not Enough: 100 Year Planning - About the importance of an unlimited time horizon. We build to last.
Catch-all category. Okay, this category got out of hand. I should do a second round later and break this out into a few different ones.
The best argument I've heard so far for keeping the 1MB cap in Bitcoin - I still think it would have been better for Bitcoin to grow, but this is the strongest argument for its stagnation in capacity that I've seen.
[conceptual design] How we should expect 100,000 transactions in a minute (or second?) to be handled - This is about the idea that we should expect to be able to handle large loads without crashing. Pretty basic. Related to an /cryptocurrency post I'd made: 100,000 Transactions Per Second: How Do We Get There?, which gives a very high-level overview of one way to reach high throughput capacity using blockchains.
Interesting cryptocurrency to try: raiblocks, protocol without transaction fees or block rewards - I think Raiblocks will be a valuable "companion coin" to Nyancoins ultimately. I don't know how exactly that'll work, but I believe that good cryptocurrency communities should make alliances. If nothing else, we can be valuable to each other as the "loyal opposition", critics who want to see success.
Coin-a-Year: Nyancoin : link to /CryptoCurrency post - Summary of the first year or so of NYAN revival
[far future concept] Nyanshares, Nythereumbits, and all-in on 37 rainbow - A double post: first part describes a possible spin-off, hybrid, 'companion coin' we could make in future years. The second part talks about what a gamble NYAN is.
NyanCoin compilation guide and downsizing / NyanChain [semi-meta] - Has a link to a guide for compiling nyancoind on servers.
[meta] [misadventures of coinaday] Stuck in the Dihydrogen Monoxide - Another in a series of coinaday posts proving "play stupid games; win stupid prizes"
[Data] Faucet Stats - KojoSlayer's faucet stats
Thing to do a thing that can't do that thing.... - Bit of code for pulling BTC/NYAN feed from Cryptopia.
Fresh builds, coming up! - initial report from vmp32k on attempting to modernize the codebase
DigiShield - suggestion for different difficulty algorithm
BIP101 implementation to be made available for altcoins - prohashing announcing that they will have a Scrypt BIP101 implementation; this is planned to be our base for NYAN3
Year 1: Acquisition and Triage ; Year 2: Acquisition and Build - Optimistic; in reality, year two of the revival has largely been me just trying to survive. Hopefully more acquisition and build as the year goes on.
[technical] [financial] Price Stability and Consistent Hashing - Basic theory. If we have consistent prices, we'll have more consistent hashing.
[technical] [forking] [NYAN3] Should running old defaults be considered a vote against a hard fork or should the veto need to be explicit? / General voting discussion - What it says on the tin. I haven't gotten feedback on this yet. It's far in the future, but I think it's a critical question. I'm not sure which way is correct.
2015 in review: overview - Initial summary of the previous year; written before the Coin-a-Year post which did similar
[meta] [finance] [misadventures of coinaday] Paying Debts - Since writing this, I've gone further into debt. I need to get my personal finances together this year, for my own sake, for the sake of those I owe, and for the sake of Nyancoins.
Countdown to the Second Halving - The current block is 1168851 as I write this; we've got less than 350,000 more blocks until the third halving!
I updated the major risks page for Nyancoins to include mention of the fork bug and 'time warp'. Please review and comment. - bolded for visibility; I consider the risks document and making sure that we inform potential buyers as much as possible to be a critical requirement for us
[technical] [security] Time warp, fork bug, disclosure policies, and practical results: a working system despite flaws - Discussion of the success of Nyancoins as a working system despite its technical vulnerabilities.
Zero Fees (*) - Discussion of the role of zero fee transactions and why I consider them important
[finance] [meta] [Misadventures of coinaday] overdrafts and consequences / Cryptopia 1sat Dump - Discussion of my stupidity and its consequences on Nyancoins' financial health
[technical] NIP 1: Base NYAN3 on XT - I consider this critical. We will make a statement about not following the path Bitcoin is currently going down. This is not urgent for us because our activity is so low, but it will be part of building a strong foundation for the future.
Hodling Update: 30% - I haven't done the math recently. I'm probably within 5% of this, but I don't know if I've gone up or down. I haven't given away a whole lot, but I have put no new money into Nyancoins for months from being so broke. I've still gained some millions more from when my 5 satoshi bids got hit though.
[finance] Up? Down? Horizontal? - Considering 30 - It's pretty sad how far we are from 30 satoshi now (4 satoshi at the moment). I believe we'll get it back ultimately, but the revival certainly hasn't had the financial success I'd hoped.
Dice soft launch - Not sure of the current state here. Check with KojoSlayer.
State of the NYAN October 2015: An interlude for gratitude and yearning for more - I should get back to doing these monthly eventually. Right now it's quiet enough that there doesn't seem to be a real need.
[financial] NYAN vs DOGE as a long-term store of value - What it says. I believe that the lower supply inflation and smaller supply of NYAN will ultimately lead to NYAN trading above DOGE (currently trading at less than 10:1).
[finance] [stats] [gaming] Breaking the Bank: Risk-of-Ruin, Dice Games, and Basic Logic - I'm pretty proud of this one. By having more money than god, and a screwed up default max bet rule, I was able to beat the house. 8-)
100M - Talking about the remaining supply and the implications.
I think I'm done with this update (at least getting the new content in; I have not changed the old text and content, which is everything below).
Since I can only have one thing stickied at a time, but there are a lot of different things going on, I've switched over to having one main link collection post. And this is it.
I'll update this periodically (I'll try to do a major update once a month) and might replace it at some point. It'll have general discussion of the context behind why these various threads are significant.
I'm doing August and September together for Nekonaut awards and updates here since I got a bit busy at work. NYAN2 is released as a first-draft, but I haven't built it yet (nor done final changes and fixes). I need a computer with more RAM than what I have available to me now. However, I'm quite satisfied with the performance of NYAN1.2, ancient though it may be, so I'm not treating it as an emergency.
The biggest news is that we are now listed on ! They are a great community and provide better ecosystem support than most exchanges: they include a pool and explorer along with the exchange. And their exchange has a lot of basepairs, with NYAN/BTC, NYAN/UNO, NYAN/DOGE, and NYAN/DOT being relatively active, NYAN/LTC being quiet, and the other two (popularcoin and feathercoin) being unfamiliar to me and generally unused.
Oh, also, when I've taken a look at it, the Nyanchain seems to be running smoothly. I haven't been watching too closely, but the status page is usually showing all green. I especially like seeing the high number of connections (generally close to 30). [Comment from July version; still accurate. I should get automated metrics on the Nyanchain someday, but in the meantime, it seems to be moving pretty smoothly anecdotally.]
Top stories from August and Septemberish
Nekonauts of the Months, August and September 2015 - Combined awards, three awards for 1M as a result, and such. Just check it out. :-)
New IRC channel and tipbot - This came about during the listing process; we are now at #nyan2
WE ARE LIVE! Cryptopia added us just now!! - Culmination of the process of getting listed on Cryptopia. After leading in user votes and DOT votes after the first couple days, the admins decided to add us. So as I count it, we won three votes. :-)
Looking good on Cryptopia so far - My early reaction to the exchange.
The past few days. - Repost of a classic, which is always a good idea in NYAN, given our rich archives.
Miners We Need YOU! - Brief discussion by KojoSlayer about the importance of miners to the Nyancoin ecosystem.
Nyancoind Dockerfile (for the tech-nyans) - Cool demo by vmp32k
Nyancat all up on your Vim command line. - Cool xpost from /vim.
[financial] I hit a positive balance on Cryptsy-NYAN again - I started buying on Cryptsy. I've since withdrawn from Cryptsy and am working on eliminating my balances there, but I've got a lot of altcoins to consolidate yet.
100M - A discussion of the remaining supply to be generated (now under 100 million more coins)
Top stories from July
Gitian Build Instructions - !!! This is exactly what I was trying to figure out. With this roadmap, we should be able to help others build *coins with gitian as well as provide a solid introduction to our own community members. This should be linked and submitted for feedback elsewhere; I should report back to the Litecoin thread with a link to this for discussion. I cannot overstate how important I find this contribution.
Nekonauts of the Month, July 2015 - Still going with this. I may not always get this perfect, but I hope that it will help add some motivation and recognition to the community who is building the next generation of Nyancoins.
Ɲyancoins for Nekonauts! [designs] - Some logos and concept art; a start by W7phone; we hope to see more of this type of thing!
[hypothetical] What would it take for us to be able to start our own Nyan exchanges? - tl;dr: Let's get setup on some decentralized exchanges!
Linux Nekonauts: Building nyancoind - I should get this in the sidebar somewhere. An excellent first post by gentlenyan !
Top stories from June
Nekonauts of the Month, June 2015 - Latest round of awards; I plan to keep doing this each month for as long as I can
[community] You are a leader of Nyancoins / Herding Cats: Leading Leaders; Leadership in a Decentralized Community - A discussion of the importance of you to the success of Nyancoins
vmp32k launches a beta of a faucet - When is this going live?
kojoslayer launches a faucet
Various post on mining being stuck - we are still a bit spotty, but it seems like it might be a bit better. We could use something more than just an instantaneous status page; if someone wants to make something which does statistical analysis of the performance of the nyanchain, that would be awesome.
Broke through the 40 satoshi ceiling, and Plagiarizing great speeches in history and claiming to have a community mandate: Coin-a-Day writes inspirational pap as we stand on the verge of breaking through the 50 satoshi ceiling and envisions the glorious future ahead - and rather more. The price dipped back down on Cryptsy since, but we had a nice rise for a while. I'm hoping that when we get an exchange we have confidence in, we'll see more buying again.
Warning: Cryptsy does not process large NYAN withdrawals - This is why I recommend not using Cryptsy; plus this
Top stories from May
First off: Ɲyancoins needs YOU! - This is a discussion of how all of us have something we can do for Nyancoins, and how improving your own life is absolutely one of those things.
Nekonauts of the Month, May 2015 - This is my first month running this competition. I'm looking to recognize people who are active and contributing to the community and to give them NYAN to help further whatever they'd like to do next.
The network is stable! - Thanks to a new miner, spydud22, we are showing all green on status!
Wow, very large chunk of NYAN at 40 satoshi (6 million) - The title is outdated; there's about double this volume now. [Edit: And now the title is accurate again.]
Initial notes and thoughts on the Nyancoins client update - I've identified the approximate version of Litecoin that Nyancoins is based on and looked at a diff. It looks reasonable and do-able. I haven't yet looked at the latest branch on which I'll apply these changes.
Nyancoins 2.0 - first draft of NYAN2
(intentional duplication from top stories for July; I consider it that important): Gitian Build Instructions - !!! This is exactly what I was trying to figure out. With this roadmap, we should be able to help others build *coins with gitian as well as provide a solid introduction to our own community members. This should be linked and submitted for feedback elsewhere; I should report back to the Litecoin thread with a link to this for discussion. I cannot overstate how important I find this contribution.- earlier working notes
Cross-platform Gitian builds - Discussion about getting Gitian builds to work for Mac without access to a Mac.
Initial notes and thoughts on the Nyancoins client update - Right now I haven't had time to do much more on this, but I need to work on doing the Litecoin gitian build yet.
Gitian Build - jwflame's initial notes on trying the gitian build
Distributed Library Coin; stealing^Wrepurposing the ideas of others - Introducing the concept; basically a virtual lending library for the community; Learned Optimism is offered.
[DLC] Siege of Earth - Second post, offering Siege of Earth, a classic sci fi tale
[Idea] Minecraft NyanCoins - KojoSlayer is making a cool Minecraft Nyancoins faucet sort of thing (get Nyancoins for playing Minecraft).
[Sneak Peak] Nyancoin Minecraft Server - This project is moving forward quite quickly! See also /NyanCoinsMC for more information.
[Beta] Launch Nyancoins Minecraft Server : NyanCoinsMC - BOOM! I'm amazed at how quickly this has gotten setup. Go check it out!
Background / theory
Overview of major risks of buying Nyancoins - I've tried to collect every risk I could think of in this one place. This is important reading before investing.
Nyan's core principles and why they matter
draft one of Cold Storage 101: How to secure your coins for long-term hodling - I need to incorporate the suggestions still, but between the article and the comments, this is decent.
I will work harder: in which Coinaday reports for duty - My statement that this is going to a new level for me: I'm considering this my dream job now, rather than just my hobby. I'm dedicating myself to serving this community as best I can.
[community] You are a leader of Nyancoins / Herding Cats: Leading Leaders; Leadership in a Decentralized Community - This is a discussion of the importance of each individual, in particular you, to this revival.
A really good read about fiduciary duties in running an exchange - discussion of the responsibility one takes on in managing money for others
[rant] In response to "there is only BTC [and maybe LTC [and maybe DOGE]] AND DEFINITELY NOTHING ELSE MATTERS" - Possibly amusing rant.
My most worthless and most valuable coins: Comparing DIME and 42 - A discussion about interpreting spot price in context
[theory] Bitcoin discussion of hard forks - Talking about the risks involved with a hard fork
Rooting for LTC's Rally to Hold: Nyancoins and the Cryptocurrency Market - Nyancoins do not stand alone. Although it's easy to see the rise of another cryptocurrency as weakening us, because we might trade lower against them temporarily, I believe that a stronger CryptoCurrency market as a whole will be important for our long-term health.
[financial] Cryptocurrency valuation models: Considering Nyancoins as a zero-coupon bond against the community
Classic Posts
Why Nyancoin will hit $1/NYAN (and much more). We're going to space, and you're invited! - This is an infamous post by americanpegasus. I believe it was actually someone mocking him in /bitcoin by linking to this which first made me aware that Nyancoins existed, and got the idea in my head that it was a deadcoin (from seeing a post/comments on the sub at the time which claimed that). So the dream of this post was actually so bold that it brought it back from the grave, because it was bold enough to be mocked, and that mockery eventually led me to investigate it, and that investigation led me to fall in love.
1Ɲ >= 1Đ - This is a vision I have, that we shall rise above DOGE. This is not a dig against DOGE but merely a statement about the growth I expect to see us have. There are about 500x as many Dogecoins as there are Nyancoins, so even if we remain significantly smaller we can easily pass their unit price. We've done so briefly previously but are currently below this mark.
We choose to go to the Moon - This is my manifesto about why I am doing this. Cribbed from JFK's moon speech, it is meant to express that it is because of, not in spite of, the challenges that we face that I am here. This started out as a personal challenge. While I certainly would like to get rich off of this, the reason I chose to pursue this is because if we do then, then we're awesome badasses that people can be impressed by.
The original Nyancoins intro video - wasn't really sure where to categorize this
Older stories
I'll move stories down here as they get older. For now it's the block stoppage stuff as that seems to have stabilized.
Holy shit, 22 hours since the last block. At this rate, I'm going to have to start solving hashes by hand... - This was my post about the block stoppage.
Difficulty has spiked again; if we hit another stall I'll try the transaction fee trick again - Another block stoppage, and a record of my attempt to use the same trick to break it loose again (transaction fee incentive).
I'm ready to give up on life; in which coinaday finally has his full-blown mental breakdown. So long, and thanks for all the rainbows! - My personal mental breakdown. Just listed here because it made an impact. Also, it was an amazing response from the community which meant a lot to me.
Fuck it; encore une fois - My reaction afterward, saying that I'll give things another shot.
Disregard the below: GFS has been down for a few months and probably won't be back. At one point, this project had been offered to me, and perhaps I should have taken it, but I felt like I was already heavily committed here and couldn't take that on as well. It's a shame that no one managed to keep it running though. I really liked the idea.
Disregard the below: it's back down again, last I checked. Not sure what to link on that. The new bot got mildly political again / referenced being a shadowbanned user, and bam. I'm not sure where this is going to go now, if anywhere. Although I suppose the on-blockchain stuff isn't affected, and I'd wager go1dfish will do something again.
/GetFairShare will be attempting another distribution today; go try it out! - GetFairShare is back! Go get free money!
I don't really understand what's going on, but apparently the bot used for /GetFairShare got banned - Some background on GFS having gone down
I think that this will continue to be useful as we gain a larger and larger volume of posts and help me not have to worry about burying something significant posted a couple weeks back or something.
Also, right now I'm just gleaning from the frontpage, but I'll add in some great classic posts too.
Let me know in the comments if there are other posts you'd like to see added here.
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[FORHIRE] Linux LEMP stacks, LAMP stacks, Docker, web application backend admin, I'm also a graphics designer, and video editor.

Will work for $15/h USD worth of Bitcoin doing the fallowing:
Deploying scalable LEMP/LAMP stack (and relatable) skills:
Graphics/Web Design:
Video Editing:
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Deploy Toshi Bitcoin Node with Docker on AWS in 30 minutes. Beginner Friendly! btcpay with docker compose - 2 - bitcoind Bitcoin for beginners - Lightning network with docker compose Bitcoin for beginners - Lightning network with docker-compose (part 2) Bitcoin Loop Device Docker Device Mapper - YouTube

Docker Hub is the world's easiest way to create, manage, and deliver your teams' container applications. Sign up for Docker Hub Browse Popular Images Bitcoind for Docker. Docker image that runs the Bitcoin bitcoind node in a container for easy deployment. Requirements. Physical machine, cloud instance, or VPS that supports Docker (i.e. Vultr, Digital Ocean, KVM or XEN based VMs) running Ubuntu 14.04 or later (not OpenVZ containers! At least 100 GB to store the block chain files (and always growing!) # Dockerfile must start with a FROM instruction # FROM instruction specifies the Base Image from which you are building # FROM <image>[:<tag>] FROM ubuntu:16.04 Next, the RUN instruction is used to include Bitcoin on top of the base Ubuntu image. These commands (minus the RUN) are from the Bitcoin installation documentation Running A Full Node. This article has covered how to define port mappings in a Dockerfile using EXPOSE, how you can then publish these to connect to the host machine and other apps, as well as viewing the ports of a running container. To learn more see the Docker guides as well as my other posts on Docker. Docker Documentation Dockerfile EXPOSE; docker port bitcoin Dockerfile. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. skwp / Dockerfile. Created Oct 26, 2018. Star 1 Fork 0; Code Revisions 2 Stars 1. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Clone via HTTPS Clone ...

[index] [46847] [3157] [27913] [3230] [1921] [32469] [19794] [272] [209] [16476]

Deploy Toshi Bitcoin Node with Docker on AWS in 30 minutes. Beginner Friendly!

Part 2. Using a simple bitcoind-ln node setup to mimic a Lightning network transaction on a private bitcoin blockchain (regtest). Github page - code and diag... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Using docker compose to examine btcpay server's stack architecture. Prerequisites: This video does assume some background in bitcoin, docker + compose and a general tech savviness. Also, make sure ... Part 1. This video will teach you how to create a testing environment for bitcoin's lightning network using docker-compose. Hopefully, you'll be able to use this environment to better understand ... UPDATE: a few specifics have changed, see below for up-to-date commands In this video we create a local bitcoin testnet within a docker container. Then we'll...