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BitcoinZ: A community gift to the world.

BitcoinZ, a cryptocurrency based on bitcoin + zkSNARKs


Aeon (AEON) is a private, secure, untraceable currency. You are your bank, you control your funds, and nobody can trace your transfers.

Heres some proof about sigma not being a trojan and omikron client proof from the sigma creator andro

The high GPU usage is due to the GPU acceleration or the UIs. And this is not comparable to other person's GPU usage since every GPU behave differently. You can compare this usage with vanilla 1.15.2's GPU usage. In my personal case, it's about +1~8% higher.
And the overall performance loss over the 1.8 clients is due to the 1.15 itself, the heavy UI, the missing optimisations (performance update soon), the obfuscation, etc
Some people are saying that "conhost.exe" is a malware... It's actually the console process spawned by java.exe which is used by Sigma (instead of the javaw.exe, the window version of java.exe without the console, that is mostly used for Minecraft).
Fun fact: Badlion client and Lunar client are also spawning conhost, and they aren't getting called out as malwares.
Here's a great explanation of what it is:

And Omikron client was not a bitcoin miner, here's the copypasta :
Omikron client didn't have any btc miner / rat / botnet or whatever. The thing running in background was a system to validate the usage of the auto alt / proxy from other computers. Therefore, if you used auto alt / auto proxy, your computer among others validated in some sort of P2P the usage of alts / proxies. If >50% of computers says that a "transaction" is good, it was validated. Omikron decided to do that to counter the abuse of auto alt / auto proxy.
But ofc you could disable that autorun in Omikron Client's setting. And it was clearly written in the client that it would autorun (but no body really read it) if you use auto alts / auto proxy.
Edit, another copypasta:
I know, this is missleading. In the code, finding alts is refenrenced as "mining" them because you have this usepass combo and sometime yay ! Its a working minecraft alt ! The whole problem about all this drama is that its old code written when the client was "ghost client" and putting it in a .m file intead of .minecraft, having the package not named omikron, not using omikron domain name in the code was a good idear to prevent memory scanning cheating software such as BLSquad to find "omikron" but as you can tell it has bring more trouble that anything. You shoudn't be scared, your cpu isn't and wont be used to mine crypto or any unwanted activity and you will soon be able to chose if you want the service to run. In the next release, beside the fact that all of this was moved to .minecraft/Omikron, using proper domain name etc, you will be able to choose if you are using the client and want the background service running to find alts or if you have the client installed but not using it you will be able to disable the background service.
The video that is spreading about Omikron client is only proving that it downloads an autorun, and runs it in the background, which is intended.

Be careful of people trying to spread that Sigma could be a virus. Most of the time, they're made up by people who are clueless and don't know about what they're talking about (ex: conhost).
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Hi, it's mkwia again, maintainer of UASF/bitcoin on GitHub. I'm back to answer any more questions you might have about BIP148 or UASF in general.

With just over 2 months left until August 1st (when BIP148 activates), I thought it would be a good idea to give everyone another chance to talk about where we are headed, and hopefully clear up any remaining misinformation or uncertainty that may still be present.
Last time we talked a BIP148 pull request was open on litecoin, and the pressure on miners caused by a looming UASF resulted in a swift activation of SegWit on litecoin. A similar pull request is now open on bitcoin.
As well as this, it is becoming clear that developers in the ecosystem love BIP148; 3 popular wallets (Electrum, Samurai and Mycelium) are now prepared for or supporting the UASF, as well as TREZOR the hardware wallet.
Here is a bunch or recommended reading, that may answer your questions; otherwise don't hesitate to ask in this thread or a PM if you prefer:
BIP148 - shaolinfry's BIP on which UASF is based.
UASF/bitcoin on GitHub - a great FAQ about UASF
WeUseCoins guide to UASF - another, more in-depth FAQ
BIP148 and the risks it entails for you (whether you run a BIP148 node or not) - luke-jr's excellent article about the risk involved with BIP148
UASF is an economic boycott against miners - logical's great thread that discusses the impact on miners
Bitcoin Core slack - you can join the #UASF and #UASF-support channels and talk to us there!
If you run any binaries, make sure you verify the sigantures. guide
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PLEASE can we quit the whining and Ragequit threats? N/H is aware you are angry. MOVE ON(PLEASE!) or wait until they return and get over it.

Right now AM is doing ZEC for all of my miners because ZEC is the hottest coin right now. I'm making a crapton of it that I auto switch over to Bitcoin for 0.9%. I'm doing over $50 an hour like this (we're trying to get our ASIC's to work with AM, but it looks like we have to spend a couple of hundred dollars to buy the client. Honestly people. We did serious checks before the hack...N/H mines quicker than most any other pool we mined to. Not sure how they run their pool but it's way more efficient than any other that we tried. That said, WE lost about 2500 to the hack, but we've made 100's of thousands of dollars in PROFIT off them...that's after hardware and electricity expenses.
People need to remember that I think. This isn't your day job at an office or some job at Walmart that someone goes to, puts 8 hours in and then on Friday gets a cheque for 40 hours. This is a non-guaranteed, non-regulated, non-taxed Wild West of a thing that your miners are spending electricity mining. This ISN'T your 40 hour a week paying job that is overseen by the government on 30 levels and people NEED to come to terms with that. Quite honestly my partner and I have lost more than most. Most have lost like $10-50 and are RAGING and DEMANDING that they get their electronically created money "back" from something where their "money" doesn't even exist.
N/H was hacked. People doubt this, but I'll put this to those people...if they ripped their own coin off, they've involved three legal agencies to help get it back. They ALSO have lost immense amounts of profit by both the downtime and the loss of customers by this. I would suggest that they've lost many millions in this but nobody ever ponders this point.
To summarize because it just DOES NOT SEEM to be sinking in. Your money was not insured by any insurance company because you'd have been paying fees for that insurance if an insurance company would even touch anything so risky at coin mining. Banking companies in the USA do that sort of thing because they are required by law to cover each bank account up to a certain amount. This is NOT a bank nor does it have any requirement by law for them to replace anything for you because it's the wildest form of making money in the entire world other than paying for a wild lion ride in Africa.
NOTHING is guaranteed in this business until you physically cash your coin out into your hand. Everything else is of the highest risk and highest chance of you losing because this has no government. That's the good and bad point though because we don't' want a government as it would demand 30% of our earnings so it could govern us. It would watch everything you did and the more successful you were, the more money it would take. The other side of that coin(heh heh) is that a government demands that companies must provide security for financial things like storage of money.
This is qualified as an INVESTMENT thing. That is to say that you could make a million dollars today and have zero tomorrow if the market for your coin crashes OR the system storing your coin is broken into and your money is stolen. If you cannot handle this risk the PLEASE feel free to go somewhere else that handles the risk for you. I guarantee that they'll charge you A LOT for a fee to insure you.
LASTLY...for the love of god, PLEASE stop with the "Well if you don't return my $10 ima quit so NYEAH!"'s. The repetitive threats of ragequitting are not going to result in anything other than you piling yet another RAGEQUIT on top of the other hundred that are already there. They cannot do anything other than what they can do so threatening them that you're going to run away full of RAAAGE into the arms of another site that wasn't earning you what NH earned before and won't earn when it comes back up just makes you look like a whiny kid. "Giiive meeee my $10 or ima quit!" cry cry whine cry cry threaten
P.S> I'll say it once more. If they have money to give out and decide to give it out, they will. I veeerrry much doubt that so when you log into N/H to see your account, I almost guarantee that your money will be GONE. GONE....That means your money will be GONE. Still looking? The. Money. Is. GONE. Maybe once more for the sequential and repetitive RAGEQUIT stunned people. THE NICEHASH MONEY YOU EARNED WITH A LITTLE BIT OF ELECTRICITY IS GONE. ******NEXT TIME******* READ THE FULL HOWTO ON MAKING CRYPTO CURRENCY SO YOU SEE THE MULTIPLE LINES THAT SAY, "IF YOU MAKE LARGE AMOUNTS OF CRYPTO, MOVE IT TO SECURED OFFLINE OR HARDWARE WALLETS BECAUSE THAT IS THE ***************ONLY************* SAVE WAY TO STORE LARGE AMOUNTS OF CURRENCY. I have 30 1/2 coin sitting in a offline wallet and you know what? It's unhackable. When we mine 3-5k, we send it to our offline wallet and poof we don't lose much if N/H is hacked.
(Keeerist I hope this post is it. Some of us are SO sick of whiners demanding and threatening and crying and banging their heads on their single GPU computers that earned them $35 that they will commit suicide if they don't get. )
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I want to get started with Pascal, but it's very hard. Bootstrapping the process is the single greatest roadblock here. Please advise.

I want to start mining Pascal. For that, it seems like I need a wallet. But to get a wallet, I need to pay a few Pascal coins, which I don't have, because I'm new to all this.
Okay, there's this thing called Poloniex where apparently I could buy Pascal coins. Except they ask me for my SSN, street address and phone number so my account is "verified"? I don't think I'm willing to disclose that kind of information to an entity that 5 minutes ago I didn't even know it exists.
I've found a howto online that shows how to solo mine a wallet. But it requires an app called Pascal Miner which doesn't seem to exist on that site anymore.
So, I'm running around in circles, not making any progress.
Is there a way currently to solo mine a Pascal wallet from scratch on a single GPU?
Barring that, is there a way to buy, at a reasonable price, a Pascal wallet? But don't ask me to pay Pascal coins, because I don't have that stuff yet. Can I pay Bitcoin instead?
I will not disclose a lot of personal information to some random online entity just to purchase the few Pascal coins required to create my first wallet. That option is not on the table.
Speaking as someone with some knowledge of other cryptocurrencies, but a complete newbie to Pascal, getting started with Pascal is incredibly hard. I am interested in Pascal because it seems to address all the criticisms I have of the other cryptocurrencies. But you need to lower this barrier a lot to make it easier for people to use Pascal.
Thank you.
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Welcome to r/STRAKS!

Welcome to STRAKS!

This thread is built to help users joining STRAKS and the STRAKS community. Please make sure to follow our rules (posted in the sidebar and below). Feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself and ask questions no matter how dumb :). This thread should be considered up to date. However, if you find something that is incorrect, out of date, or simply missing then please contact me or other moderators so we can update it. Thank you!

Getting Started

What is STRAKS?

STRAKS (STAK) is a cryptocurrency platform with only one goal in mind. Innovate e-commerce with the use of digital currency to facilitate smooth, instant, and secure e-commerce transactions.
With e-commerce sales projected to reach over $2.8 trillion in 2018 and $4.8 trillion in 2021 and Bitcoin showing signs of failure due to increasing fees and the inability to process large amounts of transactions, STRAKS seeks to take hold with the ability to process over 11 million transactions a day, 40 times the amount Bitcoin can process. This ensures that STRAKS will be able to handle every single transaction with a low fee. This keeps your transactions in a secure and trusted blockchain where miners keep your transactions and the networks secure and safe, making it the easiest and cheapest way to securely purchase goods online.
The main attributes of STRAKS are:


  • With quickly growing global e-commerce sales STRAKS seeks to assert itself by implementing relevant technologies achieved through development that will help make sure e-commerce transactions are smooth and quick.

Open Source

  • Open Source development allows anyone to contribute by simply making a pull request through GitHub. With anyone contributing innovation will lead to rapid product enhancements that will strengthen STRAKS market relevance.

Decentralized Ownership

  • Devolved ownership and access rights, this ensures that the application and STRAKS lifespan are not dependent on a single individual. This allows STRAKS future to be safeguarded, but also your investment and partnerships.

Community Oriented

  • Focusing on the importance of its community, the STRAKS development team is collecting feedback and suggestions from the community. Future implementations such a STRAKS-Vote is on the road-map that will allow STRAKS users to propose suggestions then vote on them. Coins collected from voting will form the basis of funding the idea.


  • With constant optimization towards transaction speeds you can send and receive STRAKS instantly. With the inclusion of Segwit that increase block-size and capacity it will ensure that the network grows. Segwit with the combination of a block interval of just 60 seconds ensures that your transaction with be confirmed quickly and safely.


  • Nothing is more important to STRAKS than its community and investors. Safe-guarding both is key. To ensure that the currency remains fungible the Zerocoin protocol will be implemented. The currency will maintain equal values irrespective of past transactions, as transactions will remain untraceable and anonymous. This allows STRAKS to protect its long-term market position.


  • STRAKS seeks to be 100% self-funded, it has one of the lowest PoW fees on the market. A 5% fee on PoW insures that STRAKS is well-funded through its entire lifespan. This will allow STRAKS to support product development, business development, and operational expenses.
Differences Between Other Cryptocurrencies:
Comparison Chart STRAKS Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash ZCash Vertcoin
Bitcoin Version 0.16.0
Block Size (MB) 4 1 8 1 2 1
Segwit Block Size (MB) 16 4 n/a n/a n/a 4
Block Time (Seconds) 60 600 600 150 150 150
Coin Base Maturity (Confirmations) 100 100 100 100 100 100
Transactions Per Second 133.3 3.3 26.7 13.3 13.3 13.3
Difficulty Algorithm D106 KGW D106 DGW Digishieldv3 KGW
Hashing Algorithm Lyra2rev2 SHA256 SHA256 X11 Equihash Lyra2rev2
ASIC Resistant x x x
Segwit x x x
Segwit2x x x x x x
Segwit4x x x x x x
Lightning Network Compatible x x x
Instant Payouts LN LN x InstantX x LN
Atomic Swaps x x x
Max Coin Supply (Millions) 150 21 21 21 21 84
Budget Funding 5% 0% 0% 10% 20% 0%
Masternodes x x x x
Zerocoin Protocol WIP x x x x x
Zk-snarks x x x x x

Wallet Downloads

Useful Links

Block Explorer:
Discord Channel:
STRAKS Discord Forums:
STRAKS Facebook:
STRAKS Telegram:
STRAKS Twitter:



Mining Information

Mining Pools






  • The easiest way to find your own STRAKS address is in the STRAKS Core wallet under the File -> Receiving Addresses tab.
  • Encrypting your wallet with a secure password helps ensure that your STRAKS can't be stolen. Do not leave your wallets unencrypted!
  • A community member currently hosts a STRAKS faucet found at . Please be sure to thank MrMcMichael for this service!
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If I had a lot of money and most of the mining power, here is how I would take control of bitcoin.

I know there has already been some talk about this idea but I haven't seen a clear description of this strategy so I thought I'd list the basics in hopes others could elaborate on or correct it.
Howto: Take Control of Bitcoin
Create a new version of Bitcoin (lets call B2X) that is incompatible with the existing version (BTC) and set a block number at which it will fork.
Before the fork
My goal is to get BTC difficulty as high as possible at the point the fork occurs.
After the fork
My goal to leave BTC with unacceptably long block confirmation times.
Final Results
BTC is unusable because of long block confirmation times and the price is plummeting. People are flocking to B2X since it's the only usable "Bitcoin" and the price is skyrocketing. I now have complete control over Bitcoin with my own development team.
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To all DECENTants,
I would like to encourage you to become a seeder or witness (actually not miner) on DECENT.


As a pioneer with Bitcoin I truly believed in the DCT project and it's proposal. The first day of the ICO release I sent all my BTC balance to the DECENT. Not knowing when and what they will deliver. To participate in this great adventure means a lot to me. Another project from my home country I strongly encourage you to get familiar with is Ethereum. I have been an early CPU miner: before Crypto Currency I used to compute for sience projects grid for Clean Water and Cancer Research. If I hadn't bought Rainforest with the Ripple they distributed to all contributors, I'd be a rich man today. :P






GRAPHENE CLI Wallet Cookbook



A dedicated server with Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is most recommend for 24/7 operation. I suggest you close the root and create a new user with SSH Key, secure the system with a firewall.

1. Create a new user

adduser bob 

2. Elevate him

usermod -aG sudo bob 

3. Generate a new keyset


4- Bind the new keys

ssh-copy-id [email protected]_server_ip 
Copy the keys to your local drive. You'll need them to connect.

5. Change the config file

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config 
Change Line PasswordAuthentication no

6. Finish with

sudo systemctl reload sshd 

7. Login with your ssh key, user and password

ssh [email protected]_server_ip 


1. Grab your tools

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install build-essential autotools-dev automake autoconf libtool make cmake checkinstall realpath gcc g++ flex bison doxygen gettext git qt5-default libqt5svg5-dev libreadline-dev libcrypto++-dev libgmp-dev libdb-dev libdb++-dev libssl-dev libncurses5-dev libboost-all-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev python-dev libicu-dev libbz2-dev 

2. Download and build Boost 1.60.0

mkdir -p ~/dev/DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network-third-party cd ~/dev/DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network-third-party rm -rf boost_1_60_0* boost-1.60.0* wget tar xvf boost_1_60_0.tar.gz mkdir boost-1.60.0_prefix cd boost_1_60_0 export BOOST_ROOT=$(realpath ../boost-1.60.0_prefix) ./ --prefix=$BOOST_ROOT ./b2 install cd .. rm -rf boost_1_60_0 boost_1_60_0.tar.gz 


1. Clone the repo

mkdir -p ~/dev/DECENTfoundation cd ~/dev/DECENTfoundation #via ssh $ git clone [email protected]:DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network.git #via url $ git clone cd DECENT-Network git submodule update --init --recursive 

2. Build and install Decent

mkdir -p ~/dev/DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network-build cd ~/dev/DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network-build cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ~/dev/DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network cmake --build . --target all -- -j -l 3.0 cmake --build . --target install 


You don't want your server to shut down the process when you lose connection or quit.
I use tmux. Though nohup is sufficient for infrequent access. Use it when you fire up decentd after miner setup.
nohup ./decentd & disown 

1. RUN decentd - On first run decentd will create .decent in the home directory.

Always close it via Ctrl+C to save the current state Ctrl+S Freeze Ctrl+Q Resume

2. Get HELP

cd ~/dev/DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network-build/artifacts/prefix/bin/ ./decentd -h 

3. RUN cli_wallet

Close it with Ctrl+D

4. USE cli_wallet

set_password xy unlock xy 

5. IMPORT your account

import_key decentgo_username your_private_key 

6. CREATE 3 sets of keys for your new account

write them down, don't use the ones below. ;)

1. new owner key


2. new active key

{ "brain_priv_key2": "FUSION BLART JAIL FESTAL LAXNESS ROSTEL TITI VANADYL PUG BATATA KAIK ROSETY STUCCO TETE BEMUDDY WUDGE", "wif_priv_key2": "5HvsjRsokHSeeUdRkM88JgLzYJ6vnc2e35CzyZNRnmh1fvm91Jz", "pub_key2": "DCT7G7KeUnMPVKXN2y8M7BnyosLRE3LtSnNp7kbxtYd9xHiBoX6wd" } 

3. new public signing key


7. CREATE your new account

register_account new_username pub_key1 pub_key2 decentgo_username true 

8. SEND some DCT to your new account

transfer decentgo_username target_username 3.00 DCT "memo" true 

9. IMPORT the new account

import_key new_username wif_priv_key2 

10. Close the Wallet and edit the config.ini inside /root/.decent/data/decentd/

private-key = ["pub_key2","wif_priv_key2"] 

11. Launch again and create your miner

create_miner username "proposal URL" true 

12. Change your signing key to 3rd keypair from suggest_brain_key

update_miner username "proposal URL" public_key3 true 

13. Edit the config.ini again inside /root/.decent/data/decentd/

enable-stale-production = true miner-id = "1.4.X" private-key = ["pub_key3","wif_priv_key3"] 

Your Server is now ready to run a DECENT witness.

Be aware that you should not close your daemon at any time.


get_brain_key_info dump_private_keys get_private_key public-key get_account texxi get_miner texxi list_my_accounts list_account_balances texxi set_desired_miner_count username 99 

Now get some support for your miner and join the community!

You can vote for me and I will gladly return the favor. Please make sure your server runs stable and you're not missing any blocks. Good Luck!

vote_for_miner username texxi true true

All voters will receive early preview access to my first cryptocurrency trading tool to be released in 2018. But remember: Always trade for good and invest in green.

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5 Fun things and useful services you can contribute to the network if you run your own full node!

Our active node count just above 500 nodes, which while the 4th most nodes for a crypto (behind bit, dash and lite) still seems pretty low given the size of our community. So I thought I'd make this little post to show some cool things to do with a node rather than just leave it sitting there running.
A note about security - you are broadcasting your IP to the entire cryptocurrency world when you run a node. It is essential that you run on an uncompromised computer kept free of malware, keyloggers and viruses. It is essential that you encrypt your wallet.dat with a very strong password (>16 chars, numbers and symbols). I would recommend not keeping too much in your wallet, keep most of it stored securely in an offline address.
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Business proposal outline

Howto make up to $800 a month
It involves writing a business proposal to your bank. I suggest Vancity after you start a business to run this - a SOHO.
  1. Buy three Antminer L3 machines for $2500 each for a total of $7500,
  2. Spend money and time fireproofing a room.
  3. Bitcoin mine until the sun comes out tomorrow...
Caveat: research blockchain, bitcoin mining, electrical wiring
It is a business loan: the miners are equipment.
This is easy money.
I take no responsibility if you lose $1 million to cryptocurrency cyberthieves.
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Old router as bitcoin miner?

This is my first post here and a first post ever about bitcoin. I am completely new to this and i was just curious about something.
I have an old router, TP-Link WDR 3500 with USB port, and I can install OpenWRT on it. I wonder if i can use it as a coin miner? Did anybody ever tried it? I found this:, but i am not pretty sure if it is refering to the router, or some device that can be attached to the device.
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QueenBee Milestones (WIP)

QueenBee Mining Manager
Cross-platform automation for your mining rigs (initial release for HiveOS). STASH Automagically rotate across coins to create a diversified portfolio. SMART Switch mining using proprietary estimates of profitability
✓ Discord ✓ Telegram ✓ BitcoinTalk ✓ Initial spinup of HIVE ✓ List Hive on results as recommended pool ✓ List Hive with coin maintainers as an available pool ✓ Primary coin daemon adds ✓ Simple API for accessing per coin difficulty ✓ Initial spinup of backend for data housing * Initial spinup of Electron app repository for auto-updating * Initial Alpha participants onboarding
Cost Basis
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How to choose the appropriate hardware?

Hi all :) I'm new at mining as you can tell by the following questions. I have a pc running a linux distro with a NVIDIA GEForce 740M. I followed this guide and my hash rate is about 1.4MH/s and looking around i see something like rigs with 60MH/s x 2 so I dont think my hardware is appropriate at all. For this reason I started looking around for supplementary HW and I started asking myself "what the hash rate depends on?" is it independent from the altcoin mined? so there actual hash rate reported will be the same for every altcoin I'll decide to mine?
I also found this on amazon but a customer said that now is useless for BTC mining, is it also for ETH? if so what parameters have I to take in consideration?
Thanks you in advance!
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Complete list of subreddits that are down (creds to /u/GoldenSights)

This is a list of subreddits which became private at some point during the AMAgeddon.
The subscriber counts are based on the last time I scanned them, which was, like, 2 days ago maybe.
2qh1i /AskReddit 8,915,996 na
2qh33 /funny 8,910,496 na
2qh0u /pics 8,821,937 03Jul 07:29
2qqjc /todayilearned 8,780,615 03Jul 08:49
2qzb6 /IAmA 8,519,606 na
2qh1e /videos 8,080,586 na
2qh03 /gaming 8,020,785 na
2qh3s /movies 7,660,540 na
2qh1u /Music 7,389,768 na
2qh16 /technology 5,146,648 na
2qh4i /books 5,101,781 03Jul 09:23
2qh61 /WTF 4,596,721 na
2s5oq /LifeProTips 4,110,665 na
2qh7d /DIY 3,727,388 na
2qh72 /Jokes 3,550,744 na
2qh53 /history 3,429,925 03Jul 07:29
2tk95 /dataisbeautiful 3,406,452 03Jul 07:29
2qhlh /Documentaries 3,376,162 na
2qh7a /Art 3,254,688 na
2r9vp /trees 757,052 na
2qh4w /4chan 655,172 na
vf2 /nsfw 567,770 na
2s7yq /ImGoingToHellForThis 459,363 na
2sgp1 /pcmasterrace 418,402 na
2qj5n /lifehacks 413,841 na
33x33 /BlackPeopleTwitter 401,134 na
2qj9g /tattoos 395,687 na
2qh4j /europe 381,329 na
2r5rp /facepalm 375,375 na
2x93b /oddlysatisfying 335,701 03Jul 08:28
2qh7f /Cooking 309,415 na
2s837 /skyrim 301,009 na
2rh4c /hiphopheads 294,012 na
2sh6t /AbandonedPorn 278,943 03Jul 07:42
2vxvd /FiftyFifty 265,416 na
2qpol /circlejerk 254,484 na
2r5vt /DoesAnybodyElse 252,143 na
2vvpi /EatCheapAndHealthy 246,203 na
2sqho /GlobalOffensive 243,420 03Jul 09:23
2qh2a /photography 243,148 na
2u8qf /LearnUselessTalents 223,996 na
2qnzu /Fallout 221,797 na
2vmb7 /thatHappened 211,901 na
33uma /UnexpectedThugLife 199,618 na
2s30g /AskMen 196,978 na
2sa3m /CrappyDesign 189,291 na
2qh1a /linux 185,996 na
2qh68 /canada 179,608 na
2sl16 /cumsluts 176,995 na
2yyap /youdontsurf 176,376 na
2u28p /MURICA 171,538 na
2r0z9 /minimalism 170,727 na
2ss1q /BuyItForLife 170,146 na
2sfio /OnOff 168,958 na
2t0xk /GrandTheftAutoV 163,918 na
2sclx /girlsinyogapants 158,600 na
2qh69 /howto 149,922 03Jul 08:49
2y8xf /quityourbullshit 148,135 na
2qh56 /recipes 139,764 na
2rybx /TheLastAirbender 138,972 03Jul 07:29
2u49t /montageparodies 138,455 na
2uzju /getdisciplined 138,296 na
2w7mz /Tinder 137,064 na
1rqwi /netsec 134,392 na
2xxyj /Damnthatsinteresting 129,277 na
2qhk3 /MensRights 114,659 na
2smr1 /KerbalSpaceProgram 114,213 na
2tsod /shittyreactiongifs 111,619 na
2v19p /PenmanshipPorn 111,550 na
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