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Bitcoin Refund Address Question

So I am setting up a vendor account on Hansa and it has asked me to set up A refund address. How do I get a perminent address that is secure? Im used to alpha bay where each transaction where I can add my current bit address that varies each time. Creating a perminent address is new to me and am a little weary about it. Any information would be most helpful.
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Shapeshift sent my bitcoins to wrong refund address

I made an BTC to LTC quick order and also specified an bitcoin refund address, after sending the funds the page showed awaiting deposit so I opened a support ticket and the reply I received was that as it was a precise transaction the bitcoin was refunded to my bitcoin address but the address the sent funds to is totally different then the address the sent my bitcoins to, and moreover it was not a precise transaction My transaction link:-
My ticket id:- 117163
Please help me get my funds back
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How to send btc on White House market?

I'm trying to send this payment. So the first time I tried to send it I put my bitcoin wallet on "bitcoin refund address" and hit pay and the payment didnt work. Now I thought maybe I send the payment to the "Monero destination address" but its saying that isnt a legit bitcoin address to send to. So now I'm confused on how to send this bitcoin payment. I guess if I have to I'll convert to xmr but if they're giving the option to use bitcoin there should be a way to send payment. But I'm very confused on how to send it. This is very different from the sites I'm accustomed to
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How to buy Ripple with Coinbase & Shapeshift (Feedback welcome)

I had some real issues using the big exchanges to purchase XRP. After a few days of research I finally put a tidy sum in a paper wallet to forget about for a while.
My friend asked me a for a How To, and this is what I sent him. Thought I would post here as it would've been useful to me. Would welcome feedback and any contributions to make it better.
Step 1. Open a Coinbase Account (boo!) and buy some Bitcoin
Step 2. Get a XRP Cold Storage Wallet
Firstly - you need an address / cold storage wallet to store your XRP On laptop/ipad use an incognito type web browser to head to this website: Once there put your device in airplane mode and turn off any wifi connection. Scroll down on the page and hit "Generate New" a whole bunch of times. Write down the Ripple Address and Secret key PERFECTLY on paper (you don't need the QR Codes). I mean it. Check it twice and then check it again. Read the one on the screen it out loud to someone else who can check it against the paper for you. Don't fuck this up. Hit generate a few more times just to be safe and then delete your browsing history if you didn't do this in an incognito browser. Close the browser and then feel free to flip your wifi back on.
Step 3. Create a watch-only XRP wallet on your device
Next you need a wallet application on a laptop so you can view the balance of the paper wallet you created above. Download this: Install it on your laptop and open it up. Click the second tab "Read Only Mode" Type in your Ripple Address (not the secret key!) and then hit Open Account. Now if you pay in anything to this wallet you can see the balance in here! Your laptop also can't hack into the account because you didn't type in your secret key! Good times! Security Check - take a moment to make damn sure that the ripple address in the top right corner of the app is exactly the same as the one you wrote down. Copy and paste it into a notepad on your laptop. Label it RIPPLE ADDRESS just so you don't make any other mistakes later.
Step 4. Buying Ripple - Direct from Coinbase (hmmmmm...)
Note: You might want to test this with a small amount of bitcoin first (£10 worth) to make sure it works. You will see why in a minute. It'll double your fees but, safety first!
Open Coinbase in a browser tab First, go to Tools > Addresses. Make sure BTC Wallet is Selected in the drop down menu and then one of the Addresses into your notepad. Label it BITCOIN REFUND ADDRESS. Next, go to Accounts > Bitcoin Wallet and click Send to bring up the dialogue box.
In a NEW TAB go to Deposit: BITCOIN! Receive: RIPPLE! On this page there are usually warnings about slow network traffic. As far as I can tell, this shouldn't matter, but it is worth noting. Type in 25 Ripple (the minimum you can have in a wallet is 20) and it will generate the Bitcoin cost. Select 'Precise' and 'Continue'
From Notepad copy your RIPPLE ADDRESS into the 'Your Ripple Address' box. Copy your BITCOIN REFUND ADDRESS into 'Your Bitcoin Refund Address' box. Ignore the 'Destination Tag' box.
Agree to Terms and...
[As soon as you click Start Transaction you will have only 5 minutes to send the Bitcoin it asks for to the address it provides. As far as I can tell it is very quick at telling when you've sent it, but it still makes me nervous. I have done it with Coinbase before and the transaction has timed out, but my Bitcoin has still been sent into the ether and lost. But from what I can tell this is rare/impossible.]
Start Transaction
It will say "Please send XXX Bitcoin to this address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" Copy the address, and BTC amount into the Coinbase send dialogue. Double check the address and amount is right!! Hit Send. Back in Shapeshift, after a few seconds you should get a green tick next to 'Pending Confirmations' and the timer should vanish. Next, Awaiting Exchange will flash for minutes... maybe hours... Now is the time to go make a cup of tea and watch a couple of episodes of Ozark. Better not to worry about it until...
Eventually everything will be confirmed! The BTC will have left your account. Everything will be green in Shapeshift and your XRP will show up on your watching-only Ripple Wallet. I copy the urls for each Shapeshift transaction page into a spreadsheet so I can go back and check any transaction details if I need to
That's it. Then you can close everything and know you have a sweet pot of XRP magic waiting to explode all over your bank accounts.
Just DO NOT FUCKING LOSE that piece of paper with your secret key on it. Maybe worth typing the codes (unlabelled) into notepad, printing them off 3 times, laminating them and giving one to your mum to look after.
Edit: Corrected steps #s
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Purchasing on OpenBazaar via clear web

To increase adoption and usage of OpenBazaar, a bunch of folks discussed in the Slack about adding the ability to buy products over HTTP so buyers never even need to download OB but several problems present itself. Currently there is no client side OB Javascript library that will allow transactions to be trustless so here is what I was thinking for a possible implementation:
1) Buyer visits BlockBooth and finds an item they like.
2) Buyer clicks a buy button on BlockBooth.
3) Buyer can enter any shipping or contact details required for the vendor to fulfill the order. Buyer can PGP encrypt any sensitive information with the Seller's public key if available so BlockBooth knows nothing about the Buyer.
4) BlockBooth will initiate a purchase request using the above information and display the seller's direct Bitcoin address.
5) Seller will fulfill the order.
Here are the caveats:
This implementation would be partly centralized so it's not ideal, but better than nothing. The entire transaction will be trustless if PGP is used except for BlockBooth displaying the Seller's correct bitcoin address to the Buyer. Is this something the community would appreciate and use? If so I'll work on it, and if not then I'll wait for the ability to do this locally over JS.
I'm not too sure on the legal implications yet but BlockBooth in 99.99% of cases will not be handling any Bitcoin but will be a passthru for information. If someone sells a pornographic item to a user in Saudi Arabia can BlockBooth be held liable? That's a question for a lawyer if there is interest in this service.
What do you all think?
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Bitcoin Cash help

I recently purchased bitcoin in Coinbase and want to transfer to Bitcoin Cash. When I go to shapeshift these are first questions I don’t know. I don’t know what Bitcoin Cash address or where I can find. Or Bitcoin refund address. I would also be ok just to go purchase Bitcoin Cash with out transfer existing bitcoin. I need a good place to purchase in USA. Or any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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Step by step guide to converting btc to monero?

I just tried to do this and ended up with my btc going back into my original wallet, minus a chunk for fees. I followed the instructions on the shapeshift site, or at least I thought I did, so bit annoyed that I've lost money doing this. Was it my fault? Can someone link me to a very simple 101 guide on how to do this?
Here's what happened:
I bought £200 of btc on coinbase. Loaded up, chose deposit btc and receive mnr, hit 'precise' and 'continue'.
Deposit amount was 0.05999 (or thereabouts) as that's what I had on coinbase. I set up an account on mymonero (which logs out all the damn time, is this right?), copied the address from the 'overview' screen and pasted it into 'your monero address' field on shapeshift.
Copied the btc address from coinbase and pasted that into the 'your bitcoin refund address' field and left payment id blank. Agree to terms and start transaction.
Then the status screen said:
Send This Amount 0.05999 Bitcoin To 16***************XrEPp7r
So I sent the bitcoin from coinbase to that address. However it was slightly less as coinbase took a fee for doing this.
But then the time remaining on this shapeshift status screen ran out and I had no monero in my mymonero account plus the bitcoin had disappeared from my coinbase.
After a few hours the btc turned up back in my coinbase account minus £6 in fees.
Where did I go wrong?
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Where to Buy (XRP) Ripple

how to buy ripple in this video I'm gonna teach you how to buy a ripple I've been getting a lot of questions about that and I thought this would be helpful my personal opinion I like ripple you know I see some future in it knowing that the government's trying to control everything and ripple works together with banks so for the long term it has potential definitely so I'm gonna show you today how to buy and trying to keep it short for you guys if you're new to this channel consider subscribing if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency (more on the site: ) how it all works the news and stuff like that I do giveaways where I give away $100 around $100 per week both here on YouTube as well as Facebook so if you want that consider subscribing let's get into the video really quick there are three things that you need in order to buy Ripple one is coin base or any other wallet but this is the place where you can buy Bitcoin if you don't have Bitcoin already there's a link in the comments and in the description where you can get Bitcoin with a discount you get like extra ten dollars if you buy with the link I also get a $10 if you do so you also be supporting this channel so once you have this Bitcoin in there you could use a blockchain wallet as well today I'm going to use my dick connect account to to buy it once you have that all set up you want to go to gate hub I'm also linked this down in the description for you create an account here and once you have that what you want to do is you want to go to deposit receive you want to click ripple and you want to copy this address then you go over to shape-shift also link that in the description for you and you want to select your deposit Bitcoin I already have it so I'll just exit out and then ripple for receive then you go ahead and click on run and continue and you enter your ripple address that you just copied from that point you can enter your Bitcoin refund address that um you know that is this in my case this is the receive address in case something goes wrong you can enter your refund and then agree to terms and then start transaction that is gonna load up this page and from that point you can scan this QR code or you can just send it to this address that's what I'm gonna do right now so you can send up to this amounts but you have to send at least this amount so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna do I'm gonna sell some some cash here let's say thirty five let's say forty I'm gonna sell real quick if you're not in bit connect you can just use your block chain wallet or whatever I'm using bit connect here because I'm getting daily interest and it makes it a lot cheaper for me going to sell okay let's old I got my Bitcoin go to dashboard and then sent to an assent to this address quantity should be 0.005 I need to do a little bit more okay we're gonna do this address sense quantity 0.005 we're all okay being processed it's being sent go back to shape shift it's a way to deposit and then it's gonna go to a waiting exchange once it's been received and from that point you can and then it goes to done and then you can see it here in your wallet but yeah if you do it from coinbase here what you just want to do is you want to go to accounts and then sent and then just do the steps from here you want to send it with your BIC you want to UM pace the Bitcoin address here the amount and then the notes but right now the fees are kind of I with coinbase so I just use bit Connect here let's see this is how it works this is how you buy Ripple it's very simple we just have to wait until the transaction go through goes through and we all are there goes we all know it takes long the past days it's taking a little bit longer than usual but right now we are it's exchanging right now then it goes to done and then we can expect our riffle to start for an inn so yeah that's how you buy Ripple once it's done it goes into the wallet and then you're good to go you can also store it on a hardware wallet it's a little bit safer because you own your private keys and there you go that's how you buy Ripple see you guys on the next video guys hope you enjoyed it if you did leave like comment below next weekend gonna give $100 on Facebook away to one person so if you want that I suggest um going to my channel and click on Facebook also link in the description my Facebook and be on the lookout for that and until then stop settling and start living the going live guys see on the next one peace don't forget to check out the recommended resources in the description box below recommend it reads as well as essential cryptocurrency resources and if you like this channel please consider donating click on address in the description box as well any donation is
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Unable to purchase anything - "Reason: invalid pubkey"

Whatever I try to buy, I'm getting the error message above. I've tried different revisions of openbazaar. I'm wondering if I will need to tear down everything and start from scratch?
Update 1: buyers trying to purchase from me through a direct pay gets another error message:
The vendor's server has rejected the purchase request. This may be due to a connection issue. Check your purchase data, such as quantity and Bitcoin refund address, to make sure it is valid. If it is valid, try again in a few seconds. Reason: vendor rejected contract
Update 2: buyers using a moderated payment ... and I get the payment request, but my server crashes instantly with "segmentation fault" if I either try to accept or refund the payment.
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Please add SegWit support for Bitcoin

Now that Bitcoin activated on mainnet, it would be a great time for you to add support for it, that will lower the txfee that you pay in some cases, and would allow your users who get Bitcoins to spend their funds with lower fxfee too.
You would just need to generate the addresses on your wallet (the "send Bitcoin here" address) in SegWit format. On Bitcoin Core bitcoind this is fully implemented.
Also, accept addresses in such format (2... , 3...) as the "your bitcoin address" (and "bitcoin refund address" in case of BTC->X conversions).
Is this already being worked on? Any ETA on this?
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The vendor's server has rejected the purchase request.

What's the cause of that message? I try to verify that my store is working fine, but when I order I get that message (after a long wait after "Contacting seller's node and updating exchange rates if applicable")
The full message is:
The vendor's server has rejected the purchase request. This may be due to a connection issue. Check your purchase data, such as quantity and Bitcoin refund address, to make sure it is valid. If it is valid, try again in a few seconds. Reason: unable to reach vendor
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Shapeshift sucess rate?

on Thursday, January 12th at 2 am (UTC+1), I used the very first time in my life. I want Ripple coins in exchange for my Bitcoins. I copy and paste my Ripple address (my wallet is at I copy and paste my Bitcoin Refund address (my wallet is at Then I agreed the terms and started the transaction + I transferred 0.49 BTC from my wallet at to shapeshift's provided deposit address.
According to the shapeshift's tracking status, the transfer is sucessful, here is the proof: (Screenshots taken on Thursday, January 12th at 4 pm (UTC+1))
But, the Ripple coins are not in my wallet at, see the following screenshot (Screenshot taken on Thursday, January 12th at 4 pm (UTC+1))
Now it is Thursday, January 12th at 11:40 pm (UTC+1). The status changed from "success" to "fail", see screenshot below.
My bitcoins are nowhere, my ripples are also lost.
How can this ever happen? What did I do wrong?
What happens next? Do I get Ripple coins at the old or current exchange rate? Or do I get my Bitcoins back?
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Buyers are getting an error when making payment. What to do!?

My shop is on a VPS and vissible in the network.
But, when a buyer is trying to make a payment, he gets the following error;
"The vendor's server has rejected the purchase request. This may be due to a connection issue. Check your purchase data, such as quantity and Bitcoin refund address, to make sure it is valid. If it is valid, try again in a few seconds. Reason: unable to reach vendor"
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Help With Bitcoin Refund & Cash app. Need Wallet Address

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coinbase wont refund money sent to a closed bitcoin address?

i just sent bitcoin to someone andit turns out that they closed that bitcoin address a month ago. they can no longer access this wallet. so now that person cant refund me and coinbase tells me that i lost my money because they cant accesss the funds? anyone have any experiences like this?
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I received a refund to a bitcoin address, but it still shows me as having 0 bitcoins. /r/Bitcoin

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ShapeShift Sent My Refund To The Wrong Address - Lost $2,000 /r/Bitcoin

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06-08 22:31 - 'ShapeShift Sent My Refund To The Wrong Address - Lost $2,000' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/aktivis_ removed from /r/Bitcoin within 57-67min

Yesterday, ShapeShift rejected my 4,000 GNT to ANT transaction, and returned the 4,000 GNT to the wrong address. Is there any recourse for this? I've emailed their support but haven't heard back.
The Refund Address was properly inputted in the original transaction AND support ticket. Related: [link]1
ShapeShift returned the 4,000 GNT to the last 40 characters of the original transaction's txid hash. I'm still trying to figure out how that made sense.
ShapeShift Sent My Refund To The Wrong Address - Lost $2,000
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05-15 07:26 - 'HELP AND FAVOUR ME bitcoib payment wrongly sent to this bitcoin address .please refund me if you own this.' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/wacky92 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-4min

HELP AND FAVOUR ME bitcoib payment wrongly sent to this bitcoin address .please refund me if you own this.
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Author: wacky92
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The New Bitcoin-QT (BIP 0070) human-readable addresses, “payment received” messages and refunds!!!!!!!!

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Accidentally sent BTC to Bitmixer donation address but no refund /r/Bitcoin

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"Accidentally sent BTC to Bitmixer donation address but no refund" - UPDATE /r/Bitcoin

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best Bitcoin Address Stealer 100% SUCCESS OR REFUND Coinbase - How to Find your Bitcoin wallet address - YouTube How to find your bitcoin address on Localbitcoins com ... Wrong Address Woes – What Happens if You Send BCH to a BTC address (and vice versa) Using

Your BTC address is a string of 26-35 letters and numbers that identify your Bitcoin wallet. BTC addresses begin with either a 1 or a 3 and are case-sensitive. When you want to receive funds, this is the information that you provide to the person paying you. Your BTC address is oftentimes called your wallet address or your public address. In this case, let’s assume the person who has given you this Bitcoin address is an attacker and he has already kept a copy of the private keys associated with that address. And now you haven’t done a sweep of your paper wallet and are using the same address to receive your bitcoins. The refund will be processed to a Bitcoin address provided by you to our Support during the return process. Credit card or debit card refund will be refunded with the appropriate USD amount to the cardholder‘s account. Unlike traditional banking transfer, the Bitcoin transactions are not revertible and a refund of an incorrectly transmitted payment cannot be enforced. Please note that you ... For example, if you are attempting to exchange Bitcoin for Litecoin, the refund address should be a Bitcoin address from your wallet. This will help our system auto-return the funds to you. In the case that the system does not auto-return the funds, simply open a Support ticket and we will return it to the refund address that you provided. If you have not provided a refund address and ... Check Bitcoin Address for mentions on the internet. Blackmail scam Abuser: Hannibal Vlad . E-mail referencing publicly identifiable information - "I wouldn't spill the tea here, since your company IT guy could see it and might want to use it against you too.

[index] [32764] [27813] [14840] [26989] [48554] [28302] [31842] [21869] [45707] [41528]

best Bitcoin Address Stealer 100% SUCCESS OR REFUND

Download: Virus Total: Bitcoin Address Stealer 100% SUCCESS OR REFUND - Duration: 6:19. ... Bitaddress with Balance, Bitcoin Address Generator with Balance - Duration: 2:42. rama rao 482 views. 2:42 . Bitcoin Wallet ... Understanding what happens if you accidentally send BCH to a BTC address or vice versa by understanding private keys and addresses. Solutions and pitfalls ar... If you want to someone to send you money to your Bitcoin account, Give them this address. you may donate to our network via Bitcoin as well :) Bitcoin addres... ***UPDATE*** I've tested this scam with REAL MONEY in this vid: BEEN A VICTIM OF A SCAM? GET YOUR MONEY BACK HERE: www.scamxpose...